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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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Updated – HTC One X Android 4.1 update rolling out across the globe

Updated –  HTC One X Android 4.1 update rolling out across the globe

The inevitable has finally happened – Android 4.1 for the HTC One X is finally here. We’re received dozens of tweets today from our followers who can confirm that the Jelly Bean update for the HTC One X is currently making its way to unlocked HTC phones across the globe. We’ve been able to confirm the update has hit CID_038 and CID_044 devices in India, Argentina, UK, Russia, Dominican Republic, Peru, Brazil and Sri Lanka, but we’re sure the update will be making its way to even more markets in the coming hours.

Will your HTC handset be updated to Android 4.1?

Similar to the Android 4.1 update for the HTC One X in India, users will first see a smaller 1.6MB download which is followed by the main 364.54MB Jelly Bean update. If you’d like to check your CID on your HTC One X, head on over to Google Play and search: CID. Most of the CID apps should work. If you have not already received the OTA update notification, you can try to manually ping HTC’s update servers by going to Settings > About > Software updates >Check now.

Leave us a comment below and let us know how the Android 4.1 goes for you and what you enjoy most about Jelly Bean.

Update: one of our contacts at HTC has let us know that the Android 4.1 update for the HTC one X is currently limited to Taiwan and Asia with Europe and other non-U.S. regions listed as “coming soon.” Stay tuned.

We issued a limited release of Jelly Bean for the One X in Taiwan and parts of Asia earlier this month, and the broader roll-out in Europe and other non-U.S. regions is coming soon.

Source: Twitter, XDA-Developers


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  1. Vcek

    This update was rolled out to ASIA_WorldWideEnglish Devices only with CustomerID 044, the remaining (Europe, Middle-east and other regions) are PREDICTED to start receiving the update within days or weeks.
    Sources :
    – The update file itself.
    – Previous update routines.

  2. jiggs

    Available now in Philippines!

  3. zanch

    I’ll never understand why it takes AT&T so long to roll out these updates. I’ve grown quite impatient.

    • DROID Sam

      While HTC has done testing for this update, AT&T and other carrier partners perform testing of their own to make sire that the new update is optimized for their network and that their added apps work without any issues. This testing process takes 2-3 weeks but it could take a lot longer if any issues are identified during the testing process.

  4. Sean

    We owners of the AT&T version should not have to wait so long for an update which seems to be very stable and ready for deployment

  5. David Tan

    Got the update this morning – about an hour + ago for Malaysia. Started with a small update of 1.25MB then follow by 364.56MB. Performance is significantly better as per Antutu and Quardrant Benchmark.

    • Nick

      Have any score you can share? We’re heard rumors that the update improved performance about 10-20%

      • idd

        I already get JB 4.1.1 – MALAYSIA

        Score Quadrant Standard is 6068
        Score Antutu Benchmark v3.0.1 is 14101

      • David Tan

        Here you go.

        Quadrant Standard: 6645 (present) vs 5901
        Antutu: 14447 (present with latest Antutu) vs 12198

        12% better with Quadrant
        18% better with Antutu

        So you are right.

        Other observations, smoother scrolling in home screen. Faster launches of apps. Notice battery life is about the same as before JB but need more time to monitor.

  6. Hong Tran

    My CID is 044, Im from Viet Nam, I allready get a smail update. After flash it, I dont have seen any another update. Any body get it ?

  7. Caner Cengiz

    when we get the update, my cid number 016 south africa. We waiting agog

  8. max

    does any one know what CID _001 is? pretty sure mine is unbranded, purchased from carphone warehouse in the uk – i’ve been manually checking for updates every day since the first false start back in october!

  9. Rasmus Fjord

    I havnt recived any update yet.

    This is on a danish model

  10. Chris

    No sign of it in the UK yet

  11. paul

    032 Ukraine as usual nothing….. fail like everything else here. probably it will be here in 6 month lol

  12. sylvain

    nothing in France for the moment 🙁

    • Willoutte

      Yes France is till not covered by update 🙁

  13. Benedikt Laumann

    Nothing in netherlands. Cid 011

  14. Richard

    Still nothing in the UK, but seeing as my phone is Vodafone branded it will be probably January 2013 at the earliest, they are always very slow in releasing updates.

  15. Novruz

    My CID is J15.i have also not got update so far.

