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HTC Source | January 21, 2018

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No new HTC tablets coming to the market anytime soon

No new HTC tablets coming to the market anytime soon

HTC’s role in the tablet boom has been minimal since the craze blossomed more than a year ago. In fact, this year alone HTC has had zero productivity in the tablet arena. HTC has really only dabbled their feet in the market with the HTC Flyer (a.k.a. Evo View 4G) and the HTC Jetstream last year, but these devices went somewhat unnoticed by customers and HTC alike. The HTC Flyer was a great single core tablet, but it came out near the end of the single core trend and was stuck on Android’s Gingerbread operating system for longer than most would like. The HTC Jetstream was a sleek 10″ tablet, but was priced so high that sales were not very impressive.

Now we are reading that HTC’s Online Communications Manager, Jeff Gordon has confirmed the mobile device manufacturer will not be announcing any tablets in the near future. There are a few tablet makers out there right now and several of them are able to offer pretty good devices with low price tags so it would make it tough for HTC to grab a profitable share of this market with others like Amazon, Samsung, and Asus already having a strong grip on it. Also, HTC does not want to be labeled as look-alike tablet maker and despite the popularity of HTC Scribe it looks like Samsung has stolen some of that thunder with its own stylus and interactive interface.

Mr. Gordon’s comments did imply that if the opportunity presents its self, HTC will not hesitate to bring some unique competition to the tablet market.

“It was a great learning experience,” and that they are “watching that market very, very closely.”

Source: AndroidCommunity via FierceWireless

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