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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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Update: 5-inch HTC phone revealed in press shot as the HTC One X 5

Update: 5-inch HTC phone revealed in press shot as the HTC One X 5

Now that we’ve gotten most of the internal specs confirmed for HTC’s 5-inch phone, the official name and press shot of the device has leaked – giving us a clear look at the front, back and side of the device. Our source is still convinced that the Verizon will be launching the device under its DROID umbrella (HTC DROID Incredible X), but the new image shows the device could also launch as the HTC One X 5 – giving us hope that HTC will be releasing a GSM version of the device.

Based on the details we revealed this past weekend, the 5-inch HTC phone will feature a 1080p display, quad-core Snapdragon S4, 1.5GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and uni-body design which does not allow for expanded storage or a removable battery.

Other than the image above, today’s story really doesn’t reveal much. At this point, we’d be very surprised if the HTC One X 5 (or HTC DROID Incredible X) did not make an appearance at HTC’s press event on Wednesday. Is the HTC One X 5 the perfect phone for you or are you waiting for HTC to release a flagship device in a more pocket-able size?

Update: it turns out that the image above is simply a concept design posted to flickr by Dannix. Sorry for the confusion.

Source: Sina Weibo (sign-in required) via Engadget

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    It’s a fan art,not a offical picture

    • We’ve updated the story. We were convinced there for a second, but it looks like it is a concept design by an artist who never intended this to be confused with the actual phone.


    Cool! Device! Wish T-MOBILE USA would CARRY the X-5

  3. Jonno

    Do these specs match up with a US national release of the device, or will there be some discrepancy like there usually is between national/international HTC devices? Always seems HTC downgrades the hardware a bit for the US>

  4. ken htc

    I worn u htc company.why don’t u learn Ever since u introduced the htc hd7 without a memory card,things started going bad, u are not Apple, be like Samsung they are just increasing sd memory than eliminating it like u. I bet, if u bring that phablet without external memory, its the last try htc die hards have given to u. It Will be the end of HTC. With me I Will switch to galaxy note 2.

    • bayo

      Stop trolling. My HOX has 32 GB and i’ts more than enough. And I hate to switch batteries…

  5. Kraaw

    unremovable battery and non support of SD ? Many of people won’t buy it … that’s bad !

  6. Luc

    If they use 2GB of RAM, a microSD slot, a beefy (non-removable) 3500mAh battery and a stylus I’ll buy 10 of them 🙂 wouldn’t hurt to have two LED flashes and a camera button as well 🙂

    Design wise I’m not fond of this concept.

  7. Ahmed

    when it will be released ????

  8. Tmobile user

    For those who think the non-removable battery and no microSD is bad, I’m sorry to say that you are not deserved to have the HTC.

    Exactly how many person complained about this nowadays, and why HTC still remain top satisfaction on android world on september JD power survey, can everyone explain these?

    If you personally think it is not worth it, then don’t buy it. Simple as that

  9. James

    I’m not a big fan of that name: One X 5. Or DROID Incredible X, really. They are to similar to existing device names.

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