  16. Lars

    CID_102 in the Netherlands, nothing yet!

  17. Denny

    Still nothing in Czech Republic, running 4.0.4 ..

  18. alex

    CID _032, Bulgaria (east europe)- still nothing, running 4.0.4

  19. Eduardo

    Still nothing on my HTC One X form Switzerland. CID_102 🙁

  20. neil

    mine comes up as HTC_001? Wtf

    • tb

      stil waiting also cid 001 in zambia

    • same here, HTC_001 unbranded UK, nothing 🙁

  21. erwinpiero

    I’m at Indonesia, cid 044, already updated to 4.1.1 Sense 4+. First initial update was 1,25MB

  22. CID: HTC__203, Greece. Still waiting for the ota update. tried in manual update mode.
    Will update when i’ll have news.
    Waiting for the ota, is better than waiting for the Eurogroup to solve the “panEuropean” financial crisis problem.;-)

  23. neil

    well Greece could been honest about their debts before trying to join the euro that would’ve been helpful

    • Dirk

      ..Or the european parlement should have looked in closer at the beginning insted of trying to get as many country’s in as possible….w’r all stuck in this euro -thing…thinking of imigrating to the Uk or the Skandinavien country’s, they been a lot smarter by not joining, if u ask me…;-)

  24. Nothing in Kuwait yet. Still running the old faithful 4.0.4. Well what can I say? That’s life. You have to give and take. If you don’t give you can’t take and if you don’t take you will give. Waiting for an update is so hard that I can’t wait anymore. wait wait wait. whyyy??? whyyyyyyyy????? Obladi Oblada life goes ooooon…

  25. joël

    28.11.2012 / 09h30 / CID: HTC__E11 -> nothing in Luxemburg so far

  26. Adnan Mansoor

    what about the update for CID htc__203 france? when it would get the update?

  27. germangirl

    CID_102 – nothing new in Germany!

  28. CID_J15 – nothing in Kuwait. I think that CID stands for “Coming in December”, that is why we have nothing yet. Maybe J15 stands for “January 15” and that means that the deadline for the update to roll is January 15. Let’s wait and see.

    • androi

      Sure, cutiepie. XD

  29. Gurpreet Singh

    Update availaible in INDIA (New Delhi). I have updated my HTC One X and I am really enjoyin the updated and cleaner Sense 4+ bundled with this Jely bean update. The most important feautures for me are Power Saver in Notification area, Cleaner Sense 4+, HD Contact Pics, Camera Interface.
    I have one issue though that the Wallpaper scrolling has stopped on my HTC One X after the Jelly Bean update. Can Please enybody confirm me the same.


    • Strays

      Yes i have the same problem, the Wallpaper scrolling has stopped on my HTC One X after the Jelly Bean update,( Egypt).

  30. Martins

    CID__032, No update in Latvia.

  31. Neotryll

    I did’nt get any update
    frm kuwait

  32. Morteza

    Still no update with CID_044:(

  33. paul

    Lol it seems only malesia and india got the update HTC clearly dropped Europe as they did with the DLX . it has been 40 days since first declared roll out . this is seriously a set back

  34. Dan

    HTC_001. In the UK. Nothing yet. From the way HTC are talking, I’m thinking another two weeks before I get it.

  35. tad

    Cid 001 does that mea n. It branded

  36. paul

    CID 032 Another day without update ..eastern europe

  37. Kuwait CID_J15….. Nothing. Nothing Nothiiiing….

    Don’t walk away from me I have nothing, nothing,
    nothing If I don’t have you.

  38. joël

    29.11.2012 / 09h45 / CID: HTC__E11 -> still nothing in Luxembourg

  39. nv94

    Global update… what a joke…
    Still nothing in France on the CID HTC_203…

    HTC don’t care about Europe..

  40. paul

    JB 4.2 is rolling … we still did not get 4.1 .. its like HTC have no idea what Android is planning. if we waited so long i would expect to be up to date. it services after sale that keep clients recurring to a company . NOT NEGLECTION.

  41. Tim

    This is a joke i got the One X course i liked it better then the S3 and now im sitting here waiting i and never regret a phone buy as much as i do with the One X..

    Getting a Nexus as soon as google and deliver it im sick and tired of waiting

    • Rikypg

      Same for me! Next phone for me is a Nexus!

