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HTC Source | September 28, 2016

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Drew Bamford talks about the future of HTC Sense

July 23, 2010 |

With HTC’s first Windows Phone 7 devices expected to hit store shelves within the next few months, many have been wondering what HTC has planned.  With the introduction of WP7, Microsoft will no longer be allowing companies like HTC to … Read More

HTC profits jump 33% in Q2

July 6, 2010 |

Samsung and Motorola may be HTC’s spot in global smartphone sale, but that doesn’t mean HTC will simply roll over and let the competition take over.  HTC has just revealed their quarterly profits of $268 million on $1.88 billion in … Read More

HTC slaps ROM distributor with cease-and-desist order

June 18, 2010 | | 2 Comments

While most HTC customers are simply satisfied to buy their handset and wait for HTC to roll out their own updates, there’s a fairly large community of developers and hackers who devote a lot of their time to tweaking and … Read More

HTC acquires Abaxia to strengther software design

June 8, 2010 | | One Comment

It’s no secret that HTC is leading the way on both Windows Mobile and Android with their customized HTC Sense user interface.  But HTC seems poised to take things a step further with their newly announced acquisition of Abaxia.  If … Read More

HTC and Android score well in customer satisfaction survey

May 28, 2010 |

As fans of HTC products and the different operating systems that they use, it’s sometimes hard to get a good read on how satisfied out readers are with their phones.  Yes, we all know that there are gripes about getting … Read More

The quietly brilliant story of HTC

May 14, 2010 | | 2 Comments

Over the year, HTC has transformed itself from a faceless OEM to one of the most trusted name brands in the smartphone market.  Just to give you an idea of invisible the company’s name has been over the years, I’m … Read More

HTC fights back, sues Apple for patent infringement

May 12, 2010 |

Apparentlym HTC isn’t simply going to lay back and take a beating from Apple on this whole pattent infringement issue. HTC has fired back with their own lawsuite againg Apple, alleging that they are infringing on five of HTC’s patents … Read More