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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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Jelly Bean update

What’s in store for the HTC One with the Android 4.2.2 update?

June 5, 2013 |

Is the new-phone smell on your sweet HTC One just about gone? Well regardless of how clean you keep your smartphone, HTC is about to freshen things up by updating their flagship phone with Android 4.2.2 in the near future. … Read More

HTC One S update patches security still no Jelly Bean

February 19, 2013 |

So there I was, reading all the great posts from today’s big HTC event for the HTC One. Feeling a little envious of the HTC One I decided to check for any new updates for my HTC One S via … Read More

Android 4.1 for European HTC One S delivered in time for Christmas

December 25, 2012 |

We’re sure many of you got some great presents under the Christmas tree this morning  but if you’re you’re an HTC One S owner in Europe, your Christmas present may have been delivered last night. HTC has started rolling out the Android 4.1.1 … Read More

HTC EVO 4G LTE Android 4.1 update now available

December 13, 2012 |

Ladies and gentle men, we present to you Jelly Bean for the HTC EVO 4G LTE! That’s right, Android 4.1 for HTC’s flagship Android phone on Sprint can now be downloaded. The 396.78 MB software update delivers Android 4.1.1 with … Read More

Will your HTC handset be updated to Android 4.1? Here’s what we think

August 15, 2012 |

Update 11.13.12: HTC has announced that phone running on 512 megs of RAM or less will not be updated to Android 4.1. HTC specifically named the HTC Desire C and HTC one V, but other handsets from 2011 will most … Read More