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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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HTC posts Q2 profit of $247 million – revenue numbers come in right on target

HTC posts Q2 profit of $247 million – revenue numbers come in right on target

HTC has released its unaudited earnings report for Q2 of 2012. As previously expected, operating revenues for Q2 came is at NT$91.0 billion ($3.04 billion in U.S. dollars) while profits came in at NT$7.4 billion ($247 million) – a 57.8 percent fall from the second quarter of 2011. While the decline in revenue and profits may seem drastic compared to the NT$124.40 billion (revenue) and NT$17.52 billion (profits) HTC posted in Q2 of 2011, most have forgotten that those numbers were the second highest in HTC’s history. In Q2 of 2011, HTC’s revenue was up 104.1% year‐on‐year and profits saw a significant 102.9% year‐on‐year jump.

To give you an idea of where HTC current stands, we pulled Q2 profit number bating back to 2009. HTC’s 2012 Q2 profits came in $40 million shy of their 2010 profits – a number which could have been achieved if U.S. Customs had not held up shipments of the HTC One X and the HTC EVO 4G LTE.

HTC Q2 profits history

  • 2009 Q2 – NT$6.5 billion ($217 million)
  • 2010 Q2 – NT$8.6 billion ($287 million)
  • 2011 Q2 – NT$17.5 billion ($585 million)
  • 2012 Q2 – NT$7.4 billion ($247 million)

While revenue and profits may be far of the highs of 2011, HTC is still sitting well. At its current pace, HTC is projected to post new profits of over $1 billion in 2012. Numbers posted by Samsung and Apple may be significantly higher, but neither of those companies breaks things down to show revenue and profits generated exclusively by smartphone sales.

Source: HTC

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