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HTC Source | February 20, 2017

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Ceramic Black HTC One S now available from T-Mobile

November 7, 2012 |

The long-awaited Ceramic Black HTC One S has finally landed on T-Mobile USA. We’ve seen hints of T-Mobile’s black One S for months, but we’re actually surprise that T-Mobile is even bringing the handset to market this late in the year. The HTC One S made its T-Mobile USA debut in late April.

It’s Read More

HTC boasts the weight of the HTC 8X is lighter than that ‘other’ Windows Phone

November 6, 2012 | | 2 Comments

While on the verge of a new day with Windows Phone, manufacturers are taking shots at one another in the battle to gain your hard earned money and we are doing what we can to show our support for our favorite fighter. The latest jab comes by way of HTC’s Facebook page with the photo above and the comment Read More

T-Mobile makes black HTC One S available on November 7

October 29, 2012 |

T-Mobile has announced that it will be releasing a new black variant of the HTC One S on November 7th. This new version will not be available in retails stores and can only be obtained through the T-Mobile website and the customer care department.

To refresh your memory, the HTC One S is a 4.3″ Read More

HTC to offer lower priced Windows Phones to outsell Nokia

October 26, 2012 |

As we draw closer to the announcement of an official release date for the upcoming HTC 8S & HTC 8X many of us want to know how much these bright and stylish smartphones, with a clean new operating system are going to cost us. On top … Read More

T-Mobile teases the HTC 8X

September 24, 2012 | | 2 Comments

We already know the HTC 8X is coming to T-Mobile, but what we do not have kicked down yet is the date we can pre-order or get our hands on one in the store. By way of the T-Mobile Facebook … Read More

Blurry-cam shot reveals blue HTC 8X with only 24 hours before HTC’s press event

September 18, 2012 |

Do you still have doubts about the what the HTC 8X will look like? A new blurry image gives us a look at the blue HTC 8X running Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8 operating system. According the source, the device … Read More

The HTC One XL has been confirmed for the Everything Everywhere network

September 11, 2012 |

Earlier this month, we brought you speculation that the HTC One XL was heading to Orange and T-Mobile and today things got a lot more official.

The Everything Everywhere network is geared up be the first to deploy a 4G … Read More