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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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Windows Phone Mango Update for HTC Titan and Radar (8107)

Windows Phone Mango Update for HTC Titan and Radar (8107)

Compared to most Android users, those who use Microsoft’s Windows Phones are probably feeling spoiled right about now. Microsoft is making it a habit of rolling out new software updated to all Windows Phone device and it looks like the trend will continue. From several sources (including HTC Hub), HTC is rolling out a new Mango update starting with HTC Titan & HTC Radar. In theory the HTC HD7, Mozart, Trophy, Pro 7 and Surround will also receive this update within the next few weeks as well. At the moment nothing is confirmed but as soon as we know more we will keep you informed.

How To update your HTC Phone

Connect your Windows Phone powered HTC handset to Zune on your PC and wait for synchronisation. If the update is notification does not automatically pop up, go to Zune Settings where you can manually check for updates.

Update information

After updating your device, you will be on Windows Phone build version 7.10.8107.79. This minor update brings a lot of fixes which should make most people happy.

  • Fixes Keyboard issues
  • Fixes Gmail issues
  • Fixes location access in the People Hub.
  • Revokes Digital Certificates
  • Fixes an email issue on Exchange Server 2003
  • Fixes a Voicemail notification issue

What about HTC Titan calling issues ?

Rumors about an antenna gate problem began to flood the web when a lot of people encounter trouble with reception and calling on the HTC Titan. The specifics of the issue are still unknown, but HTC responded and confirmed that they are aware of the problem and has people tasked with looking  for a solution.

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  1. Gabriel

    This upgrade rate of Windows Phone is making me think about jumping from Android, but I still wonder whether I’ll do it. Price will be key. If MS subsidise their handsets vs Android, then I may be tempted even more. Only prob, subsidy is likely to be with Nokia rather than HTC…

    • I’m working on my review of the HTC Radar right now and can say that I’m pretty impressed with the evolution of Windows Phone. The main issue I still have with the platform is push notifications. App developers now have the ability to integrate notifications, but I’ve only come across a few that actually use it. It’s a pain to manually have to open your twitter app to see if you have any new tweets.

  2. Roger

    I have one htc radar, and i love this phone, WP have some work to do in the S.O, but the system is very stable, never stops, crash, reset or freezes here.
    the update dont come to my phone yet, lets wait. 7740 here.

  3. Suresh Kumar M R

    The phone is too good, but I am facing signal reception problem. My old nokia phone shows 5 bars signal strength, whereas the Titan displays 1-3 bars, and that fluctuates every second, frequent call drops and voice breaks.

    Just open the back cover, hold the antenna points, it will show full signal which clearly proves there is antenna issue.

    The phone is too good, but this signal reception problem has made the phone useless… 🙁