  42. androi

    Waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Samsungowners here in Germany are already laughing off their butts because we still hang around waiting for 4.1 (!). SERIOUSLY, HTC – something happening in Europe these days or what???

  43. paul

    Ok HTC can keep their updates, done waiting. canceling order for htc one + , canceling order for 2 droid dna . We dont spend our money to spend our time waiting


  44. Dirk

    Nothing here so far, Belgium CID_E11…agree with most comments here”HTC this sucks big time”..this was my first and last HTC, been with Samsung and i should have stayed..Damn

  45. Mathijs

    Nothing in the Netherlands as well, CID_E11.
    I know it’s quite a wait, but guys… come on! The HTC One X is was and still is a very fast phone. You’ve all been very happy with it for quite some time, so don’t start bitchin’ when the updates don’t come fast enough. If you don’t like your phone as it is, you shouldn’t have bought it in the first place.

    • paul

      Mathijs, its not about bitchin, lol its simply not the first time, when you constantly buy products form a company and all high end, you expect to be treated at least as other companies service their clients. when u choose a product and ur a faithful client, what reward you can get from your vendor but these little things like updates. when you test the phone in the shop and its clean of course no lag, and all is fine, but when u start using adding programs etc.. the lag starts . Updates are the only way to keep performance at acceptable level, etc.. i can go on and on … but it is what it is am afraid . as a consumer i have the right to ask for the minimum at least…

  46. Morteza

    I received update today but after download 365MB it restarted the phone and again I have Android 4.0.4 in Software information. Don’t know why this happened.

    • Dirk

      Where u at Morteza and wich CID nr…..? Guess u will have to contact HTC support on this one tough..Good luck

      • Morteza


        I figured out the problem. You should not put the phone on Airplane Mode while upgrading or you will loose everything like photos, videos, apps etc.

  47. Fahad

    When is the update gonna roll out for o2 __ 102??
    tired of waiting!

  48. Murat

    Not yet in Turkey cid: htc_M27 htc promised for october. Its december today and i didnt get. Im still waiting. :/ and i see that no one got the update in europe.

  49. Emmy

    In pskistan i m wating the update but can’t yet. When did i got this in pakistan.

  50. 1st of Dec and still a big fat nothing HTC 🙁

  51. CID_J15 …. Nothing yet in Kuwait.

    You are the Jeje …. And we are the Diki….
    When it crosses over your mind …. Give us a shout and we will Labbiki….

    Why you no Labbiki HTC? Why? Why?

    • Wink

      Hi I got my JB update in Shanghai China on Oct 29.Its working ok and Goggle now is way better than Siri.Only problem is now my Mac can not detect my one x through the micro usb cable so I can’t drag and drop files to my phone.Also the Google now speaking voice doesn’t work still.What the heck is going on HTC?

  52. Horst Deppert

    My last HTC…
    I used HTC since 10 years, but now game is over… My CID: O2_102
    We wait too long for updates like 4.1… 4.2 is just out…

    HTC, you are on the wrong way with slowly update releases. Those phones are too expensive to wait. Think about it…

  53. Fifth313ment

    I vow to never buy another HTC phone as long as I live as hell has just frozen over, “Jelly Bean OTA Update For Epic 4G Touch (Build FK23)”!

    I mean Samsung now has all four lines of their phones (SGS2, SGS3, Note 1. Note 2) and two generations on Jelly Bean but HTC doesn’t have their flagship or first!? I’m so done!

    If I could get someone to buy my EVO LTE so I could get a Note 2 or GS3 for no money out of pocket I would say goodbye to HTC in the morning! That is really sad for me to say as I love Sense and their build quality. I’m amazed by how far and fast HTC has fallen in under two years, R.I.P. HTC 2013! Mark it!

  54. vasil vasilev

    CID_32……..Bulgaria все още няма 4,1

  55. vasil vasilev

    CID_032………..Bulgaria все още няма 4.1

  56. QwerG

    CID HTC__001 – Аппарат в России. – ни чего не прилетело!

    • Dirk


  57. Willoutte

    My HTC one X is my last HTC device.
    Those HTC guys are ripping us off!!!

    Still nothing in france bu the way!

