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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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HTC Ville video shows of HTC Sense 4.0 running on Ice cream Sandwich

HTC Ville video shows of HTC Sense 4.0 running on Ice cream Sandwich

Itching to see what the HTC Ville looks like in real life? A new video posted by our good friends at HTC-Hub shows off a bit of the hardware, revealing the Ville’s 8mm thin body, and its 4.3-inch qHD display. Under the hood, the HTC Ville is said to be running on a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm S4 chip and the handset should also feature a 1650 mAh battery and an 8 megapixel shooter capable of recording video in 1080p.

We’ve knowing about the HTC Ville’s specs and expected look for a while now, but you may notice that the number of capacitive buttons has been reduced to three which matches up with the story from just a few days ago which highlights some of the new features of HTC Sesne 4.0. Fortunately for us, the video gives us a quick peek at HTC’s latest update to Sense, revealing flatter graphics and some interesting animations.

The HTC Ville with HTC Sense 4.0 looks pretty amazing and we can’t wait to see it in person. HTC is expected to unveil the new Android 4.0 device on February 26 in Barcelona. Based on what we’ve seen so far, how many of you will be buying the HTC Ville once it’s made available later this spring?

UPDATE: And just like that’s the video of the HTC Ville has been killed. Apparently HTC was not too happy about the video leak. we’ll let you know if there are any new details or if the video does decide to show up again.

UPDATE 2: Looks like the video is back online – enjoy!

Source: HTC-Hub


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  1. Richard Skevington

    I see from the comments that HTC has asked for the video to be removed. Understand that they wouldnt be too happy but surely as the device is going to be seen in Barcelona in a few weeks they should be wanting people to see what new devices and updates are coming our way.
    I for one would love to see the new features of ICS, plus when are they going to be releasing the update for existing phones the wait is getting boring now!!!

    • I’m totally with you on that one, but think about it from HTC’s stand point. They spend millions of dollars to develop new phones and software and plan a special even where they are inviting hundreds of members of the press from across the globe to show off their new toy.

      But then someone who they thought they could trust leaks a video of the phone that still have pre-production software on it and it laggy. Would you be happy of you were HTC?

      More leaks will come. Only 3.5 weeks to go until MWC.

  2. Hi Richard

    Im editor also on, in fact HTC called us to remove the video but some people find the way to grap it before 🙂

    We expecting a lot from this MWC !

  3. interested

    really looking forward to HTC Ville’s launching!