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HTC Source | January 20, 2018

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Windows Phone “Mango” goes RTM

July 27, 2011 |

If you are a Windows Phone 7 user and picked up a first generation Windows Phone at it’s release, today is like Christmas in July. With Fujitsu outing their new Windows Phone, complete with the full Mango build on board, and the news that all current users are that much closer to what will be the update that brings WP up to parity with most other smartphone platforms, one year after release, it has to put a smile on your face. Overnight the Windows Phone Blog let fly with information that Mango was RTM, [released to manufacturers], which probably doesn’t mean a lot to most people out there. What it means though is that the final release of Windows Phone 7.1/7.5, the Mango update for WP is on track, all the official code from Microsoft has been compiled tested and they are happy with it.


What happens from here though, is the question, RTM means all the handset manufacturers have a build that they can test with their new devices and customise, tweak for their hardware.

We can’t wait to get Mango in your hands so you can experience all the new features for yourself and give us feedback on where to go next. As we reach additional milestones we will be back to share more but until then, thank you for your support of Windows Phone.

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Mango, Windows Phone Beta: Part One

July 1, 2011 |

So if you have a developer registered Windows Phone, hopefully by now you have received your invite to update to the trial, beta of Mango, the next build of Windows Phone. If you’re like me you dev unlocked your device … Read More

Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” technical preview

June 21, 2011 |

As with the initial release of Windows Phone, Microsoft have released a certain number of WP Devices running a pre release version of the next major update for Windows Phone code named ” Mango”. It seems like today, whatever non disclosure agreement Microsoft had with the people they were shipped to, as I predicted, prominent blogs in the US have today flooded the WWW with looks at the updated OS. This is finally the look at the OS that we really want to see, sans marketing hype. It would appear that most of the writers critiquing the OS today have had the phones for at least a week, and there is a variety of perspectives across the web. There’s plenty of video, and I’ll get to that, but first what I think is the most definitive look at the OS out there. Matt Miller from ZDNet, formerly the Mobile Gadgeteer, has produced what would be the most thorough look at this release that you will find. Matt was one of the bloggers that a year before was summoned discreetly to Redmond, and given one of the first developer devices. He notes that it’s not a complete version.

There are some backend servers to be turned on and some applications and utilities still missing from this current version. These missing features and functions include:

  • Direct Twitter integration
  • WiFi tethering
  • Audio multi-tasking (I understand the Mango SDK is just getting into hands of developers so apps will have to be updated to provide this capability.)

Matt’s conclusion though is positive

Mango is what most people wanted to see from Windows Phone 7 when it was launched late last year and the 7.5 label is accurate. As a fan of Windows Phone I am excited about the update as it addresses nearly all of the issues I have with Windows Phone 7 and it is a pleasure to use. I plan to spend a lot more time with Mango over the coming months and will provided updated thoughts and experiences as more features are rolled out.

As are most of the other looks around the web

from Mobile Burn

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HTC HD7 and HTC Mozart running Mango, Windows Phone 7.5

June 20, 2011 |

Well this is a bit of good news for those of us running first generation Windows Phones, and should dispel any doubt that we will all receive the Mango update when it’s released, around September this year. We have known that their ore other builds, later than the 7.0.7932 build that was Nodo and an SSL update rolled in together, and of course the curious appearance of a build numbered, 7.10.7605, in the Dude WIMU application, which now shows globally, 67 phones running “Other Versions” of the OS.out of 14,595 users of the application. If those stats hold true, then over two per cent of Windows Phone users are running an early Mango build.

WMPU today dug up a couple of  instances of Mango running on current handsets, first off they picked up on Alessandro Teglia @alead, Community Program Manager for CEE and Italy Microsoft, tweeting about using Mango features on his HTC Mozart. and continues to do so.

Most useful though is the fact that he tweets about using Bing music search, and how well it works, which may give us a hint that more services work outside of the UK and US than we think.


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Want a Windows Phone developer device? Just ask!

June 16, 2011 |

Further to my post yesterday, more information is coming to light about the rumoured release of Windows Phone developer handsets, with the hardware to support all the new features in the Mango update for Windows Phone. Seems you will have … Read More

Official Gingerbread Update for Sprints Evo 4G to arrive on June 6

June 2, 2011 |

A build of the Gingerbread Rom for the Evo 4G, leaked back in April, so maybe you’re already sporting Android 2.3.3 on you’re Evo! If you are one of the patient, do things by the book sorts, we have some … Read More

7392 update for Sprint HTC Arrive On the Way!

May 19, 2011 |

Windows Phone 7 has gotten over it’s first major hurdle, with a cough and a splutter. The update process, went rather poorly, but there’s no point dwelling on that now. As surprising as it is, not all carriers have delivered all … Read More