    • nv94

      exactly the same for me in France too on a HTC_203 unbranded

  58. Lustypooh

    I hate to admit it but the one x will be my last HTC as well. Even though it is perfectly clear that HTC does not have the resources as Samsung, this time they really screwed it up, big time.
    How dare HTC let his customers wait for this long without even 1 update. If there is a target release date set, that would be fine. If that deadline, for what reason, isn’t made, COMMUNICATE so! I guess about 5 million One X users are waiting for a month and a half for their JB update, and the only comment HTC is willing to give is: We’re happy to announce …….. ?????? If a deadline isnt kept, say so, but saying nothing is CLEARLY not the answer.

    Thats not how to treat customers who just spent € 500,- on their piece of apparatus.

  59. Emin

    samsung gave jelly bean to gs2, s3, n1 and n2, google gave 4.2 to nexus’. But HTC, why you didnt give the update to your flagship? millions of one x users wait the update for 2 months, where is the update?

  60. paul

    WOW JB on HTC ONE X is simply perfect 🙂 no glitch no lag, all smooth…. cause we still did not get it lol 🙂

    • lool>>>

      you made me laugh =))

  61. I sit alone in the darkness
    Waiting for HTC to come back to me.
    Can HTC hear my cries?
    Can HTC feel my tears?
    Can HTC sense my breaking heart?
    God only knows such a fact.
    How can this be that HTC can’t see me?
    Is it because I’m sitting alone in the darkness?
    I just walk past everyone as if I were invisible.
    Can HTC see me now?
    Can HTC see the pain they’ve caused me?
    Or does HTC look past it?
    I think I should move on,
    But something tells me to wait.
    It’s my heart.
    I’ll give them one more chance
    HTC needs to prove their love to me.
    As I return to sit alone in the darkness…

  62. Alexander

    CID_A07 from Russia ??

  63. i dont get jellybean update having cid htc_001

  64. ArcticStar

    Be my guests if you want to buy a samsung. I am going to buy the one x+, any day now. The One X is the smoothest phone I have ever seen, and most of my friends, that before had iphone, s2+3 has changed their phones to a one X, after trying mine.
    I wouldn’t change if you where to give it to me for free, and I rather wait for jb to be flawless, than having htc rushing their ass of to satisfy the cries of the impatient ones. My next phone is a HTC One X+!

    • Yeh man Yehhhhhh. We love HTC. We will love it more with jelly beans of all flavors.

  65. AH Praha

    Update coming down as I type to CID_032!!! Finally! Hope everyone else is getting it today too.

  66. Manudroid

    HTC__e11 the Jellybean update is finally coming in !!!

  67. nv94

    Still nothing In France HTC_203

  68. Eduardo

    Still nothing for Switzerland CID HTC_102

  69. germangirl

    Nothing in Germany, HTC_102, but it’s only hours now. Hopefully.

  70. Triangle

    1.25mb update live in the Netherlands now.. others will follow quickly!

    • Eduardo

      What is your CID?

      • Triangle


  71. Triangle

    4.1Update now live in the netherlands (367..mb) finally!

    • Dirk

      CID_E11 in Belgium receiving update JB…thnx Saint Nicolaas…;-)))

  72. fady

    updating now …… sweden …… CID y13

  73. Dodoh

    Still waiting for HTC_203…WTF

  74. Dirk

    Got the update this morning, as notified earlier, but i dont see that specific Jelly Bean interface..?Anybody..?

  75. marcin

    CID HTC_001 Still nothing , UK.
    Any one got update with this cid??

  76. Still nothing in Kuwait….CID_J15. If I book a ticket to Europe tomorrow and try the update over there, would I get it? I am free for the next couple of weeks.

    • dirk

      Not gonna work…depends on cid Not région…:-(

  77. Fahad

    when on o2 – 102 ??? 🙁

    • ..if your phone is branded with o2, you gonna be waiting until January as o2 need to fill it with shit 1st..

