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HTC Source | September 22, 2017

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First images of Windows Mobile 7!

January 7, 2008 |

CES is in full swing this week in Vegas, but not all big news seems to make it there some times. It seems like new details on the new windows Mobile Operating System have surfaced, along with some great pictures of how Windows Mobile 7 will be changing its platform.

Some of the highlights from Windows Mobile 7 include

  • Surface – Windows Mobile’s multitouch similar to the iPhone
  • Device controlls through rotation and shaking
  • Camera based gesture recognition

Microsoft has not officially mentioned anything in regards to Windows Mobile 7, except that they are working on it. If there rumors and images turn out to be true, Microsoft is deffinitely going to have a great upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.

More images after the link.


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Alltel Picks up the HTC Touch

January 4, 2008 |

It was bound to happen again.  After a few weeks of silence, another cell phone carrier has broken down and added the HTC Touch to their cell phone mix.  Alltel has just announced they will be offering the CDMA version of the HTC Touch on their network.  Rumor on the street is that Alltel will release their HTC touch as early as January 10. 

Alltel is already offering the HTC touch for pre-order on their site.  The Touch is going for $499 without a contract, or if you're willing to sing on for a new contract, they will give it to you for $199 after all their rebates.   

Alltel Picks up the HTC Touch 

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Hands on review of PointUI

January 3, 2008 |

Hands on review of PointUI Hands on review of PointUI Hands on review of PointUI

After a day or so of using PointUI, it only seems fair to give the public a first assessment of the software. PointUI is by far one of the easiest and intuitive new user interface programs for Windows Mobile. At first glance, it does resemble the iPhone’s interface, but once you give into things you come to realize that it’s just as simple as the iPhone, but with it’s own unique feel and experience. Let’s keep in mind that the iPhone does not hold the market for clean and easy UI’s.

When PointUI first loads up, it walks you through an introduction sequence. The intro does everything on its own and highlights the features in PointUI. Like the iPhone, it does have some main icons on the bottom of the home page, but the one thing that really makes PointUI unique is the ribbons in the middle of the home page with different widgets that can slide from side to side. The current widgets display tasks, appointments, calendar, clock, and the weather. The developers have stated on their forum that they are working to make more widgets.

For now, PointUI is the new and cool application for the year, but unless new features are added, it will soon fade away. Most people like to customize their unser interface to their taste. PointUI currently does not let you customize it or an anything to it. I’m sure once we get through a few releases of the software, things will only get better.

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Smartphone marketshare war of 2008: iPhone vs. Windows Mobile vs. BlackBerry

January 2, 2008 |

Smartphone Marketshare

It seems like 2007 has been a year of great progress and setbacks for Windows Mobile devices. At the start of the year, Windows Mobile devices were in a solid second place in the smartphone market in the U.S. unfortunately things changed a little when Apple launched the iPhone half way through the year. With only about six months under their belt, Apple has pushed their way into second place with the iPhone.

A lot of people will debate that the iPhone is not a real smartphone since it lacks somekey features, Microsoft has come to realize that their products need to have something new is order to stay competative. We all know that competition will only bring some great innovation to the Windows Mobile platform. Lets hope we can see some of this innovation in 2008 and gain back some market share.

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HTC Touch Plus released for T-Mobile UK

January 2, 2008 |

HTC Touch Plus for T-Mobile UK

For months, T-Mobile UK has watch silently as Orange UK sold the new HTC touch Dual.  T-Mobile has chosed to change the name of the HTC Touch Dual to the HTC touch Plus.  T-Mobile UK also opted for the 12 keys keypad-type version over the 20 key Suretype layout which a few other European cell carriers have chosen to use.  Other than those changes, the T-Mobile HTC Touch Plus will have a standard feature layout on Windows Mobile 6 Professional,  triband GSM/GPRS/EDGE, singleband UMTS/HSDPA as well as Bluetooth 2.0+EDR. 

I'd expect to see t-Mobile UK to have a release date for the HTC Touch Plus in late January sicne they are already featureing the device on their website.

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Q4 Sales Up for HTC

January 2, 2008 |

Q4 Sales Up for HTC
Taiwan's High Tech Computer Corp, or HTC (by which most of us know them by) recently announced that their sales for Q4 of 2007 grew roughly 20 percent.  HTC has yet to release any sales data for the month of December, but since they previously announced a 22.3 percent sales growth in October year-on-year and 32.7 percent in November, we can easily assume that the numbers for December were not as high as HTC had hoped for.

Last week, HTC assured the media that the 3G chip shortage would not damper its sale numbers in any way for the first quarter of 2008.  they also mentioned that HTC is expecting a 20 percent growth rate for 2008 as they continue to build thei own brand to drive sales.

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PointUI new interface for Windows Mobile

December 28, 2007 |

It seems as if a few people are hard at work, trying to make our experience with our Windows Mobile devices a little more simple and user friendly. PointUI is a new software that will run on top of Windows Mobile, but gives a much nicer interface experience.

PointIU does have some similarities with the iPhone interface in the way it displays some information on the screen, but unlick a lock of iPhone interface rip-offs, PointIU does not steal any of the graphics. PointUI’s interface is unique and extremely appealing.

hte control of PointIU does take some inspiration form HTC’s TouchFLO technology. Unlike iPhone’s interface in which you simply tap on menu items, in order to slide PointIU’s menues to the left or right, you slide your finger left or right. This is the same trick touchFLO utilizes to navitage through it’s Cube interface.

Unfortunately we do not have a hands on review of PointIU just yet, but according to the countdown on their website, it will be available by January 1 of 2008.

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