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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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App review: Android Pro Widgets by Dr. Appche

App review: Android Pro Widgets by Dr. Appche

If you are a big fan of the HTC Twitter or FriendStream widgets, Android Pro Widgets is a shoe-in for you if you don’t have a phone with HTC Sense. Android Pro Widgets have a few features and offer more customization than the stock HTC widgets that are included in Sense. The widget pack includes widgets for Agenda & Calendar, People, Bookmarks, Messaging, Facebook and Twitter. Scrolling through status updates or messages is really smooth and the Facebook widget’s integration into the official Facebook is one of the best we’ve seen in a long time. If you buy the licensed version of Android Pro Widgets (currently prices at $1.99) you can do some additional customization with different widget themes  – which is really nice to customize the widgets to your personal look!

I’m using the APW Facebook Widget on my 7-inch Tab and I up-scaled the widget up to 7X6 for my home screen and works flawlessly with no graphic glitches or stretching of the widget to make it look bad. The graphics are so polished that it feels as if Android Pro Widgets was included with the device. For now, the only thing that Android Pro Widget needs is a music widget.

Android Pro Widget is available for free on the Android Market. If you want to donate to the developer or would like customize the widgets with other themes, you can buy the APW License Key for $1.99 on the market at well.


  1. Such a great app, i start using it lately and love it, very smoth and fast and does not hurt the speed of the phone…

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