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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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HTC One sample photos show off the wonder of ImageSense

HTC One sample photos show off the wonder of ImageSense

There’s no doubt in our minds that the new HTC One phones will be some of the best Android powered phones to launch this year. While we all enjoy being able to use the latest version of Android, high-resolution screens and uniquely crafter uni-body designs, HTC has gone to great lengths to delivery some amazing camera technology as well.

We’re already written about HTC Sense 4.0 and the advanced camera features (ImageSense)that the HTC One devices will feature, but what does an image actually look like when you take a picture with a camera phone which features an f.20 lens paired with a BSI sensor and a dedicated HTC imaging chip? Fortunately, our friend at HTC decided to share a few sample pictures which show off what the HTC One is capable of.

The images below were captured with HTC One phones (HTC is not telling us which one) and have not been edited. HTC did use some of their built-in camera effects to enhance saturation level or to capture a picture in black and white, but what you’re looking at are images which you or anyone else will be able to capture with the HTC One (as long as you know how to frame a good shot and have some interesting subjects to shoot).

Even before the HTC One, the company has been putting a lot of focus on the cameras included in their latest phones. Let us know what you think of the sample pictures and feel free to share an image or two that you’ve taken with your current HTC phone.

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  1. Omar Watson

    All I have to say is. 41MP!! Go back to the drawing board HTC.

    • It’s too bad that many people won’t be able to buy Nokia’s new 41MP phone.

  2. Bob

    41mp, what?? Oh, is that the thing professional photographers use? Oh no it isn’t is it, oh no it isn’t because good photos aren’t about MP, they are about lens etc. I have not seen the Nokia but the idea seems like number chasing to me.

  3. Well eventhough the camera is 41mp that doesnt meen it necessarily is suprime, since there are more factors to take into consideration than only the number of MP.

    Imo Nokia have done this to get the record and get the following PR because of it – primarily!

  4. Moosecat

    Absolutely. Hats off to Nokia for producing the World’s first 41MP Android pho…..what’s that?…Symbian you say?…….