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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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Exclusive: new HTC One X+ and HTC Accord details revealed

Exclusive: new HTC One X+ and HTC Accord details revealed

A trusted source has just dropped us a line, revealing some new details about the HTC Accord (HTC 8X) and HTC One X+.

Our source claims that one variant of the HTC Accord features support for Verizon’s LTE network and sports  an 8 megapixel camera on the back with a 1.3 megapixel shooter on the front. The camera is said to be very fast and captures “phenomenal photos.” For now, the HTC Accord camera does not feature burst mode or other ImageSense camera capabilities, but that could change before the handset is released. The phone has 16GB of internal storage with no slot for expandable memory, but there is a grayed-out option within settings to switch storage to SD. The HTC device is made primarily of plastic and has a solid feel. The Windows Phone 8 build running on the HTC Accord “feels and runs very smooth “though it “still has some things to clean up” before launch.

The HTC One X+ is still in testing as well. The T-Mobile variant of the HTC One X+ was delayed, but our source could not confirm that it was cancelled. The HTC One X+ looks identical to the original; though there are some reports which claim the device will be slightly thicker to make room for a larger battery. There is a possibility that we’ll see 16 and 32GB models of the device, both of which run on Android 4.1 with HTC Sense 4.5. With HTC Sense 4.5, the UI is not undergoing any major transformations. Instead, HTC is tweaking or adding new features to some of its custom applications. One example of this is the updated gallery app which allows users to pull in images from third party services like Facebook and flickr.

We do not have any details regarding the availability of the HTC one X+ or the HTC accord, but our source has confirmed that neither of the devices will be ready before the middle of October. Hopefully HTC will be able to enlighten us a bit more at next week’s press event.

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Tech enthusiast, Android user and founder of the first HTC blog – Nick Gray has been blogging about HTC phones before most people knew what a smartphone even was. Over the years Nick has owned and tested dozens HTC devices and is constantly flashing new ROMs to his Android phones.


  1. Nice article. I think the most fascinating thing here is that HTC will be the first manufacturer to push 2 operating systems simultaneously next week. That could bode well or backfire – difficult to tell. It may come across as the manufacturer with the best models for 2 OS, or it may just dilute out the brand. It may also be an opportunity to push its hardware, showing it off over anything the OS can deliver. Interesting times…

  2. Snapdragon S4

    It really isn’t fair that AT&T gets yet another One X and that T-mobile gets stuck on the One S. However, the leaked benchmarks we saw a while ago did say that it had AT&T bands. I think that Taylor over at Android and Me or his source got something wrong. Also, David over at Tmonews recently stated, “On another, equally separate note, the HTC One X+ or HTC Era is no longer on the roadmap and we’re told T-Mobile pulled the plug on the device for various testing reasons.” I really need a new phone soon and I don’t want a GS3 but HTC is not doing anything else for T-mobile (Android-related) as of now it seems. Even Verizon (who doesn’t like HTC much) is getting a 5 inch phablet 🙁

  3. sriu1

    i hope htc one x+ launch globally to beat galaxy s3 sales. Mainly htc one x slow sales because of poor battery. all the best htc to come back

  4. Noel

    I love HTC but for them to beat the GS3 and hold off the rush to the same iDevice only slightly taller this time by the iSheeps…the One X+/Era 42+ or another unknown high end HTC device MUST HAVE an SD card slot, bigger removable battery of abt 2500+mAh, 2GB RAM and no Sense UI or a moderately skinned Sense UI. Also they MUST SPREAD THE LOVE by having this device on all the major carriers. Samsung and Apple have realized u need multiple outlets to shovel these devices out to the masses…no more exclusives. PLEASE HTC look and learn stop shooting urself in the foot.

    • Things like a microSd card slot and removable battery are not necessary for this device to be a success. But you did hit the nail on the head about the comment about carrier support. T-Mobile needs to get all service providers to agree to launch the phone without any hardware or naming modifications. That way, consumers will always know what device it is, regardless of the carrier. Samsung finally got it right with the GSIII and HTC should show their carrier partner it’s a win-win for both of them.

      HTC also needs to step up its marketing. They launched some great ads with their”You” campaign a few years back, but have relied of carriers to push their phone for them. They need to spend a good $50 million dollars on TV ads and huge billboards just like Samsung and Apple do with their devices.

  5. Soul

    It’d be cool if us One X owners could get a trade-in program for the One X+. Probably asking for too much, but hey, a guy can dream, right?

  6. John

    I’m on US T-MO using an HTC HD7 this device replaced #4 times no volume unless you have cans on. build wise it’s ok but HTC does not support products and never ever try to talk to customer support. It would take a lot for me to buy another HTC device. the last two I had wow each replaced. Also have a Lumia 710 NEVER REPLACED. HTC needs to step up and do some good things before I ever look at them again.