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HTC Source | November 26, 2014

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Will the HTC Maple replace the Dash?

March 2, 2009 |

HTC Maple Dash replacement
T-Mobile has been offering that Dash to customers for way too long. I was a bit disappointed when they chose to re-launch the handset in black, without giving it any new features of even upgrading the OS to WM6.1 . This could all change in the coming months. The HTC Magic looks to be the direct replacement for the outdated T-Mobile Dash. CNET (Germany) was able to get their hands on this pre-production unit. They were impressed with the new design, noting that it resembles the BlackBerry Bold in more than a few ways. The directional key pad has been replaced with a trackball and all the buttons on the face of the handset appear to have put on a pound or two. We’re a bit disappointed that HTC has only chosen to equip the Maple with a 2MP camera, but it’s an upgrade over the original at least. The other key improvement that the HTC Maple is sporting is its 3G connectivity. No price, carrier, or release dates have been given, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing the Maple hit the streets before Q3 of this year.

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HTC Touch Diamond2 gets a price and launch date

March 2, 2009 |

In an effort to stay in stride with all the HTC news, I constantly find myself on to see if they have any updates on their pre-order products section. Fortunately, scouring their website this weekend paid off. The HTC Touch Diamond2 now has a release date of April 17 of 2009 and a price tag of £399.99 inc. VAT (Value added tax). With today’s exchange rate, that price translates to $570 here in the U.S. All things considered, the Diamond2 will be launching with a lower price than the original HTC Touch Diamond did last May.

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HTC Diamond2 and Pro2 to launch under T-Mobile MDA brand

February 25, 2009 |

It’s been about a week since HTC first announced the Touch Diamond2 and the touch Pro2, so it’s only natural that we’re announcing that T-mobile will be picking up the two HTC handsets and slapping on the MDA branding for their European markets. The HTC Touch Diamond2 will be featured as the T-Mobile MDA Compact V, while the HTC Touch Pro2 will take on the name of T-Mobile Vario V. From what we can tell, T-Mobile has not messed with any of the specs, but they are calling the Pro2′s QWERTY keyboard hinge the "kick tail" mechanism. Both phone will be pre-loaded with Opera Mobile 9.5 for a better web experience and will ship with Windows Mobile 6.1 (keep in mind that HTC promised that both these phones will be upgradable to WM 6.5 once it launches). Unfortunately, there’s still no word on price, launch date, or which T-mobile markets in Europe will be seeing these phones.

Make sure you hit up the read more link for full specs of the MDA Vario V and MDA Compact V

Source: WindowsForDevices

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Twitter News: HTC Touch Pro2 heading to the U.S. market

February 23, 2009 |

The GSMA Mobile World Congress wrapped up last week, but to finish things off, HTC sent out a few Tweets to make sure everyone was up to date on some of the details of the HTC Touch Pro2 and that it’s slated to ship to North America. I know not everyone loves Twitter as much as we do, so we’ve added the full details of HTC’s Tweets.

Tweet 1: we hope you’ve heard the big news. we’ve been working hard to finish everything in time to launch the Touch Diamond2, Touch Pro2, and Magic
Tweet2: The Touch Diamond2 has a bigger screen, better camera and people-centric features in a stylish metal and gloss shell.
Tweet 3: The Touch Pro2 has a huge 800×480 screen, spacious keyboard and Straight Talk voice features. You asked for a HD+Keyboard.
Tweet 4: HTC follows up the world’s 1st Android phone with the Magic. A smaller phone with sexy curves and a touch screen keyboard.
Tweet 5: You can see all our news from Mobile World Congress, including a video of the diamond2 and Pro2 launch keynote here.
Tweet 6: And to answer the big question on everyone’s mind, the Touch Pro2 will be broadly available in all major markets, including North America
Tweet 7: All, we have not announced a launch date for the Touch Pro2 in any country yet. But we did announce we will start to roll it our in late Q2.