  78. dirk

    To those who updated…how does your startscreen look? I tought it was gonna have that spécial JB interface with thé “radar”button..? Not on m’y device…:-(

  79. Joël

    Luxemburg, 18h45, htc_E11: update just arrived

    • marcin

      uk still nothing for CID 001 🙁

    • marcin

      Great maybe UK will get today or tommorow:)

  80. Denny

    Czech republic , today we got the update :)) 100% happy

  81. wtf

    Is the cid__102 still for today or not. i was supposed to have cid__e11 Benelux but I did buy this damn phone in Germany, I could already have jelly bean at this moment…grrrrrr. I hate this 🙁

  82. slowpoke


    Anny of you guys have the update yet?
    I have and it is utter sh*t.
    My UI is soooooooo laggy switching between the screens
    Plus mi WiFi fails after 15min

  83. ameet

    When for o2_001?

  84. Big B

    when for cid_001? it’s takin the P1SS

  85. alex

    CID 032, Bulgaria. Updated to 4.1.1 yesterday. the update is awsome!!!!

  86. Emin

    I got the update yesterday, and it is perfect!!!

    • Emin


  87. miguel

    Cid 102 ? Anyone??

    • eduardo

      Not yet, bro 🙁

  88. Marcel

    Cid 102 pořád nic, Němci jsou pozadu.

  89. Saggwagg

    HTC_001 UK unbranded , nothing yet for me either marcin

  90. Saggwagg

    Has anyone in the UK had an the update yet????

    • marcin

      I think UK ,Germany,France still don’t got update….

      • Rikypg

        No update in Italy

  91. Aberdeen

    non in Scotland for f#(k’s sake. However, 4.1 does not support flash, so question is – do we really want to upgrade?

  92. Saggwagg

    Still no JB here UK for HTC_001 ???? Anybody in UK got it??? As fro flash, just Apple leveling the playing field, guna miss flash but need the project butter…

  93. HTSh1t

    That is the last HTC i bought! enough is enough. If HTC is tired of supporting their devices, let it be…

    • nv94

      It’s my last for me too. Still no update in France….
      Next phone will be en Nexus,

    • ArcticStar

      Even thou the first enthusiasm has somewhat eased down at HTC rnd, they still rule as the foremost techcompany in the personal technology segment.

  94. Darktide

    CID__001 still nothing !!!

  95. germangirl

    CID_102. A BIG, FAT . Nice, huh?

  96. miguel

    Cid 102 Anyone?

    • eduardo

      Nothing on my CID_102, from Switzerland.
      Hope to get it this week

      • Dirk

        Hi there…dont worrie to much about it, if your ICS is running smoothly your not missing out all that much, i have JB since last week and to be honest, its not that big a change on the One X, believe me…me to , i was waiting, almost desperate but really guys..dont think to much of it…and already heard some guys/girls that prefere ICS over the new JB….I’m sure u’l agree with me once u have it r selfs.But ok..i’l keep fingers crossed for u all that u get it soon anyway..

  97. Rogério Nunes

    Minha Cid_001, nada até o momento! Brasil!

  98. Saggwagg

    Cheers Dirk,

    Your probably right, but it’s solaggy compared to my girlfriend’s s3 and to be honest, and I know I can’t really compare but it’s slower at opening applications than my old Desire???

    I’m guna miss flash though????

    But point taken Dirk…..

    • Isak Andrè Wøien

      No worries about the flash part. Go to xda-developers and install for free! 😉
      If you got a HOX you still got one of the worlds best phone! Only beaten by HOX+…

  99. wtf

    We will not really miss the flash because we only need to download the “flash player apk” from net so it will work in jelly bean too 😉

  100. akuma

    HTC_001 nothing yet….still waiting…..aaaii…

  101. wtf

    Cid__102 downloading right now 🙂

  102. germangirl

    FINALLY! CID_102.

    • Rikypg

      Italy update!

    • Fahad

      is your CID O2 – 102??? did you get the update??

  103. nv94

    Update avalaible in France!!!! HTC_203

  104. Rogério Nunes

    Gostaria de saber, de qual país essa Cid pertence, Cid_001 ou HTC_001?
    Estou ansioso pela atualização!

  105. Nothing yet in Kuwait and the Middle East!!! CID_J15. One of the hardest things that humans can’t do is waiting. Humans are created from rish. We always want things to be done fast, fast, fast. I will wait and wait and wait. Why? because I like change. And change is the fate of all those who want to progress and the fate of all the world.

  106. Aberdeen

    Why historical comments where deleted?

