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HTC Source | September 28, 2016

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Source code for HTC's DROId Eris released to developers -

Source code for HTC’s DROId Eris released to developers

HTC has just announced the release of the DROID Eris source code.  Most people will most likely not even take notice since there’s nothing much they can do with it, but developers should be grateful.  Over the past year, the Android platform has fragmented quite significantly.  HTC has played its part with the fragmentation by releasing most of their new handsets with their Sense UI customization.  With the release of the source code, HTC gives developers an inside look at how the handset’s OS is built, giving the developers the opportunity to tweak their apps for optimal performance on the HTC handset. 

HTC is also aware that there is a huge developer community dedicated to their handsets.  The DROID Eris kernel source code will allow developers to customize, tweak, and build their own ROMs for the DROID Eris.  To our knowledge, HTC is the only manufacturer that has given developers the source code to their handsets. 

Source: HTC

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