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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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Mango RTM 7720, and HTC Firmware Update? HTC HD7

Yesterday, the big news was a leaked version of the Windows Phone “Mango” RTM version [build 7.10.7720.68], so surprisingly after applying the update solution to my HTC HD7 today, which went off without a hitch, I got an update notification. A HTC firmware update, and this was an update that I had expected for a while, but somehow the Beta blocked it. I can’t say for sure at this point, but the process to install the first beta, changed the state of the phone, specifically where it looked for updates, so that when the Beta 2 was available, it updated through the Zune client. Using the hack method linked above to update to the final Mango build, seems to have fixed where the phone looks for updates, and the HTC Firmware update appeared directly afterwards. The other indicators that we may be back to a normal build are that that terrible boot screen message, “Not For Resale” has vacated the building. Not that this means that you should dump your saved backups, the ones you took when you upgraded from Nodo to the Beta One.   Click on the image for the full size view, the update from HTC took the bootloader to a 3.1.2250.0, from a 1.68.2250.0, and the radio 5.65 from a 5.54 number. SO two big questions, will this mean better performance connection speed, in general, and have we found a way around reverting to our NoDo backups when the official Mango,[have official Mango] Tango or whatever the next update will be?

WP7Mango Beta 2

WP7 Mango RTM




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