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HTC Source | September 23, 2017

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Did you order your G1 yet?

September 23, 2008 |

You would think that ordering your T-Mobile G1 would be a simple process. Simply click the "Get it first!" button on their site, log into your T-Mobile account and press the order button. For many people, this has not been the case. It took us over one hours of page refreshed, logging in and out a few dozen times, and swapping out computers before we were finally able to get through the order process. It’s not that the process itself was hard, but I’m not sure T-Mobile was expecting as many orders as they are getting in. We kept getting errors saying that they were unable to process our upgrade order and that the feature was not available.


After all this, we’re glad to say that we should be getting our G1 on October 22 in the mail. How about you? Has your order gone through yet?


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T-Mobile HTC G1 News Roundup

September 23, 2008 |


T-Mobile has officially revealed the HTC G1 to the public this morning. At their press vent in New York city, T-Mobile gave an in depth look at the G1 and an overview of it’s features. We have put together an overview of the information we have gotten today. A lot of information is still trickling in so if we missed anything, please let us know.

Pricing: Current T-Mobile customers can pre-order the G1 for $179 with a new 2 year agreement. The phone will have two data plans starting at $25 for unlimited 3G data and 400 text messages or $35 for unlimited 3G data and unlimited text messages.

Features: The t-mobile HTC G1 will offer 5 hours of talk time, 130 hours of standby, measures in at 4.6 x 2.16 x 0.63 in and has a 65K color screen, HVGA (480×320) screen. The device will ship with a 1GB memory card which they say can be expanded up to 8GB. The G1 will feature a 3.1MP camera, but will not be able to capture video. GSP and an internal compass will be included as well.

Google Apps: Google has worked long and hard to completely integrate their services into the Android platform. The phone will feature seamless integration between Gmail, Google Calendar, and GTalk which will all automatically sync to your G1. A one time Google login takes care of keeping your calendar, e-mail, and chats all up to date.

Availability: The T-mobile HTC G1 will be available for all T-mobile customers to buy and will be in stores October 22, regardless if they are in a 3G market or not. All T-Mobile stores will have a G1 demo unit on hand so that potential customers can experience the Android platform first hand. Customers who are not in a 3G market will need to purchase the phone through the website (T-Mobile store employees can assist with this as well).


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T-Mobile HTC G1 Video Walkthrough

September 23, 2008 |

Google has just posted a video which gives a short walkthrough which shows how the Android OS and various Google services interact. the google Calendar, Gmail contacts, GTalk and more are all linked together to give users a seamless experience.

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HTC Press Release E-mail

September 23, 2008 |
While we were taking in the LIVE T-Mobile press event in New York, we finally got the official HTC press release about the HTC G1.

Here’s the text from the e-mail:

"We want to share that today HTC, in conjunction with Google and T-Mobile have announced the world’s first Android-powered device, where customers can find and download unique applications to expand and personalize their phone to fit their lifestyle. Through a vision for making the mobile Internet practical, relevant and fun; the three companies partnered for today’s historical unveiling. The T-Mobile G1 features a QWERTY keyboard, vibrant full touch-screen functionality and a mobile Web experience that incorporates Google Maps Street View™, Gmail™, YouTube™ and other popular Google products.

Working together, HTC, T-Mobile and Google integrated to deliver a premium, easy-to-use mobile Web and communications experience in one device. The phone’s sliding screen design allows users to easily communicate with friends online or use the T-Mobile G1’s messaging capabilities. For additional device access, the T-Mobile G1 features a convenient trackball from quick, one-handed navigation."Starting today, T-Mobile customers can pre-order the T-Mobile G1 at Beginning October 22nd, the device will be available at select T-Mobile retail stores for a $179 with a two-year voice and data agreement. In addition, the T-Mobile G1 will also be available in the United Kingdom beginning in November, and across Europe in the first quarter of 2009. Countries include Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.
For more information about today’s announcement including a live broadcast of the announcement, device features and facts, please visit Please see below for the full press release. "

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T-Mobile G1 Q&A

September 23, 2008 |

Q. Will the G1 work as a tethered modem?
A. No

Q. Will the G1 be able to read Microsoft Office files?
A. Yes, read only for now

Q. Will the G1 be sim locked?
A. Yes

Q. Will the G1 be available in markets with no 3G?
A. Yes, customers will have to order the G1 over the internet

Q. Is the SIM locked G1 unlockable?
A. There are no guarantees, $179 is a good price so we want to make sure consumers use it on the network we optimized it for

Q. What type of marketing will be expect?
A. google and T-Mobile will be marketed in October and be the biggest campaign T-Mobile will ever launch

Q. Will thew G1 use the Chrome browser?
A. The G1 will the WebKit of "Chrome Light"

Q. Who is the main demographic for the G1?
A. The G1 will have mass appeal, something for everyone. For the youth and family, a consumer, not an enterprise device.

Q. What are the plans for Gmail on the G1
A. Threading options, labels, search. E-mail services will be integrated through the front end.

Q. Does it work with iTunes and Skype and internationally?
A. AAC WMA, MPS, on iTunes DRM files. No Skype at the moment. It will work on GSM all over the world.

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T-Mobile G1Pricing

September 23, 2008 |

The pricing for the T-mobile G1 will be $179 and current T-Mobile customers will be able to pre-order from the site later today. There will be two data plans both with unlimited internet access for $25 and $35 with different messaging options. The phone will be available in October 22.

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Video Player on goes LIVE

September 23, 2008 | Streaming Video
The streaming video player on us up and running, but for the moment all you can get is a static image with the G1 logo and some tribal music. T-Mobile’s gearing up for the beginning of their launch event in only a few minutes. We’ll keep you posted with any new updates we find.

UPDATE: Someone seems to be having some fun with the music. It just switched from tribal drums to country western for a few seconds and then went dead. And now it’s back again

Check out the read link for more infor on the video stream.

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