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HTC Source | November 18, 2017

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HTC Magic Android build video quality and more

April 15, 2009 |

Last night, one of our readers asked if I could post up a video taken with my G1 to show off the quality. It seemed like a reasonable request, so on my way to work this morning, I shot a short clip. After I was finished, I hit the "Share" button on the screen, thinking I would email the clip to myself. To my surprise, I was greeted with the option to share the video clip with YouTube. I selected the option, filling in my YouTube account information (not sure why since it’s the same as my Google account info) and then filled in the title, added some tags, and a short description. Hitting the upload button, a small YouTube icon appeared on the status bar that indicated the clip was being uploaded.

After about 20 seconds though, my G1 froze and restarted. I wasn’t surprised at all since the Android build I’m running is intended for the HTC Magic. Once the phone rebooted, I tried uploading the video again. This time it worked. I headed over to the YouTube app on my G1, pressed the menu button and selected "My Account". The clip was there and even had a comment under it that read ‘This video was uploaded from an android phone". Since it worked, you might be wondering why the video above if hosted on Vimeo. While the upload worked fine, a lot of the quality was lost during the process. The Vimeo clip more accurately displays the video quality as is appears on the G1.

Thanks to Manny for the request.

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Sapphire/Magic Android build on T-Mobile G1

April 14, 2009 |

Android Soft KeyboardWe can always count on the good people at xda-developers to come up with a good back for your HTC phone. To be honest, I’m sure not many of us would have expected them to go this far though. An Android hacker known as Haykuro managed to get his hands on two different Android builds that were intended for the HTC Magic and has been able to successfully post them both over to the T-Mobile G1. It would appear that one of them (the G build) is a Google Android build, while the other (the H build) is an HTC Android build. Both of these Android Magic builds are based on the cupcake development branch and support some new features that most G1 users have been waiting for since launch day.

Over the past day, I have been able to successfully flash both versions to my rooted G1. Though the core of the builds is the same, the Google and HTC versions do have a few differences which I will highlight for you. Keep in mind, this is not meant to be an exhaustive list of feature and differences between the two. Haykuro has released multiple updated and fixes to both ROMs over the past few days, adding new features and functionality.

Hit the read more link to read on.

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HTC Sapphire undergoing T-Mobile market testing for a new name

April 8, 2009 |

It would seem that T-Mobile is testing the waters to find the best name for the HTC Sapphire. TmoNews has uncovered some market research material that indicated T-Mobile might not be happy to simply call their next Android handset the T-mobile G2. Some of the names being tested are "T-Mobile Genius 3G with Google" and "Prism 3G with Google" and even "T-Mobile G3". That last one leaves us a little perplexed. Why skip a number?

If T-Mobile is looking for a new name, I’m sure some of you might be able to come up with some better ideas than "Prism". What would you call T-Mobile’s second Android handset?

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HTC Magic gets approved by the FCC

March 27, 2009 |

We’ve been expecting this day for some time, but the FCC has just confirmed our assumptions that the HTC Magic will be dropping on the T-mobile network this year. As we reported before, Vodafone has a timed exclusivity deal that ties up the HTC Magic in a few countries in Europe, but there’s nothing keeping HTC from releasing the phone state side. Here’s a few spec highlights from the FCC documents:

  • T-Mobile 3G HSDPA/HSUPA
  • WiFi UMA (Hotspot@Home)
  • 5 Megapixel Camera – not the 3.2 that was rumored

At this time, we still don’t have a release date, official T-Mobile name (G2?), or how much you will have to pay to get your hands on the HTC Magic, but we’re going to predict that it will be available by mid summer for a little less than the G1.

Thanks to AndroidGuys for the tip.

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HTC Dream makes its Italian debut with TIM

March 24, 2009 |

HTC Dream launches on TIM
For those of you lucky enough to be living in Italy (I lived there for a while and miss it so much), TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) has just launched the HTC Dream on their network. It features a Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz radio chip set. The HTC Dream can be your for €429 (roughly $575) if you want the pay-as-you-go option, but TIM is willing to give it to you for free if you don’t mind signing your life away with a new contract. The HTC Dream is basically the same phone as the T-Mobile G1 we have come to know so well, but does feature a small chin lift that slightly tweaks the buttons on the front of the phone. There was another small detail on TIM’s website that caught my eye. The 3.2MP camera is described as having 4x zoom. I wonder where that came from.

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Cupcake coming to the T-mobile G1 in April

March 12, 2009 |

"We will be offering G1 users the firmware update sometime in April" – these are the exact words of a T-Mobile spokesperson when asked about the release of Cupcake for the T-mobile G1. "We can’t say whether this will be connected with the launch of the HTC Magic as we aren’t aware of what alterations if any they are making to the operating system".

As we all know, Cupcake will enhance the G1’s Android build, giving it the ability to record video, support stereo Bluetooth and also give users an on screen QWERTY keyboard as an alternative to the slide out keyboard on the G1. We still don’t have a solid date for the release of Cupcake into the wild, but April is just around the corner.

Source: Pocket-lint

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Amazon offering the T-Mobile G1 for $97

March 11, 2009 |

If you are still looking for a reason to buy the T-Mobile G1, this might be your lucky day. Amazon is looking to cash in by selling the G1 for only $97! Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to take advantage of this incredible deal since you need to be a new T-Mobile customer. The standard two year agreement is still in place and you’ll of course need to sign up for the "required" data plan as well. So what are you waiting for? Just an FYI, but is seems Amazon is only willing to give up the black T-Mobile G1 with this deal.

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