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HTC Source | May 25, 2017

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HTC Magic will make its official debut tomorrow

April 27, 2009 |

HTC Magic
If the image above almost tells the whole story. A surprise page launch on Vodafone Spain’s website is now sporting a splash page for the HTC Magic, featuring a countdown clock that is set to expire in less than nine hours (or midnight in Spain). Vodafone customers in other countries will still need to wait another week and a day before they will be able to get their hands on the HTC Magic. Unfortunately, there’s not price listed anywhere on the page, but rumors form about a month ago suggest that Vodafone customers in Spain will be paying a pretty price compared to other countries.

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Android Cupcake update planned for T-Mobile G1 in Germany

April 24, 2009 |

It’s been over four months since we first heard about Google’s Cupcake development branch. A lot of bloggers, developers, and Android fans have been wondering if T-Mobile would ever bring the update to the T-Mobile G1. Well… we have great news for you. T-Mobile will be pushing out the update to the G1 some time in May. Before you get too excited, we only have confirmation that the update will be available for T-Mobile customers in Germany. T-Mobile has put up a page on their German website with information about the update, noting that it will be pushed out to your German T-Mobile G1 handset when it’s available.

If you check out the page you’ll also see a somewhat curious "Important Note" that informs users that there are software updates on various internet forums and they note that it is not recommended to install these updates since they may not "fit" your G1 just right. I’d imagine that T-Mobile is referring to the G and H Haykuro HTC Magic builds I tested out last week. Below are a few of the new cupcake feature that will be pushed out in the new Android 1.5 software update.




  • Additional on-screen keyboard – you decide how you enter your messages
  • Video recording and playback
  • Pictures and video include one-click Picasa and YouTube uploads
  • Automatic adjustment of the touchscreen when the G1 is held horizontal or vertical
  • Support for Bluetooth stereo headsets




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    Android App Review: PhoneFace from Electronic Pocket

    April 24, 2009 |

    It’s always a pleasant surprise when I get an e-mail from an app developer, letting me know that they have updated their app or are pushing something new out to the Android market and want me to give it a quick run through. Yesterday, Electric Pocket let us know that their PhoneFace app is now available on the Android Market. I’m actually already a bit familiar with the app since a friend of mine uses it on his Blackberry. PhoneFace is a simple contact manager that allows you to scroll through your contacts by their picture. A quick tap on one of your contact’s pictures give you options to call, text, email, or map their address (depending on what information you already have filled in for their profile). There are a few apps on the market that already do this, but PhoneFace has a few extra features that make it stand out. If you don’t have a picture for one of your contacts, PhoneFace can connect with your FaceBook or Twitter account and grab them for your. You have the option of adding your entire contact list to PhoneFace or simply selecting the contacts you want. The app works great, but the UI could be a little more fluid. I’m still waiting for a developer to create a contacts app that look like the one HTC built inside TouchFLO 3D. Search the Android Market for PhoneFace or Electric Pocket and don’t forget to check out

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    1 Million T-Mobile G1’s sold in the USA

    April 23, 2009 |

    HTC and Android phones have something to celebrate today. News has broken out that the G1 has been purchased by more than 1 million customers in America. It seems every tech site on the planet is breaking down the numbers and showing how it compares to the iPhone. We’re not going to do that. What we will tell you is that T-Mobile G1 users make up about 66% of T-Mobile’s 3G subscriber base. Their 3G network did only launch last fall (a month or so before the G1) so I’m sure that percentage will fluctuate a bit in the years to come.

    Source: InformationWeek

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    T-Mobile branded HTC Touch Pro2 makes an appearance

    April 22, 2009 |

    We’ve known for a while that T-Mobile has plans in the works to launch the HTC Touch Pro2 in Europe and in the United States. Now it would appear we have official confirmation through some pictures on Engadget has already come to the conclusion that this these are shots of a T-Mobile USA HTC Touch Pro2 since the image to the left clearly indicated that it is the U.S. T-Mobile logo. Unfortunately, they seem to have missed the iamges of the back of the phone which for some reason is sporting the European T-Mobile logo (two dots in front of the "T")

    There’s no doubt in our mind that the HTC Touch Pro2 will be showing up on T-Mobile this summer, we’re just not sure that the images shown here are the right one.

    Edit: So, while I was writing this post, the website linked above (with all the original images) crashed before I was able to pull all the pictures. Hopfully they will get the site restored soon so you can see the logo difference for yourself.


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    Android Widgets, unlimited potential

    April 22, 2009 |

    In less than two weeks, Vodafone will be launching the HTC Magic. It will be the second phone to be powered by the Android OS, but the first powered by Android 1.5 (aka the cupcake build). There are quite a few enhancements included in this new build, many of which I wrote about when I reviewed a Google build and an HTC build of Android 15 for the HTC Magic. But the one new addition that stands out the most with the introduction of Android 1.5 is the support for home screen widgets.

    Android widgets aren’t anything new. Google included three of them (analog clock, search, and picture frame) in the original Android 1.0 that shipped on the T-Mobile G1. But to the developer’s disappointment, the Android team didn’t release any documentation on how additional widgets could be developed.


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    Android Rumors: HTC Hero to launch on a U.S. carrier on October 11

    April 22, 2009 |

    We’re know about the HTC Hero since HTC’s 2009 lineup was leaked a few months back. The only image floating around the web is of a hot pink phone, sporting a chin that looks similar to that of the T-Mobile G1. Daniel (aka atomixpaintball on has indicated that HTC and an unspecified U.S. wireless service provider will be launching the HTC Hero on October 11.

    I work for a wireless developer firm and I have just received word from the US carrier (cannot disclose who yet) that the release date for the HTC Hero (Android) is October 11th 2009. The carrier is giving us specifications to develop wallpaper, ring tones and apps to sell in their market place. This is just a bit of teaser information for now. I will provide more info as allowed.

    As stated in the title, this is merely a rumor. October 11 is still quite a ways out and we’re still waiting for T-Mobile to give us a launch date for the HTC Magic.

    Source: AndroidGuys

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