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HTC Source | April 18, 2014

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HTC Ruby To Hit T-Mobile October 26

August 16, 2011 | + | 2 Comments

If you haven’t heard about the HTC Ruby yet, you may want to sit up and pay attention. The HTC Ruby will be HTC’s ultimate Android device for 2011. Within it’s uncharacteristic white body beats a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor coupled with 1 GB of RAM to do all the …

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T-Mobile UK finally launches the HTC Sensation

July 9, 2011 | +

As people all over the world are waiting patiently for the HTC Sensation, it looks like T-Mobile UK users will be able to get their hands on the dual core Android, for No pounds up front on a 40 pound a month 2year contract. Like many other carriers worldwide, we …

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HTC Sensation Teased on HTC’s Site

April 23, 2011 | +

So we know that the Sensation, HTC’s new Mega 4G phone, destined for T-Mobile in the US, should be available on the Eighth of June. The hype surrounding HTC’s first Dual Core Smartphone, with a high res 4.3” screen, 4G connectivity, and well proven engineering and style, is massive, so …

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T-Mobile pushes out Android 2.2 OTA update to the myTouch 3G 3.5mm and Fender LE

January 18, 2011 | + | 4 Comments

T-Mobile’s looking to keep a good number of customers happy by announcing that the myTouch 3G 3.5mm and the myTouch Fender LE with both be getting Android 2.2 within the coming weeks.  The update will essentially deliver the same functionality that the original myTouch 3G received when it was updated …

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T-Mobile to offer additional $100 discount on HTC phones to current customers

January 13, 2011 | +

In less than a week, T-Mobile will be kicking off a new promotion which will give current users a 50% discount on a new HTC phone as long as they opt for an Unlimited Web plan.  The HTC handsets which are eligible for this promotion include the HTC HD7, T-Mobile …

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Exclusive: T-Mobile myTouch HD exposed as the new myTouch 2

October 3, 2010 | +

It’s not every day that we break an exclusive here at HTC Source, but today is our (and your) lucky day. Just a few hours ago, the myTouch HD was uncovered on T-Mobile’s website, but with a little more digging, we discovered a few more larger images of the handset …

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HTC Vision heading to T-Mobile as the G1 Blaze

July 26, 2010 | +

T-Mobile fans who still can’t seem to part with their original G1 may want to start putting aside some extra cash.  We have known about the HTC Vision for quite some time, but some new information gives us a lot more assurance that the phone will be making its way …

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