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HTC Source | September 29, 2016

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Bloomberg: HTC's Windows phone lineup won't exceed 5-inch displays -

Bloomberg: HTC’s Windows phone lineup won’t exceed 5-inch displays

According to a report form Bloomberg, HTC has scrapped plans to produce a Windows Phone 8 powered device which would have featured a display larger than 5 inches. Specifics about the handset are not available, but the report claims that the phone was scrapped because of Microsoft’s 720p resolution limitation with the mobile operating system. The HTC Droid DNA and Butterfly both feature 5-inch 1080p resolution displays which give the phones an eye-popping 440 ppi. A device with a screen larger than 5 inches with a 720p resolution limitation would feature a ppi between 260 and 280 (depending on the size of the display).

While HTC may be striving for perfection these days, Samsung’s Galaxy Note II has been a huge success even though it features a relatively low 267 ppi. This leads us to believe that there may be more at play than WP8’s resolution limitation. While the platform is a huge improvement over WP7, consumers are still gravitating towards Android. If HTC wants to improve its market position, it need to concentrate its efforts on where the money is instead of betting on a high-prices device on Windows Phone since there’s no guarantee that it’ll gain traction from consumers.

Source: Bloomberg

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