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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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HTC One X for AT&T now available for only $19.99 on Amazon

HTC One X for AT&T now available for only $19.99 on Amazon

The HTC One X from AT&T is no stranger to our Android deals page, but things have been a bit too quiet since AT&T dropped the price of the phone to $99. This week, Amazon has decided to make a bit of noise by throwing out AT&T’s recommended price by offering up the white and gray HTC One X for only $19.99 with a new two year contract. With its amazing camera, blazing fast 4G and impressive battery life, HTC One X for $19.99 is the best phone you can get on AT&T.

You can always wait for new phones to hit the market, but we guarantee you’ll be waiting another 6-9 months before the next flagship HTC phone on AT&T is sold for $19.99.

Source: Amazon

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  1. Zach

    The low price has to be due to inventory cleaning in preparation for the not so secret HTC One X+ for AT&T and possibly T-Mobile. I would snag this amazing deal, but I’m waiting for the X+

  2. HTCJunkie

    Same here. Just waiting for the HOX+ or possibly an HTC Nexus device. Just wish some more leaks would come out already. We are now a month away from Nov !

  3. Charles

    Ok, 20 dollar?! In Argentina is just arriving the One X, two years contract, but almost 600 dollars!!! It is ensambled in the country, well if you can say, because factories are 3000 km of main citys! Very logic, you know. Well, that’s what we have ti pay around here. There 20 dollars… :S