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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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Sprint rolls out HTC EVO 4G training to employees

Sprint rolls out HTC EVO 4G training to employees

Sprint has started rolling out the HTC EVO 4G training course to their employees.  AndroidGuys was sent a few snap shots of the training module that all Sprint employees are required to complete.  Speculation is that the Sprint HTC EVO 4G will be hitting store shelves on June 6th and we already know that THE SHACK has plans on offering pre-sales of the handset within the next few weeks. 

The training material goes over various features of the HTC EVO 4G, highlighting some of the included apps (Facebook, Sprint Football Live, Sprint TV, Sprint Zone, and Quick Office) as details on rate plans.  At this time, we do not know what Sprint plans on charging for data services on the EVO 4G, but there are multiple references to  “plans designed for the HTC EVO 4G” along with an additional plan code for customers to use the Sprint Mobile Hotspot feature, which will carry a monthly recurring charge. 

At this point, we’re in a holding pattern.  Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G event in NYC in scheduled for next week and the June 6th launch window is only four weeks out.  If you haven’t started saving your pennies, I’d suggest you get to it.   The Sprint HTC EVO 4G will be the biggest and baddest smartphone to ever hit the U.S. market.  Let’s just hope Sprint doesn’t  find a way to screw it up. 

Source: AndroidGuys

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  1. Hooty

    This phone has everything that one could ever want. Mind you, it would be nice if they enabled the Snapdragon’s FM transmitter.

  2. Bakanagohan

    Yeah it looks great and all, I like the features, I just wish Sprint didn’t feel the need to charge for extra data usage (possibly the cover up for 4g building OR profit padding) bt given Sprint still has the best plans and packages, I guess $10 extra per month isn’t all that horrible.

    Just makes me wonder what is the “real” reason for the charge, if that’s what it is then so be it, but I still wonder…