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HTC Source | July 25, 2017

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About Nick Gray

Nick Gray

Nick Gray

Tech enthusiast, Android user and founder of the first HTC blog – Nick Gray has been blogging about HTC phones before most people knew what a smartphone even was. Over the years Nick has owned and tested dozens HTC devices and is constantly flashing new ROMs to his Android phones.

Posts By Nick Gray

HTC to release MID in late 2008

March 7, 2008 |


With Lenovo's new Menlow, Aigo's Menlow, Gigabyte's M700 and Digifriend's WiBro, it seems everyone is getting into the MID (Moorestown-based devices) game this year. Not wanting to be left out of all the fund, HTC has just announced that they are planning on releasing an Intel-powered MID before the end of 2008. This HTC's extensive experience with pocket pc handsets and their new HTC Shift crossover device which runs on WM6 and Windows Vista, we should see some interesting MID devices from them.

The MID platform was announced late in 2007 by Intel, but first adopters have been able to get their hands on limited models already this year.  Intel is expecting the MID market to skyrocket in 2009 as mode manufacturers start pumping the out and also because the price point will be lower than current UMPC's. Intel has been clear that there is a big difference between a MID and a UMPC.  Listed below are a few of the main distinctions between the devices.


  • Business-class or media device for enterprise or entertainment users
  • Runs a full OS like Vista or Windows XP
  • Optimized for office-use applications like Excel, Word, etc.


  • Consumer-class media and lifestyle device
  • Runs a lightweight OS with quick startup like Linux
  • Optimized for media playback and web surfing and RSS


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Mobile has just unveiled the MDA compact IV

March 4, 2008 |

CeBIT is well under way and it seems like news of new HTC phones is starting to surface.  T-Mobile has just unveiled the  MDA compact IV, which is built by HTC.  No official press release yet, but the MDA compact IV's specs are rumored to include full VGA resolution, quadband EDGE, 7.2Mbps HSDPA,  4GB of internal storage,  Bluetooth, and WiFi, and possibly even GSP since the MDA Compact III did.  We're hoping that the MDA compact IV will be running on Windows Mobile 6.1. 

Since the device is being announced by T-Mobile Germany, the MDA compact IV will propably not make it the the U.S., but I would think it would make a good brother to T-Mobile's Shadow especially since they are thinking of expanging their Windows Mobile line of phones.

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ASUS ZXI Lamborghini heating up the competition for HTC

March 3, 2008 |

ASUS has just reveaded the ASUS ZXI Lamborghini running their new WinMo6.1 UI. It seems as though HTC no longer is the only developer to offer a 3D Cude interface for Windows Mobile devices. The ASUS ZXI Lamborghini takes the 3D cube concept to a whole new level with advanced interface transitions, 3D animation, and a whole new interface for Windows Mobile 6.1.

Along with the 3D cube interface, ASUS has given the ASUS ZXI Lamborghini a complete interface redesign thank in part to the new WM6.1 operating system. The media player even bosts a “CoverFlow” style interface for browsing through music albums. ASUS is calling their new interface the ASUS Multi-Home UI. Check out the video.
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People like the touch screen, just not for dialing

March 3, 2008 |

It seems as though not everyone these days is as keen as we are with HTC's TouchFlo interface or the iPhone.  Larry Magid over at has just written up and article on how devices with touch interfaces are great for daily tasks, but not quite as good when it comde to making phone calls. 

Larry Magid did a quick comparison with the iPhone, HTC Touch and the LG Voyager and gave them good marks on dail tasks, but it seems he would rather trade them in for your standard flip or candy bar phone when it comes to actually dialing numbers and making calls.  I do have to agree that there is no replacement for tactile feedback on your fingers when dialing numbers on your mobile phone, but lets be honest here.  When was the last time you actually dialed a new number on your phone, besides adding a new number to your contact list?

With HTC's touch screen phones there are numerous ways to access your contact in or two taps on the the screen.  Or you would always use the "send" button to pull up the dialer and then hold down a numebr for speed dial like a regualar phone.  granted to do this you will have to glance at your screen for a half a second  to see where the numers are. 

Though I don't agree with everything Larry wrote, his article is a good indication on why a lot of people holf back on buying touch devices like the phones TC make or even the iPhone. 

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Skyfire gets a hands-on review

February 28, 2008 |

Skyfire gets a hands-on review Skyfire gets a hands-on review

I know we promised our own "hands on" review of Skyfire, but like most of you we still have not gotten our invitation text message or e-mail from them. In order to hold us all over for a bit longer, we were able to find a skyfire hands on review which takes us through the twists and turns of the browser and shows what skyfire really has to offer.

The good people at had some good things to say about the browser, but also did mention some shortcomings that Skyfire has as well. I’ve created a quick list to give you an idea of what we are missing (at least those of us who do not yet have Skyfire)

Skyfire Pros

  • renders full web pages
  • plays flash animation and videos
  • full page zooming capabilities
  • text alignment for better mobile viewing

Skyfire Cons

  • frustrating installation process
  • start menu and minimize buttons are hidden
  • all notification icons are hidden (e-mail, sms, calendar, battery)
  • over rides system screen timer and power button
  • mobile optimized sites display as they would through a desktop browser

It seems the major issues they have with Skyfire are not really browser related, but how Skyfire interacts with the mobile device. Since Skyfire is still in beta testing, there are probably a lot of tweaks they are planning on rolling out before it is released to the general public. I hope this information helps hold you over till we get a chance to write our own personal review or until you get Skyfire for yourself. For the full review of Skyfire please click here.

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Proxy tweak fixes HTC Home weather issues

February 25, 2008 |

 Proxy tweak fixes HTC Home weather issues A lot of HTC owners can now enjoy what others have been enjoying since the launch of the HTC Touch. Many early adopteds of the latest HTC devices have been left in the dark with their weather screen on HTC’s Home widget. the problem was that the weather application would not pull data over WAP or Proxy connections (I’ve been suffering this curse since last July since I’m on T-Mobiles T-Zones plan).

Fortunately, the good peple over at has come up with a fix in the form of a small cab insall and a quick registry edit. Keep in mind, it’s always risky when you play around in your devices registry files, but I just tried this out a few minutes ago and can say I’m one happy customer.

HTC Home Weather Proxy Patch

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T-Mobile may launch new 3G Shadow with new UMTS network this summer

February 25, 2008 |

3G T-mobile shadow3G T-mobile shadow

T-Mobile is well on their way to launching their UMTS 3G network some time this year.  With T-Mobiles new network launch, there is a rumor circulating that T-Mobile will be releasing a new HTC Shadow handset to take advantage of the UMTS network.  It has been reported since the launch of the Shadow that T-Mobile had plans that it would be the first in a new family of HTC powered smartphones. 

It is expected that the first t-Mobile UMTS regions will launch in July or August of 2008.  Could a new 3G HTC Shadow be T-Mobile's device of choice for the launch?

Tip view Intromobile

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