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HTC Source | April 27, 2015

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HTC’s TouchFLO 3D

May 8, 2008 |

HTC’s new TouchFLO 3D is a huge improvement on the TouchFLO technology which HTC launched last June on the Touch. TouchFLO 3D (previously code named Manila) offers a touch friendly interface on top of Windows Mobile 6.1 . The interface gives you direct access on the home screen to notification such as appointments, missed calls, and text messages and allows you to slide through to other media functionality including pictures, video, and music. HTC has noted that devices using TouchFLO 3D will be using advanced 3D acceleration to ensure the best user experience through their interface.
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TouchFLO 3D Hands On

May 7, 2008 |

I was able to find this video which features the TouchFLO 3d interface which HTC has created for the new HTC Touch Diamond. 

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T-Mobile UK reveals MDA Compact IV, their Touch Diamond

May 7, 2008 |

T-Mobile MDA Compact IV - HTC Touch Diamond

Less than 24 hours after HTC revealed the Touch Diamond to the world, T-Mobile UK has taken the cover off of their customized rendition of the Diamond.   As expected T-Moble continues their naming legacy of HTC devices and has dubbed the Touch Diamond the MDA Compact IV.  Even though we just reported that the Diamond would be relesed in June for European markets, T-Mobile UK has chosen to wait a few more weeks and launch the MDA Compact IV in July instead. 

The MDA Compact IV seems to have recevied T-Mobile's signature majenta and white makover on HTC's TouchFLO 3D interface.  This gives us hope that we will be able to customize the device's interface colors to our own liking since HTC has done suck a good job at covering up WM6.1

T-Mobile will be offering the Diamond for free to customers who opt for new select service plans.  T-Mobile is the first UK service provider to announce their version of the Touch Diamond.




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HTC Touch Diamond Launch Dates

May 7, 2008 |

HTC is set to launch the Touch Diamond as early as June.  Currently their release schedule indicates that most carriers in Europe (HTC's largest market) will launch the Diamond by mid June.  Asian and Middle Eastern markets will have a chance to pick the device up in late June, while western hemisphere markets will have to wait till the third quarter to see the Touch Diamond.

Since North and South America are the smallest HTC markets right now, this launch schedule only seems logical.  However we are a bit disappointed since HTC devices have been selling like hot cakes through T-Mobile, Spring, Verizon and At&t.  Lets only hope to hear some solid release dates from more carriers in the next few weeks.

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HTC TOuch Diamond

May 6, 2008 |

We may be a few hours late in breaking this news, but HTC has finally unveiled the HTC Touch  Diamond.  Unfortunately we did not get an invite to HTC Press event in London, but that just gives us the opportunity to get the best of all the various press releases and put them all here.

The first thing that sets the Touch Diamond appart is it's size:  102 mm (L) X 51 mm (W) X 11.5 mm (T) and weighs in at 110 g, making it smaller overall than last years Touch.  It features 256 MB of ROM, 192 MB DDR SDRAM RAM, and Internal storage of 4 GB.  Connectivity includes Bluetooth® 2.0 with EDR, GPS and A-GPS ready, Wi-Fi®: IEEE 802.11 b/g, HTC ExtUSB™ (I've personally been waiting for USB 2.0 since I got my first Imate JAM).

HTC is expecting the Touch Diamond to get up to 330 minutes of talk time for GSM and 270 minutes for WCDMA.  It also sports a 3.2 megapixel camera with a mechanical autofocus.  No longer will we have to suffer through a camera phone with infinite focus that seems to never forcus on anything. 

If you've already watched the video above, than you're probably drooling over the visual effects the TouchFLO 3D interface adds to the new Diamond.  HTC has enhanced their TouchFLO interface to better cover up the major usability flaws that WM6.1 has.  From the looks of it, most DIamond users will be able to access contact, mail, calendars, internet, media, pictures and even YouTube (HTC has partnered with YouTube to create their own app similar to the one of the iPhone), without even having to press the start button on the top. 

We'll be writing a whole article on TouchFLO 3D pressty soon, so you might want to check back for a lot more details on that. 

Overall, we're pretty satisfied with what HTC has presented today.  My main hope was to see more of Manilla, now the new TouchFLO 3D.  We were hoping they would take this time to show off some other devices they have planned for the year, but I guess like the launch of the Touch, we'll see a few more handsets pop up in a few months bosting many of these same features, but with slightly different hardware.

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Handango leaks Sony Xperia X1 release Date

May 5, 2008 |


Sony and HTC have done a good job at keeping their mouths shut about the release date of the Xperia X1.  Unfortunately, one of their software partners seems to think it's ok if they tell the world that the sont Xperia X1 will be released in mid September.  Handango has access to this priviledged information since their Handango InHand software will be features of the Xperia X1 for direct software downloads and updates.  This past week they send out an e-mail to software developers asking them to submit their best software to be included in the launch of the Xperia X1.  Below is more details on the communication from Handango. 


"Seeking Content for the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1


At Mobile World Congress in February, SonyEricsson and Handango partnered to support the Windows Mobile powered Xperia X1 device with a catalog of content available via Handango InHand. We are now seeking the best products for this device and we would be interested in
hearing from YOU. SonyEricsson requires your product to support the WVGA screensize (800×480) and multiple languages (International English, French, German, Italian and Spanish). Any title included in the InHand catalog will need to also be Windows M2M certified.

The Xperia X1 will launch in mid-September 2008 with the Handango InHand service on the device. This is a fantastic opportunity for all our Partners to sell their products directly through a dedicated on-device channel.

If your content meets the above requirements and want to take advantage of this great opportunity, please send your product information"

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HTC Diamons gets orders before official unveiling

May 5, 2008 |

HTC Touch Diamond

With less han 24 hours to go before the official debut of the HTC Diamond, reports have surfaced which indicate that 5-10 cell phone service providers have already placed orders for the HTC Diamond.  Goldman Sachs report indicates that HTC is planning on shipping the Diamond this month (May) and they are planning on shipping between 400,000 and 500,000 units of the Diamond a month.  With an expected life span of 12-18 months, this would make the diamond the best selling HTC device to date.  Now lets just hope the Diamond actually lives up to all the hype and delivers an incredible user experience.

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