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HTC Source | January 17, 2018

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T-Mobile pushes out OTA software update for HTC One S

T-Mobile pushes out OTA software update for HTC One S

T-Mobile HTC One S owners were greeted this morning by a new software update for their phones. The 30.97MB system update takes the HTC One S from software version 2.35.531.7 710RD to 2.35.531. 10710RD. Unfortunately, T-Mobile and HTC have not release any details about the update at this time. We’re assuming that T-Mobile and HTC are prepping the HTC one S for its eventual upgrade to Android 4.1 with HTC Sense 4+, but we’re hoping HTC has baked in a few fixes to various software issues which HTC one S owners have been complaining about for a while now.

If you have not yet received the update notification on your HTC One S, you can manually download it by going to Settings > About Phone > Software updates > Check now. Over 4G, the update takes roughly ten minutes to download and install. If you happen to notice any changes or improvements to your HTC One S after you install the update, be sure to leave us a comment below.


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  1. Carlos

    I got it. I don’t see anything obvious… it’s still Sense 4.1 over Android 4.0.4.

  2. Muayyad

    I think the camera got better focus and colors from this update.

  3. Ky0suke

    I don’t suppose anybody who has rooted their phone has done this? Was there any problem encountered when doing so?

  4. jose

    Im so tired t-mobile and HTC I don’t care no more o b with androit son HTC g1 I’m tired t-mobile always talk and never do nothing I going to sprint meabe next week and I going to buy me a galaxy . I b to long with HTC and the only updated I have is problems .so is time to change to another phone I going too get Samsung galaxy s3 o note 2 because Samsung don’t talk shot . The gat jelly bean already HTC one s nothing thank you HTC and t-mobile for nothing thas bad to long and nothing yet.

  5. i post a comment I don’t see my post way because I sed the trut HTC and t-mobile tk and don’t do nothing I don’t care no Mora about jelly bean in my HTC one s I b to long with HTC my firht androit phone was a HTC g1 and 2009 wend they firht came out so is time to change to another hone company and I thinking move to Samsung because they promess and they already have jelly bean in d galaxy s3 so again thank you t- mobile and HTC for nothing . Ps.I wee lick to see my post I talking theit truuth.

  6. Alan

    Jose, you’re an idiot and your post are too hard to read to even attempt to give feed back. And the G1 is an old phone, it’s been EOL for a long time. Stop looking for updates.

  7. Omnia

    Personally I am afraid to update my HTC one-S because of the issue with dropping from 4g down to 2g after the last update I did back in october 2012. I and many others had same problem, I had to completely replace my phone because of the problem which had something to do with the update only! I do not want to update at all now!!!

    How do I stop getting the update pushing to my phone. I cannot get it off the status bar. Have tried.

    I do not trust that they have fixed this problem. Will go to different phone as soon as I can but for now, it’s working fine, why mess with it.

  8. Merry Jackson

    I did update my phone with this update and it has crash/rebooted 3 times in two days. The battery life is now less than 5 hours unless I turn off the WiFi. This is the same problem I had when I first purchased the phone 6 months ago. Do not update unless you have to. I will not purchase a phone from HTC again.

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