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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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HTC explains why the HTC Desire HD Android 4.0 update was abandoned

HTC explains why the HTC Desire HD Android 4.0 update was abandoned

HTC has posted another official statement regarding its decision to abandon the Android 4.o update for the HTC Desire HD. While previous statements from HTC made reference to the current Android 2.3 build for the HTC Desire HD as being the “best experience” for consumers, many interpreted HTC’s comments to claims that there were performance issues with the Android 4.0 update on the HTC Desire HD.

It turns out that the “best experience” comment was actually referring to how HTC would need to install the Android 4.0 update on the HTC Desire HD. Based on the handset’s current storage setup, HTC would need to re-partition and completely wipe all user data in order to make room for the larger Ice Cream Sandwich update.

Now that we have a little more details behind HTC’s reasoning, many may be a little more inclined to accept the fact that the HTC Desire HD will not be updated to Android 4.0. That being said, HTC’s explanation may fuel the flame for those demanding a stock Android update for the HTC Desire HD.

[quote]We’ve heard your feedback on our decision not to update the HTC Desire HD to Android 4.0. We completely understand that this is a controversial decision.

For more background, due to how storage on the HTC Desire HD is partitioned – and the larger size of Android 4.0 – it would require re-partitioning device storage and overwriting user data in order to install this update. While technically advanced users might find this solution acceptable, the majority of customers would not. We also considered ways to reduce the overall size of the software package, but this would impact features and functionality that customers are currently using. Even after installing the update, there were other technical limitations which we felt negatively impacted the user experience.

We believe an update should always improve the user experience and carefully evaluate each update based on this criteria. While we are very aware of the disappointment from this decision, we believe the impact to user experience was too great. We recognize this is a change from our previous statement and for that we’re truly sorry.[/quote]

Source: HTC Blog

About Nick Gray

Tech enthusiast, Android user and founder of the first HTC blog – Nick Gray has been blogging about HTC phones before most people knew what a smartphone even was. Over the years Nick has owned and tested dozens HTC devices and is constantly flashing new ROMs to his Android phones.


  1. dustin

    thanks Nick for the insight. ive been trying to find out why HTC wont push ics to the inspire. sad that you’re the only one to provide a straight answer. heres another question. do you if HTC plans on pushing 2.3.5 to the inspire because Im still running 2.3.3. thanks.

  2. I love conspiracy theories. Since when HTC had appointed itself as the official spokesman for the “majority of its customers”?

    Did they conduct an worldwide, official poll before arriving to their conclusions? And what about the hundreds, if not thousands of DHD owners around the globe who have signed the online petition pleading HTC to extend the lifespan of their beloved phones with an ICS update?

    Here’s the thing: HTC isn’t willing to recall all the Desire HD handsets that they’ve sold and update them to Android 4.0 as not only it would be a major logistics nightmare but an expensive effort as well.

    Why not let their customers decide for themselves if it’s worth the “risk” of losing their data from wiping the phone’s ROM partition to upgrade to Android 4.0?

    Any HTC owner who has rooted his/her phone knows that they must first unlock their device’s security firmware either by using Revolutionary or the official HTC Dev websites and risking losing their warranty status in the process.

    Many of those who wish to root their phones would have taken necessary steps to back up their phone’s apps and data before tinkering with their phones. In fact, you cannot unlock your HTC phone via without agreeing to HTC’s terms and conditions on its website first. In the same vein, HTC could also do the same for DHD users wishing to upgrade their phone firmware to ICS by themselves.

    The way I see it, there are two kinds of Desire HD owners: the savvy users who want ICS and are willing to take whatever precautions to backup their data safely prior to flashing their phones to ICS; and the non technical owners who would rather change their phones rather than going through the complexity of the ICS upgrade procedure.

    Why not let their customers decide for themselves rather than speaking for the entire Desire HD community? At least the decision lies with the customer and not HTC. Customers love being given a choice instead of an ultimatum.

    Talk about perfect timing. Is it just a mere coincidence that HTC decided to call off their DHD ICS update just as they had announced their new Desire models pre-configured with ICS and Sense 4.0?

  3. Chris

    HTC you idiots. Just don’t make the update OTA. Let your customers download an RUU package like you used to, and the usual disclaimer that it will wipe everything on the phone.Those customers that don’t want the annoyance of a full wipe obviously don’t care much whether they have ICS .Those who do wipe can be happy with a fresh install and will more likely consider HTC for their next device.Uh, that is unless HTC couldn’t get it running on the DHD , in which case there’s others out there who already have for a long time now.

  4. Ada

    Goodbye HTC forever if there is no ICS for DesireHD.

  5. ted hodgson

    Truly sorry they say, huh?
    ….giving me back the 600-odd euros i paid for this beutiful piece of hardware would be a good start.
    If they offered a backup tool to save the oh so precious user setting, then there shouldn’t be a drama.
    I for one, feel let down by the bollocks they are spouting…and let down too. After all these years of spending my very hard earned cash on their products, it now looks like i’ll have place my loyalty in the hands of a company that do care about their customers.
    That is if there are any companies left…….

  6. Dattatri

    No more HTC products for me..Very disappointed..Good bye HTC

  7. lee francis

    I for one im very dissapointed as most are,i will never get a htc again after this mess . great idea on the download youre own ics to install on dhd.

  8. Sergey

    Update HTC desire HD 4.0.3
    Latest HTC One V base (1.56.401.4)
    Android 4.0.3
    Sense 4.0A UI (Lite version)
    Odexed system
    init.d support
    Dropbox 25 GB for Free
    Apps up to date

    What works:
    Radio: Phone Calls, data 2G/3G
    Original HW Accel (3D & 2D) opengl-es 2.0
    Audio – PlayMusic – Headset (no beats yet)
    All Sensors, rotate and others..
    Hardware Keys and light
    Mount Storage to PC
    Superuser – ROOT
    FM Radio
    Mic on apps

    What doesn’t works:
    tethering, and and..


    *** big thanks to tip2tail. hosting provided by
    updated Google Maps 6.5.1
    updated Street View
    updated Gmail 4.0.5
    updated Adobe Reader X 10.2.0 build 58423
    updated Google Play Store 3.5.16
    added Google Chrome 0.18.4409.2396
    added Google+ Plus
    added Google Currents 1.1.0
    uptaded Adblock Hosts
    removed Google books
    added more live wallpapers
    updated inspire 4g sound fix
    cleaned a bit


    – its a small update (no think you will get camera working )
    – updated all apps to latest (maps, dropbox, facebook)
    – fixed values in build.prop
    – added lyapota’s wake with volume function (1.8)


    – fixed sound problems
    – interactive menu for bluetooth audio (must have 4ext touch recovery)
    – new inspire fix (install it when rom has sound problems)

    Download: v3.5