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HTC Source | February 10, 2016

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Video Review: Telus HTC Touch Diamond

August 18, 2008 |

While we’re still waiting for the HTC Touch Diamond to launch on either Sprint of Verizon’s networks here in the United States, our good friends up north in Canada are trying to make us jealous. Telus has recently launched the HTC Touch Diamond and now we get to see our first video review of the device. The main difference between this model and other HTC Touch Diamonds is that it sports CDMA network support rather than GSM. The review seems to be pretty satisfied with the phones features and points out the Opera web browsing is quite a treat compared to other WM web browsers. Hope you enjoy.

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Pictures of Sprint HTC Diamond with Red Back

August 15, 2008 |

HTC Sprint Diamond with Red Back

It seems that Sprints upcoming HTC Diamond has just finished its photo shoot.  Images are pooping up all over the web with shot’s of Sprint’s CDMA version of the Touch Diamond.  The main thing that stands out from all other HTc Diamonds to date is that this one has a burgundy back side on it rather than the black we have seen on all other variants of the phone.  As we reported before with previous shots of the Sprint HTC Diamond, they have tweaked the TouchFLO 3D interface a little, just like most European carriers have over the past few months.  This CDMA version will be a little thicker than GSM versions, measuring in at 101mm x 51mm x 14mm since the phone ships with a 1350mAh battery.

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TouchXperience for HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro

August 15, 2008 |

For those of you who have not yet gotten your hands on the HTC touch Diamond or the Touch Pro, here’s some extra incentive which gives the devices an even better appeal.

TouchXperience is a new app that allows you to scroll through the TouchFLO 3D interface using the G Sensor simply by tilting the device. It also adds a GPS notification system so that you get reminders based on your current location. Imagine driving home and you get a reminder to stop at the store the block before you pass it. Check out the video.

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Sensory Overload: New Game for Touch Diamond and Touch Pro

August 14, 2008 |

It hasn’t taken long for game developers to start taking advantage of the Touch diamond and the Touch Pro’s G-Sensor. Sensory Overload was developed for HTC’s new Touch phones and takes full advantage of their 3D acceleration and the motion sensor is used to control the little space ship and you try to avoid and destroy all the asteroids around you.

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HTC Diamond Shipment to Reach 1 Million this Month

August 6, 2008 |



1 Million Shipped

HTC has released a statement that they are on track to ship the 1 millionth HTC Touch Diamond this month. This would make the Diamond HTC’s best selling device to date since the last phone to sell this well was the HTC touch from last year. The Touch took nearly 5 months to reach the 1 million milestone, while the touch Diamond will do it in about three months. HTC is still projecting to sell two million of the devices by the end of the year, though analysts are predicting the will change their forecast upward to 2.5-3 million units.

One million units is no small number, but it seems everyone is caught up these days with Apple selling over a million of their iPhone 3G in one weekend. Keep in mind, the iPhone is only one device. When is comes to Windows Mobile, customers across the globe have more than 100 devices to choose from.

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HTC Touch Diamond launching as Sprint HTC Victor on September 2

August 5, 2008 |

Its would appear that our report a few days back about the HTC Diamond launching this month on Sprint’s network was a bit wrong, but not by much.  PhoneArena is reporting that the Diamond will be launched by sprint as the HTC Victor on September 2 and the HTC Touch Pro will be released on month later as the HTC Herman.  They are also reporting that Sprint has a 30 day exclusivity on both devices so Verizon will have to wait at least until October 2 to launch HTC Diamond and the HTC Raphael (Verizon want to keep the original code name). 

The Sprint HTC Victor will feature a Qualcom 7501A 528 MHz processor, 256MB ROM, 256MB RAM, 4GB NAND Flash storage, motion sensor, 802.11 b/g Wifi, 1340mAh battery, GPS Bluetooth 2.0, and aluminum frame. 

You can check out  the other specs on PhoneArena.

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Sprint to Launch HTC Diamond in August?

August 2, 2008 |

We all like a good rumor, but this one seems a little better than most. The China Post is reporting that some insider information from HTC indicated that the HTC Touch Diamond will be making its appearance on the Sprint Network before the end of August. We’ve known for months that the Diamond would be showing up on Sprint in Q3 thanks to some leaked papers. August falls right in the middle of Q3, but we still have not heard anything official from Sprint or HTC on any of this. For now, we’ll simply classify this as a rumor, but I’m sure some real news will be surfacing any time now.

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