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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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HTC Inspire 4G: your questions, our answers

HTC Inspire 4G: your questions, our answers

As promised, we’re answering some of the questions on the HTC Inspire 4G that you guys sent us via our Twitter account. We were hoping for a few more questions, but since the Inspire is nearly identical to the HTC Desire HD, we realize many of you may have already has some hand-on experience with the hardware and software already.

To keep things simple, we’ve listed out your questions and given our answers directly below them. If any of you have any additional questions to ask, feel free to leave them in the comments and we’ll update this post to include them along with our answers.

When will the HTC Inspire 4G come to Sweden?
Never, the HTC Inspire 4G is an AT&T exclusive. European countries should all have access to the HTC Desire HD

What data speeds can the HTC Inspire 4G get over HSPA+?
We ran a few tests and found that average download/upload speeds to be around 2Mbps/500Kbps.

Can you install applications from “unknown sources”?
Yes, we have installed applications from our SD card and directly from Gmail. However, this may not carry over to launch since we don’t have any guarantee that the phone I am using is on the final software build.

How long does the battery last?
So far, the battery is at 45% after being unplugged for 7 hours. The 1250 mAh batter should last you an entire day.

Goes the HTC Inspire 4G support LTE?
No, the HTC Inspire 4G supports HSPA+, not LTE

Will the Inspire be updated to Android 2.3?
Looking at HTC’s track record, we assume that it will eventually get updates to android 2.3 and beyong. Just keep in mind that updates to any HTC phone are managed by the carrier and AT&T does not have the best track record.

Does the phone have a font-facing camera?
No, the Inspire does not have a front-facing camera like the HTC EVO 4G and upcoming HTC Thunderbolt

Is the HTC Inspire faster than the EVO?
In terms of processor performance? Completely! Check out our HTC Inspire 4G benchmark scores for more details

Does the HTC Inspire come with SWYPE pre-installed?
Unfortunately not, but since you can install applications from other sources, SWYPE can easily be install on the device.

Does the HTC Inspire come with headphones?
No. The box we received did not include headphones. Typically, T-Mobile is the only service provider to include headphones in the box.

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Tech enthusiast, Android user and founder of the first HTC blog – Nick Gray has been blogging about HTC phones before most people knew what a smartphone even was. Over the years Nick has owned and tested dozens HTC devices and is constantly flashing new ROMs to his Android phones.


  1. Ryan

    Hi, I asked this question previously under the Inspire Hardware/Software Overview post, so sorry for the repeat comment, but I was wondedring if you could share how the personal hotspot feature has been implemented in the Inspire? Is it the native Android 2.2 hotspot functionality in the Wireless & Network Settings, the HTC “Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot” app used on the Evo/Desire/etc., or some other custom AT&T hotspot application (as they seemed to imply by their press release)?

    Thanks again for the great reviews and info.

  2. Zach

    Does your phone show an on board storage of 1GB or 4GB?

    • The HTC Inspire is showing 760MB of internal storage

  3. Baringer

    Can’t install swype. Tried, but AT&t won’t let you install “unknown applications”

  4. tonfucingas

    Baringer, search for the sideload wonder machine to install non market apps

  5. Matt Epifano

    Can u install a front facing camera on the inspire?

  6. Becky

    When changing from the installed messages app to handcent app, what needs to be done so that you are only getting texts on hancent…and not dulpcates to messages app also? Thanks 🙂

  7. Greg

    I have an HTC Inspire and I want to back up my contact list from my phone to my Google Contact list so I have a backup. How do I do this? Do I export the contacts then import them from that site?

  8. Chris

    On it says under technical specifications for the inspire 4G is says “4G* – HSPA+/LTE”. Does this mean it will run LTE in the future or is AT&T lying to us?

  9. Ken

    How do I delete unwanted email messages in my message app?? New to Android OS.

  10. Massey

    I recorded a six second test video a couple of days ago. Now, how do I delete it ? ? ?

    • Navigate to where the video is stored on your phone, and tap and hold on it and a context menu should pop up that offers you the option to delete, I think

  11. Elida

    My friend changed there number, I was able to save his new number but now I can’t erase his old number with out erasing his whole contact. How do I just erase the number I don’t want when there is two number in one contact?

    • Walter Miller

      Go to your contacts list, edit the contact information using the plus sign to add a field, then save contact info. Hope that helps. 🙂

  12. GINA


  13. Jon

    my phone shows the market icon when i promt it it says market needs background data to be enabled ?

    • background data and account sync are essentially the same thing. Your phone turn them off automatically when the battery is low to give you extra battery life. To turn them back on do go settings > accounts and sync > and check the box for “background data”

  14. Kristin

    Can i take pictures of thing on the screen like the iphone’s do that’s one of the few things i like about the iphone that i would like to have on my htc inspire. Any tips?

  15. allie

    I just got my inspire and I want my contact list to have my friends pic from fb. But I do not want all of the ppl on my friends list in my contact list. How do I sync just the ones I want? I had a Motorola blur and I could “hide” the unwanted fb contacts, can that be done on the inspire?

  16. Amanda Dawn

    My mom and I both have the HTC Inspire, and our phones connected to each other, but it’s not done that since or before. It hasn’t matched to any other phone since then… What is it, and what how do I get to it again? We didn’t do it, it did it automatically.

  17. jack

    does the htc inspire have the same headphone hole as an ipod or mp3 player?

    • Satheesh

      yes… it has music jack….

  18. When will the HTC Inspire 4G come to Philippines?

  19. Steve

    I have a htc inspire 4g cell phone. I am having email address added to my address book. I was wondering how I can delete them and stop them from being added.

  20. Jessica

    Is there an app I can get for front facing camera? Please help.

    • malik

      Is there a app for front facing pictures

  21. How do you delete a pre-loaded app? When you tap the Delete tab, some of the apps disappear and you cannot drop them.

  22. maria lopez

    Y can’t I receive video message or send videos from my HTC Inspire? Please answer.

  23. Shirley Shown

    Why do my pictures that i take with my camera disappear after a few hours..i cant find them again.

  24. Sand

    My HTC has a headset icon on the top of phone, can’t use my phone how the heck do you get that off?

    • Kat

      I am having the same problem. Did you figure out how to fix it? If so, please share !

  25. adel

    My phone is HTC Viva. The error message is written :
    (The contents of this message cannot be displayed)
    Please Help me.
    Thank you.

  26. adel

    My phone is HTC Viva. The error message is written :
    (The contents of this message cannotbe displayed)
    Please Help me.
    Thank you.

  27. Ryan

    Can htc inspire be used in philippines?

  28. anthony aitola

    Will l void my contract if I root my phone .my phone is the HTC vida

  29. kab niggas

    For some reason I cant record videos.? Lol why.?

  30. i need to know how to turn on my 4g network. my htc inspire is running on edge and its very slow

  31. Way cool, a lot of really logical tips! I value you crafting this posting and the remainder of your web-site is really good!

  32. disqus_T18z5oHDdY

    How do i get video off my HTC inspire on to my computer. ive looked at things on line but nothing is working. Help!

  33. Joe

    Hi, How can I attach documents/photos in gmail message from HTC Inspire?