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HTC Source | March 23, 2017

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Android Dev Phone 1 get a software update

Android Dev Phone 1 get a software update

Android Dev Phone 1
If you’re one of the few who opted to get the Android Dev Phone over the T-mobile G1, Google’s Android team has pieced together a software update for you. This is the first software update for the Dev Phone and it fixes quite a few bugs that have been plaguing users for the past few months. The update also addresses the issue of seeing paid apps on the Android Market, though it can only see apps that do not have the copy protection feature turned on by the developers. Here’s a short list of some of the fixes that are included:


  • Support for Search by Voice
  • Priced Apps
  • Alarm Clock Fixes
  • Sending Gmail freeze fixed
  • Fixes mail notifications and refreshing intervals
  • Maps now show business reviews


    For more details, head on over to the official Android blog


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    1. Is it possible to upgrade ADP 1 from android 1.0 to possibly android 2.3, how?

    2. opoku

      My Android dev phone 1 version is 1.6 ,,I want to update it to 2.1, 2…etc

    3. starkidz

      hw can I upgrade my adp 1 phone

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