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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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Android Applications

SKYHOOK Wireless gives Sherpa a better location

August 25, 2009 |

I’m sure that by now, most Android fans are somewhat familiar with Geodelic’s Sherpa application for Android. Sherpa allows you find local businesses based on your location without the need to search. The app worked great when you had your GPS signal turned on, but things got a little out of hand when the app couldn’t lock on to that GPS signal. Fortunately the good people over at SKYHOOK Wireless have jumped on board to partner with geodelic to give Sherpa another option to find its location. SKYHOOK Wireless has developed a hybrid positioning system to fully leverage Wi-Fi, GPS and cell towers in order to give you a more precise location regardless of whether you are indoors at the mall or standing in the middle of the street.

"Skyhook offers a major enhancement to the application’s location awareness," said Rahul Sonnad, CEO and founder at Geodelic. "This allows Geodelic to more accurately target content for a user, whether they are in a mall or walking down the street. We developed Sherpa to give users a customized experience based on their location and interests. Skyhook provides the location performance that our application demands."

Hit the read more link for the full press release.

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Android Developer Challenge 2 open for submissions

August 24, 2009 |

Android MarketIf you’ve been waiting for the Android Developers Challenge 2 to begin, you’ll be happy to know that the wait is now over. This morning, the Android team posted a new blog posts with some new details on the ADC2 with a link to the site for developers to submit their apps. If you’re a developers who’s been holding out on releasing your app, this would be a great time to get your hard work listed in the Android Market. If you’ve already released your app and want to enter it in for the ADC2 you will need to submit it under a different name. You have until 11:59:59pm Pacific Time on August 31 to submit your apps. This will give you just over one week to finish up any last minute tweaks.

For the rest of us who simply plan on enjoying all the hard work of the app developers, we should see the ADC2 entries starting to pop up on the market any time now. Developers have been told to release full apps so that they can be judged on their complete functionality. You won’t have to worry about being stuck with a half backed version of an amazing app. The Android team will be releasing an app voting app on to the market once the submission deadline passes.

May the best developer win!


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Android Network Awards voting begins

August 10, 2009 |

As I mentioned a few weeks back, HTC Source is taking part in the Android Network Awards. If oyu are unfamiliar with ANA, it’s a partnership between over 30 Android related sites from across the globe dedicated to helping the growth of the Android platform by helping users find the best Android apps. Members of the Android Network Awards have put together a preliminary list of some of the best Android apps in 26 different categories. Now it’s time for you to do your part. Below are links to the 26 different categories. If you have time, please vote for every category. But if time is limited, make sure you vote for the ones you really care about. Also, don’t forget to check out the Android Network Awards website and their Twitter Feed.


Let the best apps win!



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Android Apps: Album Art Grabber finds your missing album art

August 3, 2009 |

Android apps: Album Art Grabber - MyLittleBigApps
Over the past few months, I’ve covered a few new apps that hit the Android Market, but most the time I stick to the FREE apps since there always seems to be a good alternative that can be picked up without having to make a credit card payment. Today, things change! Album Art Grabber from MyLittleBigApps hit the Android Market shelves earlier today with the intent of helping Android users find the album art for their music. When you open up the app, you immediately are shown all the various music albums you have on your phone. For most people, the first time they use the app, most the album art will show up blank unless you’re meticulous about getting the album art synced up when your rip all your music from your CD’s. Simply press the menu button on your phone and then select "Grab missing album art" and the app will start searching the web. I only have a few hundred songs on my G1, but the app was able to locate all the images that I was missing and sync them to the correct albums in less than a minute. As most people know, many times albums have different variations of the album covers. If Album Art Grabber does not pick the one you are looking for, simply tap the image you want to view the full image and them tap it again. From here you will be able to browse through a collection of alternative album covers.

As I mentioned before, I typically don’t push priced apps that often, but Album Art Grabber is a very essential application for Android users who want to make sure they have all the album art for their music collection. You can find the app by searching "Album art Grabber" in the Android Market or you can find it under the "Multimedia" category for £0.99. And don’t forget to check out MyLittleBigApps website.

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T-Mobile AppPack for Android caught in the wild

July 21, 2009 |

We’ve talked a little about T-Mobile’s AppPack these past few weeks. The AppPack is meant to highlight various T-Mobile and other applications that they think new Android users would be interested in. This morning, the link to the AppPack somehow made its way to several forums across the net with a note from a T-Mobile Rep. The T-Mobile AppPack for the myTouch 3G was supposed to include nine apps, but it appears Sherpa, Visual Voicemail, Hotspot Locator, and Facebook didn’t make the cut. The T-Mobile Rep sent out a second message to give a few details on why most people were only seeing the five apps in the image above.

We are evaluating issues with the AppPack and will circle back with updates. We understand many of the applications are missing and thank you for your patience.

Make sure you hit the read link to view the full original note from the T-Mobile Rep with details on how to download and install the T-Mobile AppPack

Source: xda-developers

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Sync your Android phone with DoubleTwist

July 10, 2009 |

I woke up this morning to find an email in my inbox from DVD Jon. Yes, the same DVD Jon who broke the copyright protection on DVD’s about a decade ago. So what does this have to do with cell phones? Well, earlier this year, DVD Jon launched a new Mac and PC application called DoubleTwist. The idea behind the application is to allow any portable device (even your Android phones) to seamlessly sync up your music, playlists, pictures, and videos to your computer just like iTunes does with your iPod. DoubleTwist also allows you to share all your media with friends, but also allows you to upload content to sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr in only a few clicks. Ok, so your Android phone can already do all that sharing nonsense on its own, but what it can’t do is convert video. I’m sure we all have a few video files on our computer that we want to put on our new HTC Magic, but it’s a bit of a hassle since you need to download and install a video converter, convert the files, make sure they are the right size, and then drag the file onto the phone. DoubleTwist does all the hard work for you by automatically converting your video files to the right format and size for your specific handset. Just drag the file onto your phone in DoubleTwist and you’re done!

I have not had a chance to use DoubleTwist with my G1 quite yet, but I’ll be sure to post a full review once I get it install on my PC this weekend. If you want to try it out for yourself, head on over to DoubleTwist’s website. After the break, there’s a few screen shots and a short clip that shows just how you can use DoubleTwist with your Android phone.

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intallAPK allows app installation from your PC

June 19, 2009 |

After years of using HTC devices, I was accustomed to being able to install applications on my Windows Mobile devices from my PC through ActiveSync and also from my handset with a .cab file. When Android launched, Google was kind enough to allow users to install applications as they pleased, as long as you did it from your Android phone. The first problem was that Google didn’t include a file manager in Android, so it was impossible to locate the .apk file even if you had one on your sd card. Eventually, developers came to the rescue with multiple file managers and app installers. But there was still a something missing. You still had to download the .apk file to your desktop, transfer the file to your phone, disconnect your phone from your PC, locate the file, and then install.

Fortunately, all those steps are a thing of the past. Paul, one of the admins over at MoDaCo has releases a small desktop application that allows you to install .apk files directly from your PC, simply by double clicking the file. “installAPK is currently for Windows only. After installation on your machine, you can double click APK files to install them on your USB attached android device. Simple as that!”

I’m sure most Android users get the majority of the apps from the Market, but there’s always the exception. Just last night, Scott from AndroidGuys emailed me an app to test out. If I would have known about installAPK 24 hours ago, I could have saved myself a minute or two.

You can find Paul’s installAPP on MoDaCo and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter @paulatmodaco

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