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HTC Source | January 20, 2018

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HTC M7 to launch in Q1 2013 with 5-inch HD display, Snapdragon S4 Pro and uni-body aluminum case

HTC M7 to launch in Q1 2013 with 5-inch HD display, Snapdragon S4 Pro and uni-body aluminum case

The HTC Droid DNA has been on the market for only two weeks (and we’re still waiting on the international launch for the HTC DLX), but HTC is already focused on its next flagship device. According to multiple sources, HTC is working with semiconductor and casing suppliers in an effort to secure enough components to manufacture 4 to 5 million units of the HTC M7 in Q1 of 2013.

Exact specifications of the mysterious HTC M7 are a bit vague, but with a little bit of research we’ve been able to pull together quite a bit of information about the phone. From what we can gather, the HTC M7 will feature a 5-inch HD display, a uni-body aluminum shell, Qualcomm APQ8064 quad-core processor and a 13 megapixel camera.

Most of the reports indicate that HTC will try to get the HTC M7 to market in Q1 – a few months before Samsung launches the Galaxy S IV. The accelerated launch of the HTC M7 would go against HTC’s typical launch time frame as the company has traditionally chosen to unveil its new devices at Mobile World Congress (scheduled for the last week in February) with devices hitting European markets in early April. However, if HTC can get the M7 to market early, it will give the company a slight advantage which should allow HTC to regain market share from Samsung and help improve the company’s financials in the first quarter of 2013.

Do you think the HTC M7 will help HTC regain its foothold in the mobile space?

Source: Focus Taiwan 1, 2, INPAI

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  1. Samyak Ranjan

    “Do you think the HTC M7 will help HTC regain its foothold in the mobile space?”
    That’s doesn’t seem very likely if they restrict the device with 16 GB. They have to release variants of 32 & 64 GB because most likely people going for high-end phones also want more space.
    If not the variants, They should be Thinking of Including a microSD slot. HTC Droid DNA has been successful but limiting to 16GB? Not a good move.

    • I’d agree, but let’s not come to any conclusions yet. Details about internal storage for the M7 are still missing. If HTC used 16GB this year as the standard for devices with no expandable storage, we can hope that they’ll bump that spec to 32GB next year.

      • Samyak Ranjan

        I dearly hope so. And also that it is available for GSM Networks when they release it.

      • Asanee

        Both Butterfly and J Butterfly have expandable microSD, but DNA does not.
        So, I think M7 will have expandable microSD slot unless carriers like Verizon request not including the slot.



  3. SAKET

    This must not happen. HTC should kepp some time gap between release of devices.
    OneX, OneX+,(hell lot of One series phones in between) Butterfly J, Droid DNA, DLX (Q1 2013) and now M7.

    Look at SAMSUNG only S3 and Note this year..

    Love HTC and want to try all but cant buy new handset every other month 🙁

    • Chris

      I can 100% agree with you on that, I’d just wish HTC would put more space between their launches, because after I bought a new HTC phone, another one came out which made me want to get the newest version, so now I can’t enjoy my phone as much.

  4. Bern

    Okay… here’s my story…

    I own a Desire HD and love it because it has such a wonderful dev community that allow me to have the latest Android OS installed on a phone that is pretty low spec with what is being released.

    I wanted to upgrade to the next big HTC phone, but have not yet, due to the fact that the SD Card slot was excluded, and now it seems they going the route of Apple and not allowing battery changes… these are the two things that enable longevity and value in a technology purchase. The problem is that most mobile phones have a 2 year lifespan anyway, due to mobile providers contractual term (which often include the phone – even though you are paying a premium for it) BUT these devices are so technologically fantastic that they can outlast a two year window and with the latest spec of 2GB Ram – Hi Rez – Quad Core monsters coming out you’d be able to use the device for years before needing to swop it out… this is sadly bad for business… But it destroys the long term value side of the equation… Samsung got it right… but they too now are looking at not allowing battery swops…

    At the end of the day I will go where I get the longest value for my money… I don’t need a new phone every 2 years, I want the best that lasts the longest, that is how I derive value…

    So expandable memory and removable battery are what are the deal makers for me…

    I don’t care if it is Asus, Samsung, Lenovo… if HTC wont bring it, I will leave them… Simple

    • Ben Abar

      I totally agree with what you say & feel the same about my phone. I also am a proud owner of the HTC Desire HD & can’t upgrade to the new HTC powerhorse HTC One X & the HTC One X + since they lacks the microSD slot & removable battery. Plus the only reason I won’t be able to change from an HTC to a Samsung or anyother Android powershorse smarthphone such as LG, Motorola, & etc is the HTC sense that has been very hard for me to give up.

  5. tomarone

    As a TMobile customer I’ve only had the One-S release. So if this does not go to TMo I’m up crap’s creek.