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HTC Source | January 21, 2018

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HTC One S unboxing with hands-on video and pictures

HTC One S unboxing with hands-on video and pictures

Review units of the HTC One S have been mailed out to bloggers and members of the press in Europe. Our very own Bruno has been able to get his hands on one of the phones and has put together a quick unboxing video and managed to take a few pictures of the phone.

While the packaging may not be what consumers will be treated to when they buy the purchase the HTC one S when it goes on sale on April 5, the contents of the box should include the phone, the usual instruction manual, microUSB cable with charging adaptor and a pair of tangle free headphones with in-line microphone and call controls.

One thing which made us smile was the screen protector on the HTC One S which reads “I’m the One you’ve been waiting for” bringing back memories from Star Wars – “These are not the droids you are looking for.” Check out the images and video below and be sure to let us know what you think of the HTC One S.

Source: HTC-Hub

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  1. Errr… hang on. Those aren’t Beats audio headsets!

    • No one ever said the HTC One S would ship with Beats headphones. The phone features Beats Audio software integration.

      • Gabriel

        You’re right, though it’s still a shame as the first Beats branded phones came with Beats headsets – I’m specifically thinking of Sensation XE. I suspect the HTC branded ones are not going to be as good.

  2. Daniel

    Holding my breath for a One X unboxing video.

  3. moeen

    I’m a big Fan of HTc and i waited too much for some thing ..and I’m happy withthis realse but thay cant gave any micro Sc slot in this phone which is quit disapoinment for us Check it out :