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HTC Source | September 22, 2017

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Amazon offering the T-Mobile G1 for $97

March 11, 2009 |

If you are still looking for a reason to buy the T-Mobile G1, this might be your lucky day. Amazon is looking to cash in by selling the G1 for only $97! Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to take advantage of this incredible deal since you need to be a new T-Mobile customer. The standard two year agreement is still in place and you’ll of course need to sign up for the "required" data plan as well. So what are you waiting for? Just an FYI, but is seems Amazon is only willing to give up the black T-Mobile G1 with this deal.

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Android Dev Phone 1 get a software update

March 10, 2009 |

Android Dev Phone 1
If you’re one of the few who opted to get the Android Dev Phone over the T-mobile G1, Google’s Android team has pieced together a software update for you. This is the first software update for the Dev Phone and it fixes quite a few bugs that have been plaguing users for the past few months. The update also addresses the issue of seeing paid apps on the Android Market, though it can only see apps that do not have the copy protection feature turned on by the developers. Here’s a short list of some of the fixes that are included:


  • Support for Search by Voice
  • Priced Apps
  • Alarm Clock Fixes
  • Sending Gmail freeze fixed
  • Fixes mail notifications and refreshing intervals
  • Maps now show business reviews


    For more details, head on over to the official Android blog


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    HTC Magic to show up on Vodafone in April

    March 9, 2009 |

    Vodafone HTC Magic
    We still don’t have a date, but at least Vodafone is giving us the month that they are planning on releasing the HTC Magic into the wild. Vodafone just launched a product page for the HTC Magic on their website where you can sign up to receive updates about the HTC Magic. HTC is still leading the game on the Android front, releasing their second Android powered handset to market long before any other manufacturer will. The white HTC Magic will launch in Spain, France and the UK, while the folks in Germany will get their hands on the black version. Fortunately, Vodafone customers in Italy will be able to choose between the two colors.

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    Service manuals for the HTC Magic and HTC Max 4G hit the net

    March 9, 2009 |

    Our good friends over at XDA-Developers seem to always deliver on the good stuff. In days past, if you wanted to see the inside of your HTC phone, you would need to wait for a forum member to post his/her first hand experience. These days, they just find a way to get their hands on the official service manuals from HTC that show every nook and cranny in perfect detail. If you’re a little curious and want to know how to take apart a phone that might not even own yet, head on over to XDA-Developers for the download link.

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    HTC Dream going on sale tomorrow in France

    March 4, 2009 |

    When we firs heard about the HTC Dream a few weeks back, we got the typical "coming sometime this quarter" nonsense. Now, the word is that the second Android powered handset will be launching in less than 24 hours. Orange will be offering the HTC dream to its French customers for 99 EUR (US$125) for those willing to sign up for their unlimited data package. The HTC Dream features all the same hardware as the T-Mobile G1, minus the QWERTY keyboard. It will ship with Android 1.5 that includes Cupcake that enables video recording, stereo Bluetooth, and slaps on a full touchscreen enabled QWERTY keyboard. HTC has a timed exclusivity deal with Orange who will be releasing the Dream to the majority of their European markets within the next few months.


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    G1 helps boost Q4 08 data revenue for T-Mobile

    March 2, 2009 |

    T-Mobile has not been very forthcoming with the sales figures of the HTC make T-Mobile G1. We know that the G1 sales are not as strong as those of the iPhone, but T-mobile has just released some revenue figures for Q4 of last year which show the G1 in positive lights. T-mobile is reporting that data revenue increased to $905 million, up 31% for the quarter over the previous year. Data services now account for 18.5% of revenue per user. Our friends at T-Mobile are giving most of the credit to the G1 and the Samsung Behold for the steep spike in data revenue.

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    HTC Magic shows it’s face on FCC’s website

    February 24, 2009 |

    HTC Magic gets FCC approval
    Our good friends over at Engadget have spotted the new Android powered HTC Magic on the FCC’s website. There was a little excitement the other day when Google flashed a T-Mobile branded Magic during a tech demo, but this doesn’t seem to fit the mold. T-Mobile’s 1700MHz AWS radio frequency is missing for now, but that does no mean we will not see the HTC Magic in the U.S. any time soon. The current G1 sports a few different variations for the European and U.S. markets, so why shound’t the Magic? HTC’s confidentiality request to the FCC is keeping any images of the HTC Magic under wraps until March 16, but I’m sure everyone here has already seen images of the Magic already.

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