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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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HTC 8X price revealed on Amazon UK and Expansys

HTC 8X price revealed on Amazon UK and Expansys

Flagship phones come with flagship prices, and the HTC 8X is no exception to the rule. Amazon UK has just listed the HTC 8X for £531.43 which converts into $863.64. Subtract the UK’s built-in VAT and you have a slightly more reasonable price which hovers around the $700 mark. To give you an idea of how high the price tag really is, Amazon UK currently lists the HTC One X (which it technically a more powerful phone) at £379.99.

If you have plans to buy the HTC 8X unlocked, we’d not shopping at Amazon UK. Expansys has also listed its price for the HTC 8X at a much more reasonable £399.99. Subtract VAT and convert that number to US dollars and you’re left with a sticker price of $540.

We expect most UK service providers to offer the HTC 8X for free (or extremely cheap) with two-year contracts while the handset will most likely be priced at $199.99 when it shows up on Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T in November. Now that the pricing mystery of the HTC 8X has been resolved, we want to know which color you will be choosing when you purchase the phone on launch day.

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  1. anaron

    I think all the colors look good in the pictures I’ve seen and it would really take a real life look to decide. Probably red, green or yellow though. But that said I won’t buy anything with Windows 8 on it, so it does not really matter.