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HTC Source | January 21, 2018

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“The Diamond surpasses the iPhone in all aspects” – Vodafone

June 26, 2008 |
HTC Touch Diamond 
Well I guess the debate is over.  Vodafone has just declared that the HTC Touch Diamond is superior to the iPhone.  Glad we got that all cleared up.  Ok, so maybe this is just vodafone's way to trying to move a few more Diamonds when the phone launches in July, but you can judge for yourself.  These are the words of Vodafone: "Feature rich Windows Mobile 6.1 device utilising HTC's new Touchflow UI. This device is in a tablet form factor meaning it is touch screen only. The Diamond surpasses the iPhone in all aspects, the key differentiator is the inherent flexibility of the Diamond. It comes loaded with Vodafone Email Plus and the Vodafone Sat Nav program."
Is the HTC touch Diamond better than Apple's iPhone 3G? I guess it depends on your perspective and how you plan on using your device.  What do you think? 

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HTC, Apple, Toshiba and others sued over Touch Screens

June 25, 2008 |

It seems like it's a never ending battle in this high-tech world.  BetaNews is reporting that Typhoon has just reworked a lawsuit against Dell to also include HTC, Apple, Toshiba, Lenovo, Fujitsu, and Panasonic over their patents  #5,379,057, and #5,675,362 issued in 1995 and 1997. Both patents share the title "Portable Computer with Touch Screen and Computer System employing Same," and have practically identical abstracts.  Typhoon is alleging that HTC and the other manufacturers named in the case, knowingly and willingly infringed upon their patents.  Typhoon has already settles with a few other companies over their touch screen products.  I'm sure we'll see a few rounds of settlements with Typhoon before the end of the year, followed by licensing agreements.  What does this mean for us who love these touch screen devices?  HTC will have to either swallow a few extra dollars in producing every touch screen device or they'll end up passing the extra cost onto us. 

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Android set to launch on schedule

June 24, 2008 |

It seems that the internet is all hyped up today on the fact that Google’s Android may not make it’s launch schedule. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Open Handset Alliance may not release any devices till late in the 4th quarter of 2008 or early 2009. I hope the reported over at the Wallstreet Journal did their homework before writing up that story, but it doesn’t seem like they have. Currently, HTC is the only manufacturer that has committed to developing an Android powered device. Late last year HTC promised to release the device before the end of 2008. I’m not 100% sure, but before the end of 2008 still falls into the 4th quarter, right? google may still be tweaking the Android OS to make it work better for others in the Open Handset Alliance, but that does not indicate that it will be delayed. Until we hear something from HTC, telling us that their Android based phone will be shipping late, we can all rest easy and hope to see it just in time for the Holidays.

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AOL Launched new AIM for Windows Mobile

June 24, 2008 |

AIM PluginsRemember back in the day when using AIM on your PC was all the rage? AOL has finally revamped their AIM for Windows Mobile to give you an experience much like the one you would get on your home computer. AOL has chosen not to give full details of everything that the new version is capable of since the program is still in beta. Their website does indicate however that this new AIM is only available in the U.S. at the moment. I’d expect that the change once they officially launch it.


I just installed the software on my Touch and things seem to work just as I expected. Once you’re in conversations with people, their buddy icons show up on the side for easy access. I’m not sure how much I’d use this, but since it’s free to send an IM to someone rather than an SMS, there should be a good number of people who will love this software.

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Welcome to the MID Wars

June 19, 2008 |

It seems every year there's a new technology battle front with manufacturers competing for supremacy in a new technology segment.  Last year was the HD War with Toshiba's HDDVD falling to SONY's BLURAY.  It's now time to sharpen your weapons for the MID War. 

Most people's first response to that it "The what war?  What the heck is a MID?!" For those in the know, it's ok to shake your head in disbelief. A MID or Mobile Internet Device is a new breed of mini computer designed specifically for internet surfing and connectivity.  Many argue that the UMPC already covers this segment and that there should not be another whole breed of devices.  If you have ever tried to price a UMPC, you're probably still in disbelief over the price tag.  Microsoft first envisioned UMPC's to be priced below $800, but since they require Microsoft software to be classified as a UMPC, prices and specs have been upgraded to astronomical levels which make most UMPCs cost well over a grand.

Most MIDs will not suffer this fate since they do not require Microsoft's bloated software and the manufacturers have a lot more say in what they want their device to do. A MID can have a full operating system, keyboard, touch screen, wifi, Bluetooth, and much more or it can be as simple as can be. 

At the moment, Intel, AMD, and Nvidia are working on new processors to power upcoming MIDs.  Each manufacturer is hoping to get a strong foothold in this new market which they hope will make them millions of dollars.  We're seeing the first batched of devices coming off the productions lines and so far things are looking a lot better than they did for UMPCs.

Stay tuned to hear more about new MIDs and the inevitable price war that will ensue for ultimate dominance in this segment.

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HTC Tweaks TouchFLO 3D for Better Performance

June 18, 2008 |

HTC TouchFLO 3D performance Tweak

Many reviews of HTC’s new TouchFLO 3D GUI have pointed out that it is a bit sluggish. Many peopel were hoping that HTC would have some last minute changes to the software before they pushed millions of devices out the door. Well, it seems everyone’s dreams are coming true! Theunwired is reporting that HTC has made some last minute tweaks of TouchFLO 3D to give is a snappier response time (which should make everyone happy). Theunwired was able to test the upcoming O2 XDA Diamond and were quite happy with the new and improved performance.

Since the Diamond still has a few months before it is released by any U.S. carrier, lets home HTC can tweak the system a bit more for even better performance.

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Tigerdirect Selling Qaud Band Diamond for $799

June 18, 2008 |

HTC Touch Diamond

For those of you waiting to get your hand on Diamond in the U.S. the wait is over.  TigerDirect is offering the Diamond for $779.99.  Ok, so it's not the first time you've seen the Diamond for sale, but as far as we can tell, TigerDirect is the only retailer selling a quad band (you read that right) version of the Diamond.  I hope you've been saving up for this.  Maybe it's time you auction off your Touch on eBat to get some extra cash.

UPDATE: It seems HTigerDirect has edited their listing since we posted the news story.  here have been a few questions under this product page o ntheir site esking to verify if the device was really quad band.   Thanks bouyark for the heads up.

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