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HTC Source | January 20, 2018

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Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone updates, after Mango comes Apollo

June 1, 2011 |

We’re anxiously awaiting the next update for Windows Phone, codenamed Mango, which supposedly hit around September of this year (if Microsoft can adhere to their proposed timeline). What we know as the Windows Phone 7.5 update (Mango) is bringing a … Read More

Video: If I got my hands on prototype running Mango…

May 28, 2011 |

This is just amusing, but I think exactly what I would do, if I got my hands on a WP7 device, running the New Mango Update. Even at the presentation, [sounds like Joe Belfiore talking in the background] these guys … Read More

Screen Capture App for WP7, Homebrew!

May 27, 2011 |

One of the essential tools for bloggers when reviewing mobile phones and applications is the ability to capture screenshots of the device and application in action. Makes sense right? Isn’t picture is worth a thousand words? But the native API’s … Read More

More Windows Phone rumors; May 24 announcement imminent!

May 22, 2011 |

While Windows Phone may seem like an underdog, and there are many features that iOS users, Android users expect natively are missing, the growing, devoted user base are fanatical about the OS. The OS launched on a varied similarly specced … Read More

Video: Task Viewer for Windows Phone from WPH

May 21, 2011 |

Most of us have become used to having Task Managers, if using Windows Mobile or Task Killers on Android, to manage the multi tasking nature of the OS’s. It wasn’t abnormal to run an application, to turn off applications you … Read More

7392 update for Sprint HTC Arrive On the Way!

May 19, 2011 |

Windows Phone 7 has gotten over it’s first major hurdle, with a cough and a splutter. The update process, went rather poorly, but there’s no point dwelling on that now. As surprising as it is, not all carriers have delivered all … Read More

Video: Windows phone 7 NoDo on the HTC HD2

May 17, 2011 |

So it looks like I’ve found my weekend project. The guys over at XDA Developers are at it again, as YukiXDA has ported the 7.0.7392 build of Windows Phone 7, the latest released update to the HTC HD2.  Seems the old … Read More