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HTC Source | February 19, 2018

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Microsoft to start NoDo update rollout for the T-Mobile HTC HD7 today

Word on the street is that T-Mobile’s HTC HD7 users will be getting the NoDo update starting today.  We’re not exactly sure how the update process will happen since T-Mobile’s customer service documentation mentions that the two part update will  rollout  OTA but you will need to connect your HTC HD7 to Microsoft Zune in order to complete the installation.

While many are familiar with the NoDO name, few actually know exactly what’s included.  The new update will introduce the ability to copy and paste should feature enhancements to the HTC HD7’s Wi-Fi, camera, App Store, and overall system performance including application launch time..

T-Mobile’s documents indicate that the NoDo update will be rolling out to all HTC HD7 handsets, but there’s no indication as to when the update will be complete.

Source: TmoNews

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