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HTC Source | October 31, 2014

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udK_dev delivers Froyo with a bit of Sense for the HTC Desire

July 10, 2010 | | One Comment

We’ve been promised Android 2.2 for all of HTC’s 2010 phones, but if you’re looking to get your hands on Froyo a little early and happen to own an HTC Desire, we’re happy to announce that Android 2.2 has landed. … Read More

HTC’s website reveals Windows Phone 7 powered HTC Mondrian and HTC Mozart

July 8, 2010 |

News on the Windows Phone 7 front for HTC has been quite sparse as of late, but as the expected launch date for the platform nears, things may pick up quite a bit. Conflipper has just dug up some more … Read More

Leaked T-Mobile roadmap reveals Android updated and three new phones on the horizon

July 8, 2010 | | 4 Comments

We typically get treated to an occasional rumor or tip, but it’s not often the we get a sneak peak at a carrier’s 6 month handset roadmap.  Apparently, AndroidSpin has been treated to pictures of a slide which outlines what … Read More

Review: T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide

July 7, 2010 | | 2 Comments

In the world of Android phones, it’s becoming harder and harder to find the perfect phone for you. It’s not because there are no good phones to choose from, but because there are a lot of good options out there. … Read More

White HTC EVO 4G shows up at Best Buy a few days early

July 6, 2010 | | One Comment

A few hours ago, Engadget started getting reports that the white HTC EVO 4G was making appearances at select Best Buy locations a few days early.  Now, we have a few confirmed reports of our own and images of a … Read More

HTC releases source code for HTC EVO 4G

July 6, 2010 |

In the spirit of openness that surrounds the Android ecosystem, HTC has just released the kernel source code for the HTC EVO 4G.  While hackers and modders will have a heyday with the new code, HTC’s real intent in releasing … Read More

HTC profits jump 33% in Q2

July 6, 2010 |

Samsung and Motorola may be HTC’s spot in global smartphone sale, but that doesn’t mean HTC will simply roll over and let the competition take over.  HTC has just revealed their quarterly profits of $268 million on $1.88 billion in … Read More