  107. Aberdeen

    Nope, they where not… I’m being silly, that’s all. Getting used to my brand new Nexus 7, on Android 4.1 which does not support flash… Only Beta Firefox plus manual flash download help

  108. Will it roll out for One X+?

  109. Yaaaaaay.
    Not here yet for CID_J15 🙁

  110. umer

    How to check my htc one x version i am in middle east saudi arabia…….

    can some one tell me that when i will get update or is there any site similar to samirmware for update and information…….

    • Dirk

      Go to the app store (play in google) and look for Cid searcher..

    • Dirk

      i ment CID Getter…;-)

  111. ameet

    When for cid o2_001?
    So much waiting!!!!!!!

  112. Saggwagg

    Thanks ,that’s a relief, flash is still useful to have, still use it …

    HTC_001 still waiting for JB

  113. Willoutte

    Got an update but I am still running Android 4.0.4 and Sense 4.1.
    I’m in France.

  114. Chris

    Still nothing in UK

  115. Karim

    Still Nothing for HTC_001 Kinda tired of waiting…………

  116. Saggwagg

    Great news about flash thanks… Still no JB here in UK for my HTC_001

  117. Aberdeen

    Guess what I’m downloading just now folks?
    My HTC One X is sim unlocked, on Vodafone UK.
    File is heavy 😉

    • Saggwagg

      Nice one, what’s your CID ??

      • Aberdeen

        Android version 4.1.1
        HTC Sence version 4+

        CID _160

        I mentioned Flash – ignore, no problems what so ever. Apparently this is related to Android 4.2 only, but there is also a manual fix for that.

        Not much of a difference to be honest, but feels like responses are definitely faster

  118. Ash

    I have finally got jb on my HTC one X CID_001 YAY LOL

  119. Vasilismavro

    Its 18 of december nothing yet for cid_016… 🙁

  120. Rogério Nunes

    HTC_001 ???

    • marcin

      Just got small update on cid 001 I’m in UK unbranded.

  121. marcin

    just got it 4.1.1 jelly bean uk cid 001 unbranded

  122. Saggwagg

    YES I’m downloading the update as I type… HTC_001…. Let you know what I think…

  123. Rogério Nunes

    Shit! So far my phone has not detected the update. I’m looking forward to it! How did you do?

  124. Rogério Nunes

    Shit! So far my phone has not detected the update. I’m looking forward to it! How did you do? CID_001??? Help!

  125. Rogério Nunes

    Uhuu!! : D I was able to upgrade! He began to download! Only joy! Finally CID_001!

  126. ameet

    Still nothing on o2_001!!!!

    • marcin adamczyk

      If it is branded phone you will wait longer

      • ameet

        How to know branded or not?

        • Fahad

          @AMEET .. the ‘o2’ in ur CID shows that your phone is under o2 UK! .. the CID o2-102 is for o2 germany!

          • ameet

            How much time for branded?

          • Dirk

            2 years at least…;-)))

  127. shahabaz

    Cid_038 still waiting

  128. Niteowl

    In South Africa received the small update buy nothing further.
    Is this normal for the larger JB update to appear some time after initial smaller file? From now on its Nexus devices for me!

    • Grizzly

      Also South Africa with CID htc_016. I just got the smaller update and nothing else…

  129. Gatvol

    @ Niteowl. Also from SA, CID 016. Received the small update but nothing else. Going to do a reset and then try again with the update

    • Niteowl360

      Thanks Gatvol.
      Please let me know how you go.

  130. pimp juju

    Nothing after reset

  131. umer

    Hello to every one i have HTC_J15 Model Htc One X so when will i get update for jelly bean is there some site like samfirmware for daily update or not if there can some body tell me about this ……..


  132. Hammad

    My HTC one x CID NUMBER is HTC_016. Got the small 1.6 mb yesterday, installed it, restarted the phone but nothing afterwards. Still running 4.0.4. How much time does it takes to get the main update after the smaller one?

  133. ameet

    When for o2 ?

    • FAHAD

      Never for o2 germany I suppose! :@

  134. Skevy

    Received the OTA Vodafone update the other week since then my camera has stopped working as it was before. All images/videos now taken all appear in green and yellow. Spoken to Vodafone only to be told I needed to speak with HTC UK.
    Did that and I have to send my phone back to have its ROM flashed, great Vodafone you have broken a perfectly working phone well done NOT!!!
    Ironically my Fiancee received her O2 version the day after and all is working well, typical

  135. cid-j14

    Come on j15

  136. baris

    December 31 and cid 016 (south afrika) still waiting. I will never bought a htc mobile phone.

