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HTC Source | January 17, 2017

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G1 helps boost Q4 08 data revenue for T-Mobile

March 2, 2009 |

T-Mobile has not been very forthcoming with the sales figures of the HTC make T-Mobile G1. We know that the G1 sales are not as strong as those of the iPhone, but T-mobile has just released some revenue figures for Q4 of last year which show the G1 in positive lights. T-mobile is reporting that data revenue increased to $905 million, up 31% for the quarter over the previous year. Data services now account for 18.5% of revenue per user. Our friends at T-Mobile are giving most of the credit to the G1 and the Samsung Behold for the steep spike in data revenue.

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Android takes 4th in mobile web marketshare

March 2, 2009 |

Android Mobile Web Market Share
Many people have speculated that the reason Google launched Android was so that they could have another way to keep tabs on us when we are away from our computers. I still can’t get over the “big brother” persona that many people like to pin on the big G. Believe it or not, Google doesn’t really care who you are or what you do, they just want to make money just like everyone else. Google’s real plan for Android is to give all cell phone users the ability to have web access wherever they go; a plan that seems to be working. Net Applications has just released their report on mobile internet market share, reporting that Android has captured 6.15% of the market. That number is not very high, but Net Applications noted on their reports that “Android has garnered over 6% of mobile web browsing since its release in October.” We’re only 4 months in on the life of Android and it has already caught up to Symbian. Windows Mobile still has a slight edge on Android, but if Android keeps gaining market share at its current pace, it will surpass Windows Mobile in less than a month and could take second place form Java ME by as early as June.

Android still has a long way to go before it catches up with the iPhone, but with at least a half dozen new Android phones in the works for this year we’re sure to see that gap close significantly.

Source: CNET

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HTC Touch Diamond2 gets a price and launch date

March 2, 2009 |

In an effort to stay in stride with all the HTC news, I constantly find myself on to see if they have any updates on their pre-order products section. Fortunately, scouring their website this weekend paid off. The HTC Touch Diamond2 now has a release date of April 17 of 2009 and a price tag of £399.99 inc. VAT (Value added tax). With today’s exchange rate, that price translates to $570 here in the U.S. All things considered, the Diamond2 will be launching with a lower price than the original HTC Touch Diamond did last May.

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What’s missing from the Android Market

February 27, 2009 | | One Comment

There are a lot of different reasons to buy the T-Mobile G1. Some people simply love Google, others like Android or simply want an OpenSource OS. Me? I like my phone to be versatile enough to do almost anything. My wife thinks it’s a bit ridiculous that I check the Android Market a few times a day. What can I say, I must be addicted.

It’s been really a week since Google opened the floodgates, unleashing priced apps onto the Android market. Within that time there, more than 200 new priced apps have shown up, but something’s missing. There are a lot of useful apps out there, but I just get the feeling that there is still a huge void that app developers have yet to fill.

So what’s missing for you? Let us know. I’m sure we all have a dream app on our wish list that we’re hoping will get release on the Android Market.

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New Twitter Feed for HTC Source

February 27, 2009 |

I just want to thank everyone who has started following us on Twitter over the past few weeks.  Unfortunately, I set up my Twitter account with a screen name that I typically use for personal stuff rather than one specifically for HTC Source.  So, I’ve created a new account on Twitter @HTCSource.  If you’re already a follower of my feed, please switch over to the new one.  You don’t have to, it’s for your own safety.  My wife and I are having a baby girl in a few weeks, so unless you want to get updates with baby info and pics, make the switch now!

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HTC Diamond2 and Pro2 to launch under T-Mobile MDA brand

February 25, 2009 |

It’s been about a week since HTC first announced the Touch Diamond2 and the touch Pro2, so it’s only natural that we’re announcing that T-mobile will be picking up the two HTC handsets and slapping on the MDA branding for their European markets. The HTC Touch Diamond2 will be featured as the T-Mobile MDA Compact V, while the HTC Touch Pro2 will take on the name of T-Mobile Vario V. From what we can tell, T-Mobile has not messed with any of the specs, but they are calling the Pro2’s QWERTY keyboard hinge the "kick tail" mechanism. Both phone will be pre-loaded with Opera Mobile 9.5 for a better web experience and will ship with Windows Mobile 6.1 (keep in mind that HTC promised that both these phones will be upgradable to WM 6.5 once it launches). Unfortunately, there’s still no word on price, launch date, or which T-mobile markets in Europe will be seeing these phones.

Make sure you hit up the read more link for full specs of the MDA Vario V and MDA Compact V

Source: WindowsForDevices

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HTC Magic shows it’s face on FCC’s website

February 24, 2009 |

HTC Magic gets FCC approval
Our good friends over at Engadget have spotted the new Android powered HTC Magic on the FCC’s website. There was a little excitement the other day when Google flashed a T-Mobile branded Magic during a tech demo, but this doesn’t seem to fit the mold. T-Mobile’s 1700MHz AWS radio frequency is missing for now, but that does no mean we will not see the HTC Magic in the U.S. any time soon. The current G1 sports a few different variations for the European and U.S. markets, so why shound’t the Magic? HTC’s confidentiality request to the FCC is keeping any images of the HTC Magic under wraps until March 16, but I’m sure everyone here has already seen images of the Magic already.

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