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HTC Source | August 27, 2015

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HTC announces purchase of ONE & CO

December 3, 2008 |

HTC buys ONE & CO design company
HTC has received a lot of good press this year with the release of their new line of Windows Mobile phones, all based on the HTC touch Diamond. What’s the best way to repeat the same success with future handsets? Simple, just buy the design firm that designed the HTC Diamond’s facetted design. HTC is hoping that this new move will allow the ONE & CO team to "have the opportunity to work hands on with development of HTC’s upcoming mobile devices while remaining a consultancy. " ONE & CO has a great history of designing innovative products for the likes of Microsoft, SONY, Gateway, Nike, and other top electronics firms.

With ONE & CO working side by side with HTC on future handsets, we can expect to see some amazing designs in the coming years. Lets just hope that HTC uses ONE & CO’s talents to bring a fresh new design to HTC’s Android powered handsets some time soon.

I’ve posted the full press release after the break. Be sure to check it out.

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HTC reports best October sales on record.

November 7, 2008 |

HTC has just released their sales numbers for the month of October. HTC’s revenues grew 22.4% in October, mostly due to sales of the T-Mobile G1. Year to date, HTC has increased sales 30.8% over 2007. HTC is expecting that their Q4 sales will be strong as well, relying on the Touch HD, and Touch 3G hitting the market.

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HTC stock buy back

October 8, 2008 |

HTC has just announced plans to re-purchase nearly 10 million of their common shares from the stock market. HTC stated that the reason for this decision is simply to reduce capital. We can’t help but wonder if the volatility in the world wide stock market has anything to do with their decision. Thousands of companies have been hit hard with steep stock price declines. HTC’s stock buy back represents nearly 1.32 percent of all HTC stock on the open markets. Buy reducing the stocks, HTC stock price will be less volatile to huge price swings as the global economy tried to recover.

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HTC Phone Release Dates

October 3, 2008 |


HTC Source has decided to put together a list of release dates which highlights any upcoming HTC devices. We’re hoping that putting all this information in one spot will help you keep track of your favotir phones. If you happen to notice an error or see that we’re missing a adte or two, please leave us a comment below or send an e-mail to nick at htcsource dot com

Date Phone Carrier Country
Q4, 2008 Touch 3G N/A Europe
Q4, 2008 Fuze (Touch Pro) At&t USA
November 6. 2008 Touch HD N/A Europe
October 22, 2008 G1 T-Mobile USA
October 15, 2008 Shadow II T-Mobile USA
October 3, 2008 Touch Pro Telus Canada
September 27, 2008 Touch Dual Telus Canada


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HTC Touch Diamond dock allows charge, sync, and music all at once

May 13, 2008 |

HTC Touch Diamond

Many of you have already seen the official press shot of the HTC Touch Diamond's cradle.  Now a few more details have surfaced.  thew cradle will alow you to sync and charge your Touch Diamond through mini usb while you listen to your music.  No the cradle does not have its own speakers like those other iPhone and iPod docks do, but it does feature a 3.5MM back which will allow you to connect it to your home media system.  For $50, the dock will be launching at the same time as the Touch Diamond.  This is exciting simply because HTC has never really has an accessory category for their phones over the years.  Lets just home this will spark interest from other companies to add on to the line and give us some amazing accessories that will be worthy of the Diamond's design.

The HTC Touch Diamond release date is set for June along with price of $772

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3M HTC Touch Diamonds sold by end of 2008

May 13, 2008 |

HTC's first press release since they announced the Touch Diamond last week, indicates that they plan on selling 3million of the Touch Diamonds by the end of 2008.  These sails goal surpass those of HTC's Touch which has been their most successful device to date.  HTC is also reporting that they are planning on increase revenue of 20% for the following quarter due to expected high demand of the Touch Diamond.

So, are any of you planning to help HTC acheive their goals by year end?  The HTC Touch Diamond release date is set for June along with price of $772.

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HTC Touch Diamond briefing with HTC

May 9, 2008 |

Our friends over at got a chance to sit down and talk with HTCabout the new HTC Touch Diamond. Representatives from HTC explain some of the ideas behind the Diamond any why it was developed the way it was. They also note that Haptic response was planned for the HTC Touch Diamond, but was never implemented due to their research.
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