    • Niteowl360

      Couldn’t agree more baris, plus HTC South Africa employees are a total discredit to the brand. Not even sure if Htc will survive after some key people have left, for example Wayne P……..
      Plus any comment one makes on their Facebook page concerning the JB update is simply deleted.
      Luckily I have a nexus 10 on which I have enjoyed JB for some time.
      I will soon import the Nexus4 and I’m afraid its goodbye to Htc. Pity because I’ve been a loyal fan for many years.

    • alkerar

      Me 2

  137. omar

    It’s 2013 and still waiting for jb.cid 016 received the minor update about a week ago and still waiting for jelly bean .it’s depressing cz my friend has an HTC one x which already updated about a month ago

    • pimp juju

      what is your friend’s CID number ?

      • omar

        i dont know but he got it from dubai so im sure its not 016

    • alkerar

      So do I 🙁

    • I live in lebanon and have cid_016,i received the small update about 2 week ago but stil waiting for the big one

  138. Anna Hammersley

    My phone updated yesterday and it constantly comes up with an error report message. So annoying. Any advice much appreciated!

  139. Anna Hammersley

    My phone updated yesterday and it constantly pops up with an error report message stating that its not responding and I need to send error report. No matter what I do! So annoying. ny advice much appreciated!

  140. umer

    Hello to every one i have HTC_J15 Model Htc One X so when will i get update for jelly bean can some body tell me about this ……..

    • rehaan

      Umer, same here CID HTC_j15, HTC One X, middle east saudi arabia.. no update so far, S3 got JB update about a month ago and another small firmware update a couple of days back.. I am still struggling at ICS 4.0, damn HTC..

  141. Zeeshan Ch.

    Please let me know if anyone gets the full JB update one htc_016 as i did get the minor update but nothing onwards!

    • Baro

      I have cid_016 phone but no updated yet. NEVER EVER EVER buy a HTC pghoe AGAIN , HATE THEM ALL.

  142. fahad

    Just got JB update on 02 – 102 .. finally!!! downloading at the moment!!

  143. Sheikh

    cid_016 no updates….me too got an update of 1.28 mb and nothing further …its kinda frustrating for me…my cousin already had the update and hes enjoying jb..Jealous but candt help it…please htc update my one x asap please…

  144. Sheikh

    cid_016 no updates….me too got an update of 1.28 mb and nothing further …its kinda frustrating for me…my cousin already had the update and he is enjoying jb..Jealous but cant help it…please htc update my one x asap please…

  145. umer

    Hello to every one i have HTC_J15 Model Htc One X so when will i get update for jelly bean can some body tell me about this

  146. Hambarakiki

    It seems HTC does not care for the Middle East. That is why their products are not very popular here. What a shame. Branded handsets are getting the updates in USA and Europe while unlocked handsets did not get yet here in Kuwait. What a shame!!!
    CID-J16 still not updated – Kuwait. Paid 675$ for this handset, went to sell it yesterday and nobody is paying more than 180$ for it. (Set is still in an excellent condition). What a shame. This is my last HTC buy. Bye Bye.

  147. umer

    if not for middle east is there any solution to flash it for the version which have already got update is there any solution if so then can some body tell me……………..

    • Hambarakiki

      I can tell you one thing. Sell the phone (even though you will lose more than 80% of its original price – if you find somebody to buy it.) and go buy a Samsung if you want good support for the Middle East.

    • Niteowl360

      Suggest you look on XDA forums under HTC One X, and you will find threads on how to root and install custom Roms. Yes, you lose your warranty cover, but frankly who cares much about that, when Htc has done such a disservice to so many loyal fans.

  148. Hambarakiki

    When I bought this handset I was astounded by its design and I pretty much liked and still prefer HTC sense over other interfaces. However, after buying this handset I realized I couldn’t find a single store in Kuwait that sells accessories for this phone. (No carrying cases, protective cases, screen protector,…etc that can be found in the market). Again HTC falls short and neglects this part of the world when it comes to software updates. I think HTC needs to work more on marketing and supply if they want to win customers in this part of the world.

