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HTC Source | December 13, 2017

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News updated for HTC’s Android phones.

Adobe is cooking up Flash for Windows Mobile, Android, and others

November 17, 2008 |

Adobe Systems CTO Kevin Lynch touts Flash for mobile phones at the Adobe Max conference.
Today marks an important step in bringing mobile internet one step closer to the desktop experience. Adobe has just unveiled their plans on bringing Flash Player 10 to Windows Mobile, Google’s Android, and Nokia’s Symbian operating systems. Note for the record that Apple’s iPhone is currently not included in their plans. Adobe has seen the error of their ways and has realized how much potential the current generation of smart phones have. Andy Rubin, from Google, made an appearance at Adobe’s press event to show off the Flash Player 10 capabilities on the t-mobile G1.

Adobe did note that Flash Lite is still going to be supported since not all current devices will be able to use the Flash 10 Player. Kevin Lynch (Adobe) boasted: "Our goal (was to make) a billion phones Flash-enabled by 2010," Lynch said. "We’re actually going to get 1 billion Flash-enabled phones by 2009."


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HTC’s T-Mobile G1 stripped costs

November 12, 2008 |

Since launch, people have been asking how much the G1 costs HTC to make. Today, is reporting that iSuppli’s latest study revealed that the HTC made T-Mobile G1 includes $144 worth of components and materials. Inevitable, the article compared these costs to those of the iPhone, which is estimated to cost $160 to produce a 8GB model. CNN does not give any details on which components make us the price difference, but we can tell you that adding an 8GB flash chip to the G1 would bring the price within a dollar or two of the iPhone.

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T-mobile G1 launches ad campaign on AOL Networks

November 11, 2008 |

There has been a lot of criticism over the ad campaign T-Mobile rolled out for the G1 when it launched. the simple commercials on TV really didn’t generate much excitement or feature the capabilities the G1 has. All they told us is that you could to Google searches with the G1. Today, T-Mobile has launched an all new online ad campaign on AOL’s online network of sites. This includes the main AOL site and a slew of their affiliated media and blogging sites. The price tag on this new ad campaign is rumored to be $1.5 million. I’d be surprised if you have not already seen the ads. I was just over on and T-mobile has taken over 5 out of the 6 ad spots on the site. I guess they want to make sure you don’t miss it.

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T-Mobile losing internet plans for G1 customers

October 29, 2008 |

T-Mobile internet problems

T-Mobile has been experiencing some technical difficulties with their G1 customers today. When customers signed up to pre-order the G1, they were required to sign up for a data plan ass well. It turns out though that they decided to give everyone a "free trial" period of T-Mobile new 3G network. The free trial period expired today and customer’s accounts should have automatically switched over to the data plans that they selected when they purchased the phones. Unfortunately things are not going as smoothly as T-Mobile expected. G1 customers are reporting that their 3G and edge internet connections are not working.

I experienced the same thing right around noon today. I checked my account online and found that there was no data plan associated with my account. A quick call T-Mobile customer support and they were able to add my data plan back onto my account, but it seems that customers who have had the data plan dropped from their account could wait up to 48 hours until the internet connection starts working again.

Have you lost your internet connection on your G1?

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T-Mobile Germany to launch G1?

October 24, 2008 |

T-Mobile G1 Germany
We all know that the U.K. will be the next market to get their hands on the G1 this year. But who’s in line after them. T-Mobile is the smallest of the national carriers in the U.S. but they are by far the largest global cell phone provider. And since they are based in Germany, it only seems fair that our friend on the other side of the Atlantic get a chance to get their finger prints all over the G1’s glossy screen. At the moment, the only thing we are basing this educated guess on is the Android roadmap (which yesterday revealed that a virtual keyboard is on the works). According to the document, a German localized version of Android will be ready some time before the end of the year. There’s no guarantee that the G1 will be hitting the streets of Germany before January 1, 2009, but keep in mind that only 3 months ago there were rumors that the G1 would not even launch this year. Anything is possible with Google!

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Android Virtual Keyboard coming on Q1 09

October 22, 2008 |

Android Virtual Keyboard So we are still in the first real day of the Android era, but we are already hearing about complaints with the T-mobile G1. The main gripe seems to be that the G1 loves the battery so much that it doesn’t want to share any of the juice with you. There is some truth to this, but that’s not what we are worried about at the moment. The second main complaint about the G1 is the lack of a virtual keyboard on the screen. The full QWERTY is simply amazing. I”ve been typing away all day and have gotten used to the fact that they key are a bit too flush to the surface. But it’s a bit annoying, having to slide open the G1 every time I want to enter in some data. A virtual keyboard would make the G1 a dat bit more user frienly and would allow user to use their device with one hand.


At the moment, Android does not support any virtual keyboard, but that may soon change. It turns out that the Android roadmap has somethign in store for us that should be released in Q1 of 2009. Here are some of the details from the site:

Input method framework (IMF)

This feature will enable support for input methods other than physical keyboards, for example soft keyboards. IMF will also enable application developers to provide IME (see below) applications based on the framework.

Input method engines (IME)

IME will support soft keyboards, a dictionary of suggestions, and a suggestion algorithm. The Android platform may contain few reference IMEs, and developers can provide IME applications through the Android Market.



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Android Market details emerging

October 22, 2008 |

Since today is the official launch of the T-Mobile G1 (the first phone to run on Google’s new Android OS), it only seems appropriate that Google has released some details on the official application store for Android. Developers posting their apps up on the Android Marketplace will be able to start charging for their work soon. It turns out, Google has revenue sharing scheme just like Apple. Developers will have to fork over a one time fee of $25 which allows them to post, manage, and update their apps of the Android Marketplace. Then, all revenue that they take in will be split 70/30. For those of you who are thinking "Man, Google just for a bit greedy" think again. The 30% will actually be going to the service providers as a "Thank you" from Google for using Android powered phones. The 30% should be more than enough to cover any additional data charges that T-Mobile or any other carrier will incur from all those data intensive programs that have started popping up on the marketplace today.

Now…. back to my G1.

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