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Microsoft shows off new services and new WM6.5

February 16, 2009 |

We’ve been waiting for Mobile World Congress for a few months now ever since we heard that Microsoft would be revealing Windows Mobile 6.5 and also announcing their new mobile services like "My Phone" and Windows Mobile "Marketplace". Microsoft is working hard to catch up with it’s mobile competition. Ever since the iPhone took the stage, Windows Mobile has taken a back seat in the smartphone marketplace. The newest version of Windows Mobile will be launching later this year and will give users an interface that is finger friendly, better web browsing, and better integration between contacts and communication. Along with WM 6.5, the Marketplace will allow users to directly install apps to their handsets just like on Android and the iPhone, while the My Phone service will allow cloud data backup for your calendar, contacts, and email.

We’ll be covering all three of these Windows announcements separately, but just wanted to give you guys a head’s up on what’s coming down the pipe line.

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HTC announces HTC Touch Pro2

February 16, 2009 |

It’s always nice to wake up and find a press release from HTC in our e-mail. Only down side about today is that he email came at 4:45 in the morning since the GSMA Mobile World Congress is in full swing in Barcelona (half way around the world). As you might have already read with the last blog post, HTC wants to make sure they can build on the success of last years’ Windows Mobile phones. Here we present the HTC Touch Pro2. As you can tell from the shot above, the HTC Touch Pro2 has undergone a significant redesign from the original Pro. The full QWERTY keyboard has gotten an extensive makeover, adding additional space between the key, and the screen seems to have inherited the tilt motion form the At&t tilt.

HTC will be incorporating their latest version of TouchFLO 3D along with their new Straight Talk software that allows for quick transition between an email to a call a breeze, making all communication between individual contacts more organized. The HTC Touch Pro2 will be powered by a Qualcomm® MSM7200A™, 528 MHz processor, with Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional, 512 MB ROM, 288 MB RAM, and a MicroSD card slot. It will measure 4.57 X 2.33 X 0.68 inches, weigh in at 6.17 ounces, with a 3.6 inch TFT-LCD WVGA (480×800) touchscreen. Unfortunately, the Pro2 will only feature a 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera, unlike the new Diamond2′s 5MP shooter, but at least it will have a bit more juice since it will be sporting a 1500mAh LiIon battery. Just like the HTC Touch Diamond2, the HTC Touch Pro2 will be available in the second quarter of 2009 in Asian and Europe.

Be sure to read on for more pictures and the full press release from HTC.

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HTC annonces HTC Touch Diamond2

February 16, 2009 |

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the HTC Touch DIamond2. It’s no secret the that HTC Touch Diamond from last year was one of HTC’s best selling phones of all times. It was picked up by more than a few a dozen cell providers across the globe, making it one of the most recognized WM phones on the market. Now the HTC Touch Diamon2 will be launching with a new design, hardware, and a few extra software tweaks added on to HTC TouchFLO 3D technology. The HTC Touch Diamond2 will feature a people-centric communication approach with their new Straight Talk software. Straight Talk allows the Diamond2 to sort voice, text, and email communication from individual contacts all in one spot, making communication a lot more simple and user friendly. The Diamond2 will also feature a 3.2 inch WVGA display that incorporates a new touch sensitive zoom bar. Running the show will be a Qualcomm® MSM7200A™, 528 MHz, Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional, 512 MB ROM, 288 MB RAM, with a 5 megapixel autofocus camera. The HTC Touch Diamond2 will measure 4.25 X 2.09 X 0.54 inches, weigh 4.15 ounces, sport a 3.2 inch TFT-LCD WVGA (480×800) touchscreen, with a 1100mAh LiIon battery.

Unlike the original HTC Diamond, the Diamond2 will have a MicroSD expansion slot as opposed to 4GB of integrated memory. The HTC Touch Diamons2 will be released to Asian and European markets in early Q2 2009. Other global markets will follow in Q3 of 2009.

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