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HTC Source | January 21, 2018

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Beautiful Widgets fights back, gets a redesign

December 18, 2009 |

On wednesday we let you know that HTC had sent over a C&D to Level UP Studio, asking them to remove their Beautiful Widgets app from the Android Market.  The reasoning behind the letter was that the widgets looks surprisingly similar to HTC’s widgets included in Sense. In less than 48 hours, Beautiful Widgets is back on the market with a new design.  The flip-clock widget is now sporting a 24 hour digital clock and the weather icons have been changed as well.  Level UP Studio also redesigned the settings widgets by removing the switch look and giving them an on/off button feel.  I’m glad to see that the widget collection didn’t simply die and I’m hoping we’ll see more unique designs from them in the future. 

Source: Level UP Studio

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Level UP Studio recevies a C&D from HTC

December 16, 2009 |

Some may say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That’s what Level UP Studio thought when they put out their Beautiful Widgets application on the Android Market, but apparently HTC does not see it that way. The Beautiful Widgets application offers a collection of weather, settings, and clock widgets for Android which look almost identical to what HTC put out on the HTC Hero. According to Level UP Studio’s Twitter account, HTC has send over a C&D, asking them to remove the beautiful Widgets app from the market.

Bad news: I got a C&D from HTC, I will have to discontinue Beautiful Widgets and remove it from the market.

I’m not a huge fan of big companies picking on the little guy, but HTC does have the right to their own work. As of right now, Level UP Studios has updated the app on the market to let people know about the C&D and informing them to make a backup of the application before it is removed from the market. Fortunately, I don’t think this will be the end of this widget pack. The only reason HTC wants this down is because it resembles their widgets from HTC Sense. If Level UP Studios goes back to the drawing board and creates a new look, I’m sure they will have another successful widget pack back on the market.

Source: Twitter via AndroidGuys


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MiKandi: a dream come true, or nightmare come to life?

November 30, 2009 |

Well, it was going to happen sooner or later. With Android’s open-sourced nature, someone was going to put porn on to mobile handsets, and MiKandi is the one to take on the challenge. Although this has the potential to explode, and make a lot of money for developers, is the mobile world ready for MiKandi?

With the Android Market virtually void of anything sexual per Google’s order(give or take the sex jokes and some ShakeMe babes apps,) is porn really what we need on our mobile phones, officially? MiKandi is opening a door of potential good and bad situations. The good is that developers that would make these adult applications will instantly have someone buying it. Funny enough, this will probably produce more revenue for developers than making another Michael Jackson slideshow app. (RIP The King) The bad, is more on a personal level. Could this effect relationships, work, whatnot? What if your kid grabs your phone for a bit and is scarred for life? (I suggest you get the Hide it application for those with children.)

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Engage9 helps comics and calendar artists unleash their creative energy on Android

November 25, 2009 |

It’s always nice to see developers branch out in different directions and offer something that’s truly unique.  Holland9 is offering a new delivers platform names Engage9 which comics and calendar artists can upload, manage and schedule their content and create new mobile-based applications.  The web based system allows content owners easy control over their content and also offers an advertising module which can be used to monetize the content via ads.

Publishers and artists are much better positioned to tap the new mobile engagement opportunities with engage9. “Leading publishers and artists know that their content must now be enriched with vibrant interaction and engagement options. The new generation smartphones users are the key, and engage9 is designed to reach armies of them.

Engage9 delivery platform offers up some unique features:

  • Real-Time — images can be changed up to a minute before a new day. Example: if news or sports provide last-minute creative ideas, the artist can change the content on
  • Interaction — the comment, 3 slide and rating options offer the opportunity to really get to learn the audience. Ask the user to fill in the words in a comic or offer a sweepstake contest for the best words
  • Community — enable your audience to share your content with their friends via e-mail or facebook to all mobile devices and networks.
  • Statistics — relevant user information about how the images are consumed are located in the statistics tab in the web system. Learn relevant things about your audience and truly engage to build lasting relations.

For more details, we have the full press release after the jump.   Also, check out engage9’s website.  They have a pretty good video of how the system works.

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In a sea of note apps, ColorNote prevails.

November 23, 2009 |

It was just yesterday that I was looking for a note app on the market. My search returned.. a lot. I tried this and that, and had to have two because I like the UI of one but want the widget option from another, it’s annoying. Then Nick over here asks if I’ve tried ColorNote, and all my note needs have been met!

Not only is this application very simple, it’s very powerful. With the app ColorDict installed as well, you have one mean note app. But let’s not rush things. First things first. As you might have guessed, you can change the color of your note, which is nice when you add a note as a widget; it will pop up as its designated color that you’d assigned it. The support of the sticky note widget makes this app a winner already for its superior editing options from the sticky note app alone.

A few more useful features include the addition of reminders, which could be very helpful to some people who forget things constantly like myself. The option to share your note through Gmail, Messaging, Facebook or Twitter is very useful as well, especially if you’d like to share your brand new Haiku with the world in a tap or two. The app itself may support more things to share with, but Facebook and Twitter are what I have installed, and what else is there anyway? And as simple as it seems, to select a word, all you do it tap on it, and the whole word becomes highlighted. I like that, points from this guy.

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Google Maps Navigation now available on all Android 1.6 handsets

November 23, 2009 |

One of the new most competing features of the newly release Motorola DROID was its ability to use Google new turn-by-turn navigation system. Google originally touted Google Maps Navigation as a feature only for Android 2.0, but seeing that there are probably 5 million Android handsets across the globe that may not get a 2.0 upgrade; Google has chosen to release the new feature to Android 1.6 devices. If you currently own the T-Mobile G1 or the myTouch 3G, head on over to the Android Market and grab the latest copy of Google Maps. All you have to do is type in the directions you want and then hit the Navigate button. Other new features include layer overlays for transit lines, Wikipedia Articles, about places, and more. You will not be able to take advantage of the “Navigate to” voice command feature since that is something that is built into Android 2.0 and not the app, but you can always create directions shortcuts from your home screen. Just long press on a blank area on your home screen and then select Shortcuts > Directions and then set up your destination. You can type in an address or name of a contact and select the appropriate icon to display. I’ve already got a whole folder of directions shortcuts set up and ready to go.

Google Maps Navigation is currently available only in the U.S. market, but I’m hoping that one of our readers can tell us if they can download the new app. According to xda-developers, there are reports of navigation working outside the U.S. on the ported version of Navigation from the DROID.

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Buzz is to Fly as Deck is to Screen (Buzz Deck Review)

November 17, 2009 |

As a follow up to my Flyscreen review, (although its been a while) I figured i’d do a short review of Buzz Deck, Flyscreen’s cousin/rival.

Buzz Deck offers much of the same features as Flyscreen, give or take a few, but it is mostly mobile webpages consolidated within the app. You won’t find a calendar, or SMS ‘card’, but you have great RSS feeds and sites from the get go at your disposal. So, if Flyscreen wasn’t your thing, here is a great alternative if you didn’t like your lockscreen stealing the show!

With a UI similar to Palm’s WebOS (although omitting WebOS’ polish), the app uses ‘cards’ that you can add, remove, whatever. The cards are broken into certain sections, Social Networking,  News Stream, Web Service, and Custom Cards, which allows you to add any website, and if available, will automatically put it into the mobile version. So whether its Facebook, Twitter, tech, sports, or celebrity gossip.. Well, there’s a card for that. There’s a card for just about anything, but not necessarily only on Buzz Deck. (may the Apple flames begin!)

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