  149. im in middle east specifically in Kuwait
    still no sign for jelly bean


    • Niteowl360

      Don’t feel alone, plus I’ve just read Samsung Galaxy S2 has now received official JB 4.1! My colleagues at work on Samsung S3 received update in November latest last year too.
      HTC Quietly NOT so Brilliant

      • im thinking of buying lg nexus 4
        im tired of waiting for updates … exactly no so brilliant…

  150. Salaf

    Got the small update for my HTC 016…3 weeks before but…….Still waiting for the major update……
    Have any idea when will I receive the major update for my hox…… Damn I should have bought the s3

  151. Freeeed

    Nothing for my htc One x, CID 202 (Orange reunion) but my htc One S (also CID 202) has android 4.1 last week…

  152. Hambarakiki

    Maybe we would get the update in 2014. January is almost over!!! Unbelievable. Unglaublich.

  153. CID_J15

    Same here I’m in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and I keep on waiting and waiting for the jelly bean update since last year…I’m loosing my patience already I’m tired of HTC come on!!! and one thing you cannot find a single premium quality case for HTC ONE X here in KSA:(

    • Mohab

      and you won’t find any good cases for it anywhere
      only 1 is good @ HTC official store, if you don’t like “like me” so go kick youself
      i’m starting to hate HTC really after being loyal to them for more than four phones now 🙁

      • CID_J15

        Better wait for the google nexus phone..probably the first motorola google phone called “X”phone…No need to wait this long for the update with HTC..

    • Rehaan

      CID_J15, Saudi Arabia.. I have been waiting for HTC One X 4.1 jelly bean..feeling like HTC neglecting the middle east folks.. @ above you are right guys no premium accessories for this flagship phone in middle east market however I found one case (KUBOQ) at Jarir, it cost me about 100 SR, damn expensive but had no other option either so bought it.

  154. Saggwagg


  155. CID_J15

    I cant believe this it seems to me that I’m about to believe that samsung galaxy S3 is better now than Htc one X in many ways specially in timely update of the operating system…as well as new software I found in S3 (multi window mode). If samsung would change the way they built their phone not those cheap looking plastics phone I’ll go ahead and grab some of it…The reason why I chose HTC is because of sense UI, built and the so called BEATS audio moniker on their phone lately but i don’t notice such difference compare to other phone the audio output is so low they even becoming worst than motorola in terms of updating to the latest software of android. Please HTC there is still a lot of people here in the middle east using your product!!

  156. Rehaan

    at lat HTX One X, 4.1 update going on as I type, Middle east saudi arabia. will keep you posted

    • Alkerar

      Finally yesterday i’ve recieved the update HTC_J15

  157. Kuwaitrage

    I got my 4.1 update also on the 14th

    • Vince@kuwait

      I still don’t get any update

  158. CID__J15 UPDATED …actually almost nothing new about 4.1.1 update

    • You get Google Now and project butter which increases the smoothness of the OS.

  159. omar

    finally i got the update(cid 016) like 3 hours ago .im installing it now ..hope it was worth waiting for it …

    • niteowl360

      Downloading the Update now!
      Finally 016 available in South Africa.
      Hope HTC will learn something from these unnecessary delays and the damage they do to the loyalty of their keenest fans.
      Better late than never, I guess.
      Content now to keep the device for another 8 months.

  160. j_15 also

    why me 🙁 i didnt receive any update im here also in ksa.

    my hboot is 1.12.0000 🙁 i buy my htc on jarir.

  161. Mike

    Any idea when AT&T will have an update for Jelly Bean, or should I just root it?

  162. Vince@kuwait

    Still don’t get any update for jelly bean… Is it depend on what provider you have??

  163. ahmad mujeeb

    still waiting for cid 001 🙁 did anybody get the update for 001 ??

  164. eran

    17/03/13 israel
    im with HTC_K18 and still no word about the 4.1 update…

  165. francisco

    Confirmed in Chile as well 🙂


  167. listowell

    please I’m from Ghana and using an HTC one x I purchased but have not received any notification for an upgrade yet and why will the update sent to asia be limited. Is that the reason mine is not receiving the update.
    model: HTC ONE X
    manufacturer: HTC
    device: G26
    brand: HTC_asia_hk
    Android version:4.1.9(Ice cream sandwich)
    API Level: 15
    build ID: IMM76D