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HTC Source | January 20, 2018

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How to unlock the bootloader on the HTC One S

How to unlock the bootloader on the HTC One S

Owners of the HTC One S can unlock the bootloader on their phones with the official bootloader unlocking tool from HTC.  Using the  official bootloader unlocking tool on the HTC One S gives users and developers the ability to install custom ROMs on the device.  We have not tried the process ourselves, HTC has put together a dummy proof instruction manual to guide people through all the steps.

While the stepsbelow sound pretty simple, we estimate it should take at least 20-30 minutes to get the unlock key and unlock command to unlock the bootloader on the HTC One S.  The majority of that time will be spent getting ADB and HTC Sync set up and running through the ten steps to locate your phone’s  unique identifier token.  We’re sure HTC could have made the process a lot easier, but this should discourage most casual users from rooting their phones and getting into things they shouldn’t be playing with.

Using the official bootloader unlocking process could void your warranty and will completely erase all the data on your phone.  Be sure to make a backup of all your phone’s essential information before you start.  Let us know how the process goes what which custom ROM is at the top of your list?

Steps to unlock HTC One S bootloader

  • Use Android SDK to run fastboot command and request the device identifier token
  • The identifier token is output to the PC console
  • User submits device ID token via portal
  • After Validation, server emails the Unlock Key and commands to the use
  • User unlocks device using Unlock Command and Unlock Key

Source: HTC Dev

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  1. Brianna

    Hey! Can I root my HTC One S if I don’t unlock bootloader ?