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HTC Source | April 19, 2015

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Android app of the week: HTC One Gallery

April 10, 2015 |

In this week’s episode of Android app of the week we’d like to go over the recently renamed HTC One Gallery app formerly known as Cloudex.

HTC One Gallery helps create a central repository for your photos. It doesn’t store … Read More

HTC One M9 software update released to improve camera performance

April 9, 2015 | | 2 Comments

With the US retail launch of the HTC One M9 set for tomorrow, HTC has started pushing a software update to the phone which they claim will improve the performance of the camera. Verizon phones should have the software up … Read More

HTC One M9 versus HTC One M8 – camera shootout

April 9, 2015 | | 2 Comments

We’ve seen how the HTC One M9′s camera stacks up against the HTC Re, but we thought you’d also enjoy a comparison between the HTC One M9 and last year’s HTC One M8. While the 20 megapixel camera on the … Read More

Taking screenshots on the HTC One M9 like a BOSS

April 9, 2015 | | 11 Comments

HTC has always been awesome about helping users take screenshots of their phones. Before screenshots had manufacturer support there were third party apps that made it possible and in some instances the phone had to be rooted. With the latest … Read More

HTC One M9+ officially unveiled

April 8, 2015 | | 2 Comments

After months of rumors and speculation, the mysterious HTC one M9+ has finally been unveiled. HTC pulled back the curtain on the new smartphone today in China, revealing a device which matches up perfectly with the leaked specs and images … Read More

HTC adds new apps to the Google Play store

April 7, 2015 |

Last week we brought interesting news that HTC had released more of Sense in the Google Play store. While that is very nice and dandy HTC deserves another hat tip for introducing fresh new software for the general public; well … Read More

Preliminary Q1 numbers show HTC remaining profitable

April 7, 2015 |

HTC has filed its preliminary earnings report for the first quarter of the year with revenue coming in on the $1.3 billion mark and profits settling in at $11.6 million. While profits of $11.6 million aren’t anything to brag about, but number … Read More