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HTC Source | July 29, 2014

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Android Phones

HTC EVO 3D maintenance update rolling out now

January 12, 2012 | + | 2 Comments

Those of you waiting for HTC to provide an update to fix poor battery life can now get excited.  HTC announced that software version 2.17.651.5 is beginning to roll out to all HTC EVO 3D owners. The update can be retrieved  manually by going to Menu > Settings > System updates > …

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Step to the Beats with Verizon’s HTC Rezound flash mob

January 3, 2012 | +

There’s no denying that the HTC Rezound is one of the best music centric phone currently on the market, so what better way to showcase the Beats infused phone with a flash mob video in the heart of New York City. We’ve had the chance to play around with the …

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HTC Dev team releases source code for all HTC EVO Design and HTC Hero S

December 30, 2011 | + | 3 Comments

It’s a bit odd when we post more than one of these stories in a week, but it looks like we were a bit misinformed when we reported that HTC has released the source for all of their Android phones. Since the HTC Dev team didn’t want to make liars …

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HTC EVO 4G and myTouch 4G Slide now supported by HTC Dev bootloader unlock tool

December 28, 2011 | + | 4 Comments

If you have an HTC device made prior to September 2011, you may now be able to unlock your bootloader using the official HTC Dev tool. HTC recently announced that it has added the EVO 4G (Sprint) and myTouch 4G Slide (T-Mobile US) to their list of supported devices. This …

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HTC Fireball could be the first global phone from Verizon with LTE support

December 23, 2011 | + | 2 Comments

The Verizon HTC Fireball is in the news again, but it’s not as exciting as you might think. New images from Verizon’s inventory system have surfaced which show the HTC Fireball’s ADR6410L product number along with some of the phone’s network features. Yes, the HTC Fireball will feature E911 calling, …

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HTC Sensation Android 4.0.1 ROM reveals what HTC’s take on Ice Cream Sandwich could look like

December 22, 2011 | + | One Comment

UPDATE: Carl pointed out in the comments that this is not a leaked ROM from HTC, but rather a custom built Android 4.0.1 ROM with HTC Sense 3.5 on top. The official Android 4.0 build form HTC could look a lot different and may have quite a few more tweaks …

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Leaks reveal the HTC Elite, HTC Fireball and an LTE WP7 device

December 19, 2011 | + | One Comment

Things have been a little quiet lately, which is a bit odd since CES is right around the corner and HTC’s new phones for the next year typically start to show up in new leaks right around this time. Fortunately, there are some new rumors which have surfaced today which …

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