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HTC Source | January 20, 2018

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HTC closes out October with a 60% drop in revenue

HTC closes out October with a 60% drop in revenue

HTC has released its revenue numbers for the month of October, revealing a 60% decrease over the same month last year. In total, HTC’s revenue for October came in at $NT 17.2 billion ($588 million), substantially lower than the $NT 44 billion ($1.5 billion) the company reported last year.

At this point, it’s hard to find any positive spin on the numbers. HTC has been in a downward spiral for a full year with no signs of recovery. We are hoping that HTC’s Windows phone 8 lineup can help the company stabilize its position in the smartphone segment, but it looks like Samsung has become a dominant force which is pushing all of its competition up against the wall.

Source: HTC

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  1. ranger67

    I was a HUGE fan of HTC phones. Between my wife and I we’ve had 5 HTC phones over the last 2 years (yeah, phone geek – like the newest model and the wife doesn’t mind the role down affect). However, when HTC removed microsd support, I bought my first Samsung Galaxy s3. I actually miss my HTC phone as I miss their launcher and other nuances that I believe make it a better platform, but I have 64gb microsd filled with music, movies, and audiobooks (big fan of I don’t want/desire to xfer all that data to a laptop or desktop to try and transfer it back to the new phone, let alone having to pick and choose as no phone has that much internal memory. With the microsd slot, I just pop it out of one and into another. Subsequently, I have seen the newest HTC Butterfly. If/when they introduce a similar phone for the USA with the sd slot, I will be back. I believe it is users, like me, that HTC has lost with their Applesque mentality. We want phones with a overwhelming amount of flexibility and they, for what ever reason, decided they were going to start removing that flexibility.

    Here’s to hoping to being an HTC customer again soon!

    • a22matic

      The EVO LTE has a SD slot. I have a 64GB card in mine… Guess you don’t have Sprint? Either way, when I first saw the J Butterfly, I said that will be the 2013 EVO. Throw a kickstand on the back of it, along with a camera button on the side, and that’s the 2013 EVO.

  2. ofer

    Bad service=Bad sales

  3. Failure to update the HTC DESIRE HD invoice is happening, and neither I nor crazy half price I’d buy another HTC, after what I did with the Desire HD does not want to know anything about that anymore company

    • I’d agree that HTC dropped the ball with the Desire HD, but how many 2010 phones from other OEMs were updated to Android 4.0? If you owned a Samsung or Motorola phone from the same time period, would you be making them same exact comment about them?

      HTC still has THE best track record when it comes to releasing Android updates.

  4. Jack Lang

    What what what them stopping their support of developers. It’s kind of obvious that they would drop sales significantly. All the developers of XDA certainly won’t be buying anymore HTC devices because of the drop of developer support.

    • When did HTC drop developer support? All HTC handsets can be unlocked and there are still plenty of developer on XDA tweaking HTC phones.

      • Jeery

        I have to agree with Jack. My EVO3D for example. Sure it’s HTC ‘unlocked’ but you cannot get s-off without soft bricking the phone or using wires. This causes issues because many of the roms require modified kernals for them to work. Plus the 4G and 3D radios are all locked down. This is an issue because the XDA community hasn’t been able to get a fully functional AOSP based rom. Compare all the hoopla with how open Samsung has been, its a big night and day difference.This will be my last HTC phone.