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HTC Source | February 23, 2018

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WiFi HTC Flyer Honeycomb update rolling out now

WiFi HTC Flyer Honeycomb update rolling out now

The start of the new year brings great news to those with the WiFi version of the HTC Flyer.  HTC is now delivering on it’s promise to bring Honeycomb to the WiFi version of the Flyer.  The Android 3.2 Honeycomb update is currently rolling out to those devices anxiously awaiting the upgrade.  Some users have stated they have noticed  more responsiveness and the frustrating wallpaper lag appears to be gone.

Hopefully this is just the first update for the Flyer this year.  It hasn’t been announced, but we can always hope the Flyer will receive an additional update to Ice Cream Sandwich later this year.

Those of you that have been patiently waiting for Honeycomb for your Flyer, let us know when you get it and how the updates feels to you.

UPDATE: We’ve heard from a few of our readers that the US 3G HTC Flyer is also getting.

Source: Android Central

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  1. Jeff Bonkowske

    I have the HTC Flyer and I love the honeycomb update. The bluetooth keyboard is alot more responsive and the scribe can be used as a stylus. So far the only thing I dont like is that you cant create files to put the things you use the most. If there is a way to do so please let me know.

    • I’l assuming you mean folder. You can download a few different apps which mimic folder functionality. I beleive there is one called circle launcher which is pretty neat.

      • jeff bonkowske

        Thank you very much and I will definitely go through and find 1 .