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HTC Source | July 22, 2014

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Verizon’s HTC 8X ships with unlocked SIM – works with AT&T and T-Mobile GSM networks

December 1, 2012 | +

The title says it all. The LTE enabled HTC 8X on sold by Verizon ships SIM-unlocked – just like the new HTC Droid DNA. OK, so there’s really not that many people who actually care about a SIM-unlocked HTC 8X since the phone is also available from AT&T and T-Mobile, …

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HTC Droid DNA gets a bootloader unlock workaround

November 27, 2012 | + | 5 Comments

Some say that good things never last, I would have to disagree. The HTC Droid DNA just came out and looked promising with an unlocked bootloader, root access, and a custom recovery making this phone ready for ROMs and Kernels of all types – however Verizon decided to flex its …

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A few things to consider before you buy the HTC DROID DNA

November 16, 2012 | + | 5 Comments

The HTC Droid DNA – should you get it? Well this all depends on exactly what you like in a device. The Specs The HTC Droid DNA will sport a 5-inch full 1080p Super LCD3 display, making it the first 1080p smartphone released in the USA! Furthermore the device boasts …

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HTC boasts the weight of the HTC 8X is lighter than that ‘other’ Windows Phone

November 6, 2012 | + | 2 Comments

While on the verge of a new day with Windows Phone, manufacturers are taking shots at one another in the battle to gain your hard earned money and we are doing what we can to show our support for our favorite fighter. The latest jab comes by way of HTC’s …

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Verizon and HTC send out press invites for November 13th event – HTC DROID DNA launch imminent?

November 6, 2012 | +

HTC and Verizon have just send out a round on invitations to members of the press for a November 13th press event. The invitation reads: “We invite you to experience our latest collaboration.” Since the Verizon bound HTC 8X has already been officially unveiled, we’re pretty sure that the “collaboration”

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HTC DROID DNA passes through the FCC

November 5, 2012 | + | 2 Comments

It’s seems like it’s become nearly impossible to go more than a day without posting a blog post about the upcoming HTC DROID DNA. Fortunately, the latest big of information about the phone comes to us directly from the FCC which has given the flagship Android phone its seal of …

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Verizon document confirms HTC 8X wireless charging

November 5, 2012 | +

We were a bit taken aback when we learned that Verizon would be charging $199.99 for the HTC 8X when AT&T’s 8X is listed at $99.99. Yes, Verizon’s version of the 8X does have 16GB of internal storage while AT&T’s model only comes with 8GB, but that seemed to be …

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