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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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HTCdev releases new APIs for HTC MediaLink HD, Beats Audio and Lockscreen

HTCdev releases new APIs for HTC MediaLink HD, Beats Audio and Lockscreen

HTC has been quite busy this week. After revealing three new HTC One phones at Mobile World Congress, the HTC dev team has just announced a few new development APIs which give application developers access to more features which are built into HTC phones. Full details about the four new APIs have not yet been released, but we’re excited by some of the new capabilities which the APIs will enable.

  • Beats Audio API: allows applications to take advantage of the Beat Audio sound enhancements on HTC phone which feature Beats Audio integration.
  • Lockscreen API: allows applications to interact with the advanced HTC sense lock screen which can allow for additional application interaction without the need for unlocking the device.
  • Mobile Device Management API
  • HTC MediaLink HD API: allows applications freedom to wirelessly interact with the Media Link accessory for display on a second screen.

Adding Beats Audio to third-party applications will be a huge win since the competition doesn’t really have anything even close to HTC’s offering, but we’re waiting to see what developers can come up with by using the new lockscreen API and the HTC Media Link HD API. Right now, the HTC lockscreen can display images, text messages, stock quotes, weather and social media updates from all your friends, but app developers will be app to add their own new features to the lock screen to add better integration for apps like Pandora or third party sms applications.

Developer access to the HTC Media Link HD functionality on HTC’s new phones could translate into some creative remote media control functionality or even some fun ways of controlling a game (think WiiMote) while the game’s display is wirelessly streamed to a second display.

Once HTCdev released full details about all the new APIs, we’ll know what the limitations will be. Until then, we’ll let our imaginations run wild. What do you hope applications developers will dream up with access to these new HTC APIs?

Source: HTC Blog

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