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HTC Source | July 25, 2014

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HTC to Launch 8 New Phones In Q3 2011!

August 2, 2011 | + | 7 Comments

In an interview with CENS news, CEO of HTC, Peter Chou detailed his companies plans in the third quarter of 2011 and the outlook is pretty good. Earlier in the year, HTC overtook Nokia and RIM in the OEM market wars, it was a big step for the company. In world …

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Windows Phone Mango Beta gets a Refresh, 7.10.7712.60!

July 28, 2011 | +

Today Microsoft released a refresh for the Windows Phone Mango Beta, which brought it up to 7712, from 7661. With Mango being released to manufacturers yesterday, and of course Fujitsu showing of their first Windows Phone, expectations were high, and a little rumour flew around fed by Cliff Simpkins of …

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Windows Phone “Mango” goes RTM

July 27, 2011 | +

If you are a Windows Phone 7 user and picked up a first generation Windows Phone at it’s release, today is like Christmas in July. With Fujitsu outing their new Windows Phone, complete with the full Mango build on board, and the news that all current users are that much …

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Has Microsoft Ditched GeoTrust for Windows Phone Developer Verification?

July 24, 2011 | + | One Comment

I’m a bit befuddled by a post that I read today, that asserted as part of the recent App Hub update, bringing many new features for Windows Phone Developers, that the registration/verification process had been relaxed for individuals and students. While this may be an interpretation issue, as with the …

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Twitter integration for Windows Phone Mango (7.5)… testing now

July 14, 2011 | +

One of the  things promised in the Mango update for Windows Phone was native twitter integration. Much like Facebook and Windows Live services are in the mix now, it is sadly not included in the Mango Beta that was released to devs recently. Twitter has had a phenomenal rise to …

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Visual Voice Mail in Windows Phone! Mango

July 10, 2011 | +

The visual voicemail feature in the Mango update for Windows Phone is going to be one of those features that we might be lucky to see dependent on our carriers turning the feature on, here in Australia. I can tentatively say from remarks in a local forum that Telstra will …

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Microsoft Details Language Support for Windows Phone Mango!

July 7, 2011 | + | One Comment

In a post today over at the Windows Team Blog, John McConnell, Principal Program Manager, Windows Phone Engineering, all of the additional language support that will be included in the Mango update. This is something that has not been fully covered before, as it doesn’t have the bling of the …

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