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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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About Nick Gray

Nick Gray

Nick Gray

Tech enthusiast, Android user and founder of the first HTC blog – Nick Gray has been blogging about HTC phones before most people knew what a smartphone even was. Over the years Nick has owned and tested dozens HTC devices and is constantly flashing new ROMs to his Android phones.

Posts By Nick Gray

Opera Mobile 9.5 coming soon – Video

February 5, 2008 |

Opera plans to show off its next generation mobile web browser at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. While Opera Mobile 9.5 won’t be available commercially until this spring, the company has released a video previewing some of the browser’s more exciting features.

Opera also has a tendency to release public betas of its mobile software several months in advance of a commercial release. So there’s a good chance you’ll be able to use Opera Mobile 9.5 beta for free for a while before buying it.

In a nutshell, Opera Mobile 9.5 appears to have many of the features that have made Opera Mini popular. But unlike the Java-based Opera Mini, Opera Mobile is designed to run on Windows Mobile and Symbian phones. Opera Mobile 9.5 allows users to view full screen versions of web pages, or to zoom in for more detail. You also get tabbed browsing, fast page rendering, and convenient bookmark, transfer, and history managers.

The browser will also include a mobile version of Opera’s widget engine which allows you to access some web content like Flickr images without opening a web browser. It also packs Flash Lite 3 integration for accessing Flash-heavy web pages like MySpace or YouTube.

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We just launched a new forum!

February 1, 2008 |

HTC Source Launches online forum

HTC Source has just launched a new forum!  Feel free to join by clicking on the forum link at the top of the page or in the login area tothe right.  There's not a whole lot of conversations going on quite yet, but it'll be a place dedicated 100% to HTC devices and software.

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HTC Titan hacked for gpsOne

February 1, 2008 |

HTC Titan hacked for gpsOne It seems as if HTC Titan owners are in for a nice treat since the good people over at PhoneNews have figured out how to hack the device to enable gpsOne service.  For those of you who are not familiar with gpsOne, it allows you to use your CDMA carriers network infomration to accurately pinpoint your location, just like GPS. 

Verison and Sprint use this technology on a handfull of devices, but they always charge extra for the service.  the HTC Titan can now use google maps or TomTom map software to give you turn by turn directions without having to buy an extra gps location device.  Check out the link to PhoneNews for more details

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HTC releases TouchFLO 2 codename: Manila

February 1, 2008 |

HTC TouchFLO 2 ManilaHTC TouchFLO 2 Manila
HTC has been hard at work to deliver a much better TouchFLO user interface for thei new devices.  Late last night, we got our first sneak preview of Manila which is though to be HTC's second rendition of their touchFLO technology.  From the screen shots above you can see that the interface does a little better job of making the windows mobile interface a little more "Touch" friendly. 

Since we have not used this interface yet, we'll hold out on any judgement.  Anyone here have any first hand experiences they would like to share?

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HTC Q1 Sales to be up 35%

January 30, 2008 |

HTC sales up 35% for Q1HTC sales up 35% for Q1
HTC has just released news that they are expecting to grown their first quarter sales by 35% over last year.  There has been a lot of speculation that HTC sales would slow with the entire market, but HTC's strategy to bring HTC branded smart phone devices to market without the help from major carriers has put a huge spring in their step.

"Our first-quarter momentum will not be affected by the slowdown in the global economy. We should be able to maintain robust growth," HTC said in a statement. HTC also claims they are expecting 2008 sales increases for the entire year to be between 20-30 percent and they are planning to expand thei HCT branded device sales globally.

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Skyfire’s secret lies in the servers

January 30, 2008 |

We still have not gotten and invite for SkyFire beta, but that has not stopped us from doing a little more research on their new browser for Windows Mobile devices.  We were able to dig up from infomration on about how the browser works. 

Skyfire's secret to offering a full browser on your windows Mobile device lies in that it is really a proxy browser.  What this mean is that all your web requests through skyfire actually goes through Skyfire's servers which then transfer the data to you.  What this really means is that the Skyfire brower really is not playing flash, ajax or your favorite Youtube video, but just showing you a mirrored image of the site on Skyfire's servers.

This is very similar to a few other browsers that have popped up over the past few years. 


Microsoft was working on a project code names Deep Fish (which now seems dead i nthe water) and there was also Picsel Browser which is not released to the publis, but features on a number of Samsung Windows Mobile devices. 

Skyfire is hoping to monetize their browser though advertisements in the browser and is also hoping to seal some deals with mobile providers who want their Windows Mobile devices to have a better change in competing with the iPhone.

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HTC launches HTC Shift UMPC

January 30, 2008 |

High Tech Computer (HTC) has finally launched the  HTC Shift UMPC (ultra mobile PC), but only in Taiwan.  The HTCC Shift is expected to be available in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, at the end of February.

a long-time partner of HTC, Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), has decided to test the water for the UMPC segment by teaming up with Asustek Computer to push sales of Asustek's Eee PC, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report.

The HTC Shift will be available at NT$39,900 (US$1,235) in a package deal from FET, with the suggested retail price likely to go up to NT$45,990 in the channels, our sources indicated.

HTC plans to launch a 5-inch mobile computing device designed to replace the HTC Advantage in 2008.  The shift has received several pre=production reviews which have given it incredible praise for its full keyboard, sturdy design and